BOSTON (CBS) – Christmas is coming early to Downtown Crossing in Boston.

On Sunday, Macy’s hoisted its towering Christmas tree into place up on the store’s marquee ledge.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

Ed Jacobs of Interstate Rental Service explained how the 7,200-pound tree remains supported while up on the ledge through the holiday season.

“There’s a rod that’s 15 feet long that has a star on it that also supports the top of the tree. That gets bolted on, and at the same time, we’re slicing the bottom to fit perfectly into the steel base on the marquee,” said Jacobs.

Deb Jefferson of Groton donated the tree to Macy’s. She said her uncle planted the tree, along with several others, on their property some 50 years ago.

“They were just small. They were little sticks. I think they were bought for like 10 cents apiece up in Fryeburg, Maine,” said Jefferson.

The 60-foot spruce tree will be decorated with 10,000 lights. The tree lighting is set for Nov. 25.

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  1. emom says:

    you know I understand there are some that love Christmas and love it all year round.. But its a much to have to walk into a store , see all the Christmas decorations, gifts, wrappings trimmings cards and what nots, But to have to hear all the music now well its to soon … This is my opinion , and I feel like its so rushed, I can not enjoy it as a special time of the year, Its everywhere now and I find I do not want to go anywhere because its there…. Thanksgiving is a special time for me but its hardly celebrated,,, I love all the holidays, BUT at some point its like it has become just an ordinary every other day time of the year.. Stores are all open, families do not spend time together like it use to be, all because they have to work on these days,, There is no joy for so many … Its way to soon I actually saw the decorations in the middle of October… Too soon… It’s my opinion.

    1. Ellen says:

      emon, agree 100 per cent. The other day I went in CVS and all I could see was Christmas decorations. I told the sales clerk that it was a little to early to put up any holiday decorations especially since many towns haven’t even celebrated Halloween. Due to last weekend storm we now have a battle between Santa Clause and the Great Pumpkin.

      1. emom says:

        Ellen, I know next we will be in a battle with the Easter bunny, and they will slide valentines, st Patrick and any other holiday right out of the way. I remember as a young girl , when stores started to decoratefor Christmas it was after Thanksgiving, and that it meant something growing up. New Years was a time to reflect and start a new, parents would go to a late night party and we had someonewatching us while they were out, Valentines day meant affection for a someone you liked and hoped you would get a card fromthem. Just cards no candy and they were hand made. St Patrick’s day was a big parade and lots of fun. Easter was a grand day that the entire family got together and had a great Easter egg hunt with hidden candy and those eggs, REAL ONES. Memorial Day as young children we may not have grasped the concept but again there was remembering some special people and a parade, Oh lets not forget an important holiday MOTHERS DAY. We made cards at school went to a store with someone and bought a small gift or made something special. Then going out to a resturant with the family all for mom. Then comes fathers day, again hand made cards and a special gift, something dad would love and then a dad with him watching the games, so much fun. 4TH of JULY, The ultimate in all BBQ gatherings with family and or friends, and later go and see the HUGE BEAUTIFUL FIREWORKS DISPLAYS. then we got sad as we waited a few months there was labor day but mostly adults did that one and then there was nothing till. HALLOWEEN, Oh the thought of FREE CANDY, THINKING ABOUT WHAT kind of costume we would make, Off to the thrift store for some treasures to convert into a grand costume, They were some of the best costumes, But one of my favorite was a Tye dyed ghost,, an old sheet Tye dyed and then I wore a peace symbol and had a blast. Mom was awesome, she helped me. I got so many great costumes from people they loved all my hand made costumes over the years, better than a store bought one. Then we would gorge on candy for weeks, then THANKSGIVING,, the family got together laughter and cried had an all day event and had a grand meal, we all brought something and gave thank, it was the best gathering, Then CHRISTMAS, seeing the decorations hearing the music and having the chance to go and see Santa and ask for a gift, so magical even that morning seeing what was under the tree made your eyes glitter with joy, Then to the families for more gifts and a huge meal and games on the TV, But over the years its become lost, distances hidden yet shoved in our face way sooner and meaningless for some.. I miss the old way of how they would creep up on us, we waited all year and was so happy to have it, but sad when it was over, But joyful that we had a chance to have a great day. looking forward to the next time. Today many look at it as what can I get and how much did it cost… making gifts are not looked at as great gifts only cheap ones, Monetary value is what counts today, making most gift holidays non caring, selfish and just another day, OH a card thanks,oh a handmade blanket wonderful, a set of doll clothes for suzy’s dol, IS THAT ALL, now now Suzy mom would say, its the thought that counts, as she says to someone else what was she thinking, why make them when you could buy them. selfish to me. But I digress, Its the thought that should count and be grateful, But I fear that concept is starting to FADE further and further away. Looking forward to thanksgiving first, well at least the meal, and my kid, the rest will only be ungrateful and well look for chowing down about 3 plates full and then have no joy, how sad is that.

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