CHELSEA (CBS) – More details have been revealed in the unfolding scandal at the Chelsea Housing Authority.

Housing Authority head Michael McLaughlin resigned last week under pressure from Gov. Deval Patrick.

The resignation followed a Boston Globe report that McLaughlin was making one of the highest salaries of any housing authority director in the nation, and that he was under-reporting his income to the state.

On his way out the door, McLaughlin received $200,000 in checks that were cut by James McNichols, a former bouncer and a long time friend of McLaughlin’s hired to handle the authority’s finances back on 2000.

State officials are demanding the money back.

An investigation is ongoing into McLauglin’s under-reported compensation, the severance checks, and four bags of shredded documents found at the authority’s offices.

Comments (4)
  1. emom says:

    Excuse me for one moment I need to do something extremely important….
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ROTFLMO. REALLY NOW ARE WEALL THAT SURPRISED ONCE AGAIN. Here we go again yet another town employee stealing funds that come from tax payers in the city, taking advantage of it and not doing a thing to help the people of the city. Are you at all surprised, we have seen this how many times over the year its not the first time and will not be the last. when will we learn.

  2. Rosey Baxter says:

    This is so pathetic. the guy will probably get his pension too. Get the money back and fire his friend the bouncer. we need the papers to do our policing for us because there are no checks and balances.

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