During his weekly press conference, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was asked about the word “finesse” almost being a dirty word when talking about their offense.

“Finesse in football? Yes, football isn’t a finesse sport. You don’t go very far as a finesse team,” said Brady.

Brady was asked if it was hard to be seen as a physical team on offense with the Patriots throwing the ball so much.

“It comes down to those situational plays that I talked about like third and one, you’re not throwing it. First and goal on the one, you’re not throwing it. Four minutes left in the game and you got a lead, you’re not throwing it,” Brady said. “You might, but the team really knows you’re running it. Like against the Jets, where we ran it 9-of-11 or 10-of-11 times right at the end of the game to end it. That’s what it means to be tough [and] physical. I would say that they Steelers threw it 50 times last week and they’re a pretty physical team. That’s what we try to be as well. Even though you’re efficient in both phases – running and passing, you’re still trying to do it with an element of toughness to your team.”

Are the Patriots a soft/finesse team? Did the Pittsburgh game once again expose them as a team that can’t match up physically with “tough” teams?

Gresh and Zo discuss…

What do you think? Have the Patriots become a “finesse” team? Let us know in the comments section.


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