BOSTON (CBS) – Boston police have arrested two men in connection with the cold-blooded, daylight killing of a 16 year old last month.

“It was pre-meditated,” said the mother of Jaivon Blake, the teenager who was shot to death.”They set out to do something, and they did it,” said Denise Simmons.

It was Sunday afternoon, September 25, when Jaivon and a friend went to a convenience store near their home on Geneva Ave., in Dorchester.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports

Nearby were members of a gang called flatline. 18-year old Nyasani Watt and 18 year old Sheldon Mattis eyeballed the two kids, who they thought were in a rival gang.

Then, police say, Watt rode a bike up to the two kids, and opened fire with a .40 caliber handgun.

Blake died a few minutes later, his 14 year old friend, Kamani Elliot survived.

When police arrested Watt at his home this morning, he had a .38 caliber handgun stuck in his waistband.

“Police likely saved at least one more life, maybe more,” said Jaivon’s mother, Denise Simmons.



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