BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid breaks down the Patriots-Steelers showdown quarter-by-quarter.

Fourth Quarter/Final Thoughts

Where do we start?  Bill Belichick had a feeling this would happen..  He was leery of his team coming off the bye week and he was right. He also did not do anything to help the issue.

The Pats defense was put to the fire from the beginning of the game.  They could not put a body on Heath Miller.  He roasted the Pats by himself on the first drive of the game.  The defense couldn’t get off the field so the drives were always long.  10 play drives, 14 play drives, the Steelers offense did what they wanted and Ben Roethlisberger got the ball to all his receivers with ease.

Stats: Pats-Steelers Box Score

Tom Brady and the offense got going, but not really.  Everyone was out of sync. The usual Aaron Hernandez passes were not there and the running game was barely used.  The turning point of the game could have happened in the first quarter. The Steelers had a long drive to start the game and scored.  The Pats offense needed to help their defense and give them a rest, but instead they went three-and-out.  The defense had to get back on the field and they had another long drive.

It was a BAD game for the Pats and they still have glaring problems with their defense.  This week, they are going to have to figure something out.

Also, if Chad Ochocinco is not going to be used, they may want to cut him and bring in another corner. He’s holding up a roster spot that the Pats may need.

Final: Steelers Win 25-17

3rd Quarter

The Highs

– Andre Carter with another sack on Roethlisberger on the Steelers final drive of the quarter.

The Lows:

– Patriots get the ball to open the half and they go 3 and out.  There was a lot of pressure on Tom Brady, who can’t get in a groove.

– On the Steelers first drive of the quarter the Pats defense cannot get off the field.  On a 3rd-and-15, Pittsburgh picks up 17.  Plus, the Steelers are having another long drive.  The Steelers get some more points on the board as this drive ends with a field goal.

Stats: Patriots-Steelers Box Score

– The Pats get the ball for their second possession of the quarter and the offense moves the ball, but not anything special.  Stephen Gostkowski misses a 42-yard field goal.  The ball goes back to the Steelers and the Pats once again can not get off the field.

Steelers lead 20-10 at the end of three

2nd Quarter

The Highs:

– The Pats get a break. Gary Guyton with an interception and the Patriots offense takes advantage.  Brady to Deion Branch for a touchdown and the Pats get on the board.

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– Patriots drive to end the quarter, and at least they don’t come up empty.  A 10-play drive gets them a 46-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski.

The Lows:

– Pittsburgh starts the quarter by kicking a 33 yard field goal.

– Patriots first possession of the quarter and the offense is really out of sync.  They got some good runs by Kevin Faulk but the drive ended with a sack of Tom Brady.  Pats still struggling on both sides of the ball.

– Steelers second possession of the quarter and they keep it rolling.  Roethlisberger is keeping plays alive with his feet and the Pats defense has been on the field the whole game.  This drive ends with a touchdown pass to Antonio Brown.

– Pats drive to end the quarter and they have a protection break down.  Lamar Woodley with another sack of Tom Brady.

17 to 10 Steelers at the half

1st Quarter

The Highs:

– Kevin Faulk gets the start. Never a bad thing to see #33 on the field.

– The Patriots defense on the field at the end of the quarter and they sack Roethlisberger to force a field goal attempt. That’s about all that has gone right for the New England D so far…

The Lows:

– The Steelers get the ball first and get rolling.  Ben Roesthlisberger made use of his tight end Heath Miller, especially on third downs. The drive ends with a five-yard touchdown pass to Mewelde Moore.  The Steelers in control right out of the gate.

– The Pats offense goes three and out on their first possession, their only possession of the quarter.

– On the Steelers second possession the Pats are struggle to get off the field.  So far the Patriots defense does not have an answer for Miller, who caught six passes for 16 yards.  Pats are not getting job done and look like they are having an after-bye week hangover.

7-0 Steelers after one

Comments (9)
  1. billbranch says:

    Let’s stop the deification of Tommy Brady right now.
    He quit after the first period.
    The defense was OK.
    Brady couldn’t keep the offense on the field.
    But he makes his $1MM/game, win or lose.
    It’s time, if the Patriots want more Super Bowl rings, for them to find another QB.

  2. 18-1 says:

    It must suk to live in Boston and have to listen to Brady and Billicheat whine about losing……….the ship has sunk and the Bills and Jets have taken over the division…..

  3. FireGuyFrank says:

    The Pats’ best days are now behind them. it will be another two seasons before the defense is rebuilt. Given that, it may be best to trade Brady in the off season for picks to rebuild the entire team at once.

    It also may be time for Bill Belichick to move on to a new challenge.

  4. gigi says:

    “Pats-Steelers highs and lows” – there were highs???!!!

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