BOSTON (CBS) – This Halloween, you can either go trick or treating, or just head to some local restaurants and bakeries that have candy on the menu.

At the Atlantic Beer Garden on the Boston Waterfront, humongous plates of nachos and steak tips are among the biggest sellers. But for a dessert so good it’s scary, check out the deep fried snickers, featuring two tortilla wrapped candy bars, along with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Frederick’s Pastries in North Andover, Mass. plus Amherst and Bedford, New Hampshire is known as one of New England’s best specialty cake bakeries. But when Halloween comes around, M&M’s take center stage. Popular items include crunchy chocolate M&M cupcakes and creamy M&M cupcakes.

Watch The Phantom Gourmet

In addition to fish and chips, The Squealing Pig in Mission Hill serves something called the Mars Bar Toastie, which features toasted waffles stuffed with a melted European Mars bar and sliced bananas.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any Kit Kats or Milk Duds on restaurant menus, but I promise you, we’ll keep looking.


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