Live at the “Occupy Boston” protest, Bradley Jay is hunting for even one protester who is able to articulate goals for the movement. So far, it has been difficult to glean any hint of a plan from the Dewey Square campers. Bradley does find on man, who will remain anonymous as many protesters wish to do, with a handle on his hopes for the “Occupy” movement. How long will will these people be tolerated by the city?

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  1. David P. Turnbole says:

    Here’s a clue for those of you who haven’t a clue why the Occupy movement is so strong. We the people no longer accept that our government will always be corrupt. We the people are occupying the world to protest corporate greed, mismanagement of our money, crooks in the banking industry, big oil spilling their crude, killing the wildlife, the richest in America getting richer on the backs of the poor and middle class. What triggered it? The Tea Party demanding that tax breaks for the rich be maintained at any cost, including the economic integrity of this country. We are here to take it back and those who wish to shoot unarmed civilians and war heros in the name of their corporate benefactors will be the first that get taken down. A revolution is coming. It can be a peaceful one or it can be as violent as you want to make it.

  2. Charles McFadden says:

    eye no rocket scie or speller butt the majority appointed a mayor that know laws the people rrrrrrr in harms way and if they cant see it snowwww hypo therm-ea is u should hold a responsibility to people

  3. Charles McFadden says:

    dis-persons now u r in violation of Assembly with-out permit and their four 567 in violation for own wealth fair health violation attorney gen office 1 person dies whoot to blame then pre-vent !

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