METHUEN (CBS) – The Methuen Fire Department is down one fire truck after Engine 5 broke down and crashed last week with three firefighters on board.

The truck reportedly passed inspection less than two weeks before the crash.

The truck’s front tie rod snapped last Tuesday, while traveling uphill on Arlington Street. The driver lost control of the truck, which careened into a telephone pole.

All three firefighters on board were not seriously hurt.

Fire Chief Steven Buote said the truck was recently inspected by the city’s Department of Public Works and received a sticker from an independent inspection station.

WBZNewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

“You have to realize these vehicles are getting pretty old, we haven’t replaced our vehicles in a very long time,” said Chief Buote. “They are getting some age to them.”

The driver of the truck was checked for alcohol and drugs after the crash. All tests came out negative.

  1. redneckjoe says:

    you need to look at the state inspector that issued the inspection sticker; not the fire fighters or the driver of the truck, tie rods don’t go bad that fast, especially if it just passed the front end inspection 2 weeks ago; i’m a certified state inspector myself.

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