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BOSTON (CBS) – Each week 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Nick Cattles will bring you 10 things he noticed from the week in Fantasy Football, and how it will all help your team.

10) Atlanta Turning It Around – Yes, Matt Ryan and Roddy White have both been fantasy disappointments…But, I do think there’s finally light at the end of this tunnel.  Matt Ryan has looked better the past few weeks and Roddy White continues to get a ton of targets.  If it wasn’t for a couple of pass interference calls against Carolina two weeks ago, White would have put together back to back productive days.

9) No Doubting Forte – Many wondered if Matt Forte was a legit top-five fantasy running back heading into this year…Those questions have obviously been answered.  And, to be honest, I never understood the questions in the first place.  Forte is a dangerous receiver and runner and is one of the most consistent performers in fantasy over the past three or four years.   This last game in London was just another example…

8) Hightower Down, Who Steps Up? – Ugh, the lovely world of Mike Shanahan.  You never really know what’s going on in the mind of the Washington head coach when it comes to his running back plan.  Does he even have a plan?  Well, fantasy owners might have a better idea now after Tim Hightower hit the ground on Sunday due to what looks like a torn ACL.  Look for Ryan Torain and Roy Helu’s value to go up.  My bet is on Torain to be the guy…but, honestly, who really knows?

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7) Guess who’s back, back again – Let’s all welcome Arian Foster to where we all thought he’d be, at the top of the fantasy heap.  Guy’s a beast and is finally 100%.  If he can stay that way, his owners will be once again rejoicing on a weekly basis.

6) Is Murray The Real Deal? – Yes, he had a huge game aided by two big runs versus the worst run defense in the league on Sunday, but should we think DeMarco Murray is the future for Dallas?  I might not wager a house on it just yet, but do think Murray will continue to play a role in Dallas the rest of this season.  Look, I like Felix Jones as much as anyone, but the truth is that he’s NEVER healthy. Murray is big, fast and talented…I think he’s worth a flex start and even a #2 RB start most weeks going forward.

5) Is Burress Ready For A Rebirth? – Great game by big Plax against the Chargers, but I’d slow the roll a little here.  Burress’ best role with the Jets is exactly what we saw on Sunday, a red zone target.  But, how many times will the Jets be in position to score that many points with what is still a mediocre offense?  Not many…Play Burress in good match-ups, but don’t expect week in and week out productivity.

4) The Carolina Panthers Have Fantasy Value! – We know about Cam Newton.  And, the surprise of Steve Smith’s revival is old news by now.  But, if you haven’t been paying attention to the Panthers backfield, maybe you should.  Jonathan Stewart is slowly becoming the lead dog, racing past DeAngelo “New Contract” Williams…

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3) Beware of Hillis – I’ll give my Progress Software Fantasy Football Show Co-Host Mike Lockhart credit on this one…when Hillis was slated to miss this past Sunday’s game, Mike said he thought it was part of a bigger problem: Hillis’ contract.  Lockhart wasn’t buying the legitimacy of Hillis’ hammy injury and I was skeptical of Mike’s assessment.  That was until Will Carroll of SI.Com joined us and agreed with Mike!  This looks like a sticky situation after all.  You might want to stay away from Hillis and the contract drama.  Damn Madden jinx!

2) No More Delusions of Grandeur – Chris Johnson’s going to come back…CJ2K just has to get his legs underneath him. Tennessee’s offensive line is atrocious!  Sound familiar?  If you own Chris Johnson it does.  Enough of the excuses already…this certainly looks like a guy who held out, didn’t come into camp in shape and now doesn’t have enough in the tank to get it going.  Tough to not start him because of that ‘P’ word, but if he doesn’t get it going this week against the terrible Colts, start looking elsewhere…

1) Not Sold On Timmy Time – Yeah, yeah, he had 26 fantasy points this past week.  And, when he starts, he is a top scoring quarterback.  Blah, blah, blah.  When it comes to Tim Tebow, call me stubborn, but I’m not buying it.  Look at the teams he’s faced in those four starts.  Look at his skill set.  Look at the first 55 minutes of last week’s game against a bad Miami team.  That’s why I’m not buying Tebow as a guy to bank on going forward….

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