The Bruins are eight games into their season and so far things have not gone their way.

After a loss to San Jose on Saturday at the Garden, the B’s record sits at 3-5. Their next game is against the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday in Boston. Will a heated matchup against their biggest rival to turn things around?

Billy Jaffe joined Toucher & Rich to talk about this Bruins team, when this slow start becomes an issue and Tyler Seguin’s performance this season.

The Bruins have called a press conference for 6pm tonight, does Jaffe have any idea what this could be about? Some fans have speculated that it could have to do with Marc Savard and a possible retirement announcement. Does Jaffe think this could happen?

At what point does losing this early in the season create a hole that will be difficult to get out of?

“I always say let’s talk 10 games into the season, let’s look and see where a team is. We’re obviously getting close to that with for the Bruins with them having played eight games,” Jaffe said.

“At the 10-game mark we have an idea what a team is like and at the 20-game mark, then there’s that cause for panic. If they’re still in the bottom 3, 4, 5 of the conference, then you got to say ‘okay we need some type of change.'”

They also discussed Tyler Seguin’s performance this season so far. Is Jaffe surprised with Seguin’s quantum leap forward?


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