BOSTON (CBS) – Alcohol is believed to be a factor in a deadly crash in Boston early Saturday morning.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office says the driver, 38-year-old Robinson Avendano of Dedham, lost control of his BMW on the Riverway at Brookline Ave., the car hit a tree, and it flipped over several times.

One of Avendano’s passengers, a 26-year-old Dorchester woman, was killed in the crash.

Avendano and a back-seat passenger were transported to Beth Israel Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The D.A. says it appears that all three people involved in the crash had been drinking.

Avendano is charged with operating under the influence and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Additional charges are expected.

Police shut down the Riverway for several hours overnight to try and determine the cause of the crash.

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  1. njuguna muigai says:

    When I arrived here in 2003 I was told that a bar owner has to limit the sale of beer if one has a car and doesn,t have anyone to drive him/her home, and if he see you are drunk he will call a taxi. Did bar owners stop doing that, since DUI related incidents are increasing?

  2. Nelle says:

    In this “Modern Age of Technology” I do not understand why automobile/vehicle manufacturers do not install systems that would prevent the starting of a car, if the alcohol levels were above a certain level. It should be mandatory,as are seat belts. I do not drink alcohol, however, I would gladly pay the increased cost of a car if it meant that someone else could not kill me. Someone else has to do the thinking for these very stupid people.

  3. plainreviews says:

    Alcohol affects people differently. Some people after a night of drinking can sleep the day away but other people wake up early after a night of drinking. If you want to know why your body does this, this article gives a great explanation on it.

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