I’m really not sure what is behind this particular rant.  I’m sure some of it is my position in life (retired),  and a lot of it is my struggle to determine whether I really give a rats tush what’s going on in the world.   I’m not an activist in any way, short of occasional rants such as this, I never have been an activist even in my younger years…and that I’m sure will explain my feelings on a couple of issues facing the world today.   For example; the “occupy (fill in the blank) crowd.”   Every day, I pick up the paper, listen to radio, watch television check my I-Phone….whatever….and hear the latest ramblings from the “occupy whatever.”      I noticed the other day my old friend Tommy Menino, the Mayor of Boston has tossed his support to the great unwashed…..and is taking it one step furthur…..he’s calling for a Congressional investigation into the “economic inequality”  in today’s world.    “Economic Inequality”?    Mr. Mayor…….what in hell could you be thinking?   Go talk to the Occupy Boston folks, the Occupy Wall Street folks and Tom……you will discover the largest collection of stupid people ever assembled in recent  memory.    Oh there are a few who might be able to spell “economic inequities”, but it’s doubtful more than one or two of them could tell you what the “inequities” are.    Yes of course, these haters of corporate America, haters of the rich and successful, haters of hard work, could pull out their I-Phone and Google it for you!                                                                                    

      Mayor of New York City also supports the great unwashed, Nancy Pelosi thinks the movement is a great idea, the President of the United States is voicing support and get this, at the same time, BHO is giving out more than $500 million…..yes more than a half billion USA $$$$’s  to a guy named Fisker so he could build a modern-day electric car.    And guess what……Mr. Fisker is building this car…..in Finland!   Yes in Finland, but wait there’s more; only the very rich will be able to afford this car when it’s done…..and……..and……this combination electric/gas-powered sleek automobile will get an average of 19 MPG.   A Ford Explorer gets better mileage.   Nice move Barack.    Sorry, I think I lost track of which issue I needed to protest…being the non-activist that I am.

     Oh, did you hear about the activist Mom’s group that is fighting to keep the latest flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream out of the supermarkets?   This is true…..and it’s working.   Several supermarket chains are refusing to sell “Schweddy Balls” ice cream because the Mom’s think it’s an inappropriate name.   Take that Pete Schweddy!!

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  1. gramps says:

    Gary, check this out…

    Devals buddie Barack sends 500 car building jobs to ‘Finland’….!….

    American Taxpayers front the Europeans half a billion ‘Obama Bucks’ to stimulate ‘Finland’!…If that’s not bad enough, the car MSRP is 97K a pop!

    With the approval of the Obama administration, an electric car company that received a $529 million federal government loan guarantee is assembling its first line of cars in Finland, saying it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work.


    Ya can’t make this stuff up!


    1. JohnC says:

      Legislation that promotes a particular technology is almost always a bad idea. Legislation that is directed towards achieving a specific result is better. The technology of today is not where it needs to be in order to build a practical, affordable, electric car.

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