By Alana Gomez, WBZ-TV

FALL RIVER (CBS) – A 10-year old boy is facing charges after bringing a BB gun to school and shooting two classmates.

Police say Monday the student brought the gun to Alfred Letourneau Elementary and was able to discreetly shoot an 11-year old boy in the gym and an 11-year old girl in a hallway.

Neither of the victims was seriously injured, but both refrained from notifying administrators because they were scared.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

A classmate finally told administrators at dismissal and the vice principal found the BB gun in the boy’s backpack.

“The first thing that crossed my mind was what if it wasn’t a BB gun. What if it was a real gun,” said Stacey Negley, who said her nephew was one of the victims.

She did not want her nephew to be identified, but he spoke to WBZ-TV about the incident.

“He brought a BB gun into school. He shot me first thing in the morning in the gym,” said the boy.

The victim said the boy got very close to him and struck him in the stomach.

“I was scared and it hurt at first,” he said.

The school sent letters home to parents and is holding assemblies and parent meetings to address the matter.

Principal Dr. Catarina Da Silva says the most upsetting part is that students were afraid to speak up.

“That students didn’t feel comfortable to come to us until the end of the day, that to me is the scariest piece in all this,” said Da Silva.

Da Silva said the incident has prompted the school to create a student council headed by the two students who eventually told administrators.

“Use this as an opportunity to empower children to really look at the people who have spoken out as heroes and friends and not snitches,” said Da Silva.

The school does not believe the student was targeting anyone but Negley’s nephew says the same boy threatened him last year.

“He said ‘one day I’m going to bring in a real weapon and kill you,’” said the victim.

The boy who brought the BB gun has been summonsed to juvenile court on delinquent charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and carrying a firearm on school grounds.

Police say in this case a BB gun is considered a firearm when it is at a school.

The school suspended him for nine days – the maximum disciplinary action.

Comments (6)
  1. Marty says:

    that’s crazy, that isn’t even a BB gun!! That’s an airsoft gun….not the same thing. Airsoft guns are made to shoot at people!!! this state is rediculous!!

  2. donny says:

    Marty, You’ve got be joking… right?… If you’re serious you’re a complete idiot.

    There’s NOTHING about a 10-yr old kid bringing a gun – of any kind – into a school that should be condoned, excused or shrugged off.

    I’ve read accounts of the police shooting (WITH REAL GUNS) people who appear to be holding a real gun which turns out to be a toy. These toys appear VERY realistic, and in the heat of the moment things can happen. Not to mention an Airsoft BB striking a fellow student or teacher in the eye is a very serious matter.

    This kid should be punished, and I sure hope his parents see the seriousness of this matter.

    BTW: My kid’s owned BB and Airsoft guns and I’d seriously wring his neck if he every took them anywhere outside our backyard without my knowledge and permission!

  3. A Dad says:

    I’m with you Donny. I knew a Sherrif’s deputy in Ohio who shot a guy who aimed a paintball gun at the Deputy. The guy thought the Deputy was part of the paintball war and the deputy thought that it was a real gun. The guy is dead and the Deputy had to retire because he had a nervous breakdown and got so bad that he considered suicide. This is why we have ZERO tolerance in our schools. It may not always work to keep our kids safe but they are trying their best.

  4. Teacher says:

    Three things: First… WBZ really needs an editor: “She did not want her nephew to be identified, but he spoke to WBZ-TV about the incident.” SHE spoke to WBZ, not HE.

    Second… kids who bring this kind of things to school are doing so because there is a major breakdown in the child’s sense of right and wrong. Blame parents or whomever, but this is a major cry for help. This child needs major intervention (besides suspension) to understand what he did wrong otherwise this child will bring a real gun to school or somewhere else and kill someone.

    Third…kids will always fear telling adults. Peer counseling, guidance counselors, and other programs are wonderful. However, bullies will always make victims and the bystanders feel as though they are “snitching” and will get much worse if they do. Education on being a bystander is the most important lesson we can give, but it’ll never fix the problem for every situation.

    1. Teachermom says:

      I think you misinterpreted the comment. The child was not identified, but his voice was heard on the news. So HE did speak to a reporter, but SHE did not want her nephew identified.

      Shooting a child-airsoft gun or not-is bullying, plain and simple. Especially if there is a history between the two. Today’s airsoft may be tomorrow’s hand gun if action is not taken now. I’m not advocating that the child be locked up, but counseling may be in order…

  5. MattGMD says:

    The kid with the gun should have a psych evaluation forthwith. Who knows what type of violence or molestation the kid has experienced for him to threaten to kill someone, let alone shoot two students w/a BB gun.

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