BOSTON (CBS) – The man accused of starting a massive fire that engulfed several residences in Roxbury was arraigned Wednesday. Attorneys and the judge gathered at Mass General Hospital for the arraignment.

Abdul Jabar Mohamed laid in his bed, hands and feet bandaged and burn wounds on his face, listening to his Somali translator. Prosecution says Monday night, Mohamed wanted to kill himself and so he dislodged the gas pipe from a stove in his cousin’s home and lit it.

Soon homes were on fire, and people were trapped and jumping from windows.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Six firefighters and up to 10 residents were injured. Four million dollars in damage was caused.

Police found Mohamed at Boston Medical, thinking he was a victim but told them, “I blew up the house”.

The defense says he didn’t mean to hurt anyone but prosecutors say he showed no regard for other lives. Bail was set at $100,000 cash.

  1. Joan Hogan says:

    This Man Should be Remanded! NO BAIL. He Is Very Dangerous to himself and others. I hope The Federal Government Investigates This Case Fully. He was on
    A Suicide Mission ! And Luckily No One was Killed. I Wonder If He Is Legally In the
    United States. Alot Of Questions Need to be asked . , And Answered.

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