By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

FOXBORO (CBS) – Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is one of the few players on the team that really has no plans for the bye week.

Many of the players are headed out-of-town, going to different escapes around the country.

But Gronk is staying put.He’s not planning on going anywhere.

“I’m just chilling,” Gronkowski said. “I’m going to work out, get my body right. I’ve definitely got some bruises, some dings and stuff. If you’re going to get stronger, you have to get back in the weight room, try to get some lifting, some weights. Get the body right, that’s my plan.”

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Asked how much football he will be thinking about in the upcoming days, Gronk joked it would never leave his mind.

“The whole time; I’m thinking about all my plays, all the time,” he said. “What I’m going to do my next route.”

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Turning serious he noted he’d probably watch some of the Steelers-Cardinals game on Sunday to prepare for next week’s trip to Pittsburgh.

While he’ll have the remote going on Sunday, he did admit to taking some time away from the game.

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“No, you definitely take your mind off football a little bit. Go do something, enjoy yourself — go and relax,” said Gronkowski. “Have a good time and see some family, some friends. You’ll think about football a little bit, but the majority of the time it’s just relaxing.”

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  1. Karen Berche Silvia says:

    Gronk, yiou’re body is as right as I’ve ever seen. You rock!!! Good Luck Next Week!!

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