UNDATED (AP) – Home-improvement retailer Lowe’s Cos. says it will close 20 underperforming stores in 15 states and cut 1,950 jobs in order to focus on more profitable locations.

Here are the stores set to be closed:


Los Banos






















WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk spoke with former employees in New Hampshire. 


Old Bridge




N. Kingstown




S. Tacoma


Brown Deer

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  1. emom says:

    Here is the problem with major large chains of stores… They open tons of stores to capture sales, In the end they close many of them.. This happened with the 4 major drugs stores, Where they competed to be at every corner the others where at and in every town,,, In the end One drug store disappeared, and many closed. they still compete with each other opening a store in every town the other one appears.. Walmart has done this , So far none have closed, However , there is another store that closed many of their stores nation wide, many that were making money closed them to give the under performing stores a better chance,, But many ended up closing,,, I also remember a nation wide donut shop,,, That had a shop literally on ever corner years ago,,, you traveled 5 blocks there they were drive in get your coffee and your good,, Then they too closed many of their stores, Then a few years later they open new stores not far from the original store location ,,, only to close some once again,,,, Today many towns may have one or five… Now they are changing the sizes of their products to a smaller size donuts are about the size of a hockey puck,, wait maybe smaller … But this will change again too…
    Over all these companies seem to open places to only end up closing them in the next 5 years or so. Its a viscous cycle, I have seen it to many times. They get to big for them selves and well need to close their doors…. I wonder who will be the next set of stores to close,,, How many stores have fallen victim to such practices as well as a weak economy and GREEDY CORPORATE OFFICIALS, Yeah I said it ,,,, think of it,,, its seems greed plays a roll in all this as well…. Growing to fast when there may not be a huge demand…….. after all If there are all ready a location not far from one other location , Why build another… In man y cases its counter productive…

    1. Matt says:

      And your point is?

      1. Nosgood4me says:

        There is a point.. No one forces anyone to darken these doors steps like big chain and super stores..(yet)
        Stay in town and shop local hardware stores and small business..it has to start somewhere. i don’t go to these places unless out of ( absolute dire necessity)

  2. FireGuyFrank says:

    Gone are the small stores that employed local folks, knew the market, and served customers well. Sad.

    Greed? I’m not sure. Poor planning; weak business model, perhaps. My best guess is that it was Lowes trying to have as many stores as The Home Depot, and vice versa.

    1. Matt says:

      And also gone are the days of over paying because it is a mom and pop store run by an “expert” whose help I don’t need and my time that is wasted because they feel the need to tell all of their customers their life story. If one of these big box stores can open in my neighborhood, save me money and stay open past 5pm then I say it is good.

      1. Nosgood4me says:

        Yeah most of these geniuses now hire pretty wall flowers and the young ..gotta look good but dumb as a stump.
        A great case in point .
        Me and the wife went to Walgreen’s. a store mostly designed for getting Rx . ( one would think ). This pretty young thang comes up to us with a bright smile and asks ” May i help you ” My wife says.. yes were looking for witch hazel… she had this lost look in here eyes opened her gub and said… ” whats that “..
        I made a lethal mistake ( for my own blood pressure ) and countered the question with a stupid follow up hint..
        Its an astringent i say.. realising my impromptu mistake .. The look and response from her was like if i had back handed her with a sock full of nickles..
        moral of the story .. id rather ( if they can be found ) shop mom and pop stores any day than the quasi pros at these stores that don’t know jack . and run from isles that have customers in them. then ever shop in big stores. and if i have too questions to anyone is at a bare minimum to non at all. god give me someone over forty please.

  3. njuguna muigai says:

    Building has ground to a halt, and that is why lowe are closing.Even when i visit a lowe store here at lincoln st i notice the are so down and i wonder how they are able to pay for wages

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