BOSTON (CBS)  -Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Massarotti on Monday to give his thoughts on the State of the Red Sox.

The 2004 World Series hero said he was disappointed and angry at a 2011 Red Sox team that flat out quit.

“These players quit. They quit on each other, they quit on the manager, they quit on the organization and they quit fans. That much is clear,” said Schilling.

He also responded to John Henry’s surprise visit to the Hub on Friday, and his defense that the Red Sox brass was not involved in the release of information about former manager Terry Francona’s personal life.

Schilling did not mince words when it comes to the Red Sox owner.

“I think he’s full of (expletive deleted); disingenuous at best,” said Schilling. “I think there’s been a lot of that. When Terry (Francona) comes out very candidly, ‘I didn’t think the ownership of this team had my back,’ that is a much more powerful statement than the words being used.”

“Then to have someone follow it up by someone saying I was confused by that, that’s not true” Schilling said of Henry’s comments. “They would love everyone to believe they just sit back and watch baseball ops. That’s not true. They’ve been involved. They’re always involved.”

Schilling said the organization is “fractured,” and he would be surprised if anyone would want to play there in the near future.

“You’ve got the ultimate in poison in the water there’s not a player in uniform that would trust anyone in that organization. When things like this information on Tito… when that starts coming from a ‘source’ that’s people with an agenda and power.”

“It’s a ton of mudslinging,” said Schilling.

They went on to discuss Terry Francona’s involvement in the collapse of the Sox, is Tito blameless? Did he do realize that he lost his players?

“No and I don’t think he tried to be. He is one of the few guys that have had the wherewithal, integrity to say this was my fault. I couldn’t reach the players,” Schilling answered.

“He did recognize, he said multiple times he tried to address it. He did the things he’s done in the past, but it stopped working this year,” said Schilling.

Comments (3)
  1. George says:

    Schilling for Red Sox manager. He’d probably never take it or be offered it but he’d certainly be a great choice. Hey if there’s a place for Ozzie Guillen’s outspokenness there’s a place for Schilling.

  2. John No Mas says:

    So Shilling covers for Tek – with a title comes respondsibility and we had one as Shilling pointed out that could only handle it when things go well.

    What a bunch od $h*t!!!!

    Shilling was dead wrong on Canseco – remember he used a similiar analysis on his character.

    He’s got opinions without sources or fact – what a bunch of $h*t!!!

    He attached 2 reporters for doing their jobs.

    What a bunch of $h*t!!!

    Lester said the same thing about Tito that he’s accusing Management of – why doesn’t he think that the guys who let Tito down are guilty of stabbing him again- they had an AGENDA when they didn’t listen to Tito.

    What a bunch of $h*t!!!!

    He admits players knew it – knew Tito had problems so they could have sabotaged him – Shilling is SPITEFUL but he has no AGENDA!!!

    What a bunch of $h*t!!!!

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