BOSTON (AP) — Scientists in New England are trying to discover what’s causing a recent spate of harbor seal deaths.

Since early September, 94 dead seals have been discovered from Maine to northern Massachusetts. That’s almost four times the 24 deaths over the same period last year, considered a typical year.

The seals are generally less than a year old and appear healthy. Researchers have theories about what’s causing the deaths, but no real answers. They’re awaiting test results from tissue and organ samples.

Despite the deaths, the popular harbor seal has a healthy local population.

Mendy Garron of National Marine Fisheries Service says the high number of deaths is alarming but doesn’t necessarily indicate major problems for the animal. But she says that could change if the deaths continue.


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  1. chilitokid says:

    The first place to look is the Gulf oil spill!! That won’t happen though because those chemicals used could never make their way up here to New England. YEAH RIGHT!!

    Do you know what these chemicals can do to you?

    crude oil


    propylene glycol

    polypropylene glycol butyl ether



    hydrotreated light petroleum distillates (Nopar 13 and kerosene)

    All used by BP in the Gulf in high levels

  2. Champers says:

    Hey chilitokid Go learn about ocean currents you moron

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