BOSTON (CBS) – Want a chance to win some money? All you have to do is follow Chad Ochocinco on Twitter.

The New England Patriots receiver is offering up a cool $20,000 to his three millionth follower on Twitter.

“My 3 millionth follower get’s 20k,my 2 millionth won 10k ,” Chad said in a tweet Friday morning.

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Ochocinco has been no stranger to twitter during his playing days, and has often given away prizes to his followers. During the 2010 NFL season, he took fans out to dinner in each visiting city he and the Bengals traveled to.

Ocho did tone down his tweeting though once he signed with the Patriots.

As of late Friday morning, he had nearly 2,875,000 followers.

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In his first season with the Patriots, the receiver has just nine catches for 136 yards.

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  1. gramps says:

    Poor ‘Chad’ is looking for attention….

    Looks like ‘Welker’ has set the bar too high for him to garner positive ‘press’ from any potentially positive future efforts on the field….

    So, he’s trying to get approval & become relevant by opening up his wallet & wave ‘greenbacks’ on the Internet?…

    Wouldn’t he be better off if he invested his time with remembering the snap count & studying play book?

    ‘Twits’ twitter & players PLAY!

    He’s so sad….


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