Report: Theo To Cubs Done Deal

By Dan Roche, WBZ-TV Sports

BOSTON (CBS) – Theo Epstein will be joining Terry Francona in adding “former” to his Red Sox title.

ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting Esptein and the Chicago Cubs have agreed to a five-year deal worth roughly $20-million.

SI’s Jon Heyman is reporting a deal is in place that is worth $15-million, plus a $3.5 million “transfer buyout” that the Cubs will pick up.\

No title has been agreed upon, but Epstein will have more power with his new job in Chicago.

Late Tuesday night, sources told me it was “likely” Theo will be heading to the Cubs as basically a President and GM and sign a five-year deal that could be worth somewhere around the $15-to-20-million mark in total.

The Red Sox will get compensation in return because Theo has one year left on his contract. It would not be a player on the Cubs major league roster, but in the form of prospects and/or cash.

The Red Sox are reportedly leaning towards getting cash for Epstein.

Assistant GM Ben Cherington would likely take over as the next Red Sox general manager.

Dan talks to WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens

Roche: Collapse Falls On Players

With Epstein leaving, it means a team that was nine-games ahead in the AL Wild Card race on September 1st (just six weeks ago) will have parted ways with its GM and manager. A GM and manager that helped its franchise win two World Series in the last eight years after going 86 years without one.

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  • PN

    Hi Dan….Just an FYI: Red Six and Theo (h) as a change of heart ;-). As for Theo going to the Cubs, the Cubs should only let Theo make trades and bolster their farm system because he can’t sign any free agents that pan out.

  • chilitokid

    Now all the Red Sox need to do is dump their pitching coach for the trifecta!

    • George

      I agree totally.

  • andyme

    Get over it Dan, it’s a good move for Theo and time for Francoma to leave. It’s obvious that he could not control his players and win a close ball game.

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  • gramps

    ‘Theo’s Theme’…..

    Now this could only happen to a ‘lad’ like me….
    And only happen in a game like this….&,
    So may I say to each of you most gratefully
    As I throw the ‘Sox’…. one last kiss:

    This was my kind of town.
    Boston, was…
    My kind of town,Chicago is,
    My kind of people, too;
    ‘Cubbies’ who smile at you,
    And each time I roam, baseball is,
    Callin’ me home, Wrigley is,
    Why I just grin like a clown;
    It’s my kind of town.

    My kind of town.
    Chicago is, my kind of town.
    Chicago is my kind of razzmatazz
    And it has all that jazz,

    And if I leave Boston, Chicago is,
    Tuggin’ my sleeve, Chicago is,
    The Wrigley ‘Ivy’, Chicago is,
    Not ‘Harvard’ Ivy, Chicago is…
    The National League, Chicago is,
    One town that wanted me… ‘NOW’
    It’s my kind of town. …


    • dan


      • gramps

        Sinatra ‘never’ gets old….



    • dan


  • John Fama

    Change is good. I think the change will help both clubs. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the Red Sox play the Cubs in the World Series next year. Far fetched thought, but it could happen.

  • George

    We obviously needed a change after all the bad free agent signings or lack of free agent signings (Beltre and VMart). Titi was not the primary problem for the 2011 failure, Theo was.

  • George

    PS- The Cubs are perfect for Theo because they are used to losing. Success for the Cubs is playing over 500 ball and losing in the playoffs once every 20-30 years. He has a very very low bar to be considered successful.

  • NikW

    See ya Theo!

  • Jack

    Theo hasn’t signed anyone worth anything……..the World Series wins had nothing to do with him. Everyone he has signed and pursued has been a bust. My favorite was Nancy Drew………..actually Nancy Drew would have been better than J D Drew!

  • Just Sayin'

    See ya! And do let the door hit you on your backside. Now let’s see what do with our pitchers who think it’s OK to have chicken & beer while playing video games on gameday in the clubhouse. Time for zero tolerence and get back to business and no more distractions.

  • Paul

    Can he take Dice K with him?….Biggest bust in MLB history.

  • Paul

    Can he please take Dice K with him?….Biggest bust in MLB history.

  • George

    Now, if I’m John Henry, I’d try to pick up as many of these guys from the Tampa Bat Rays as you can and perhaps we can start obtaining “effective” players for 25% of the money: (Source Cot’s Baseball Contracts)

    Andrew Friedman Executive VP, Baseball Operations 2006 –
    promoted by Tampa Bay 11/05, replacing Chuck Lamar, who was fired 10/05
    Senior VP, Baseball Operations Gerry Hunsicker

    Director of Baseball Operations Dan Feinstein
    Director of Scouting R.J. Harrison
    Director of Minor League Operations Mitch Lukevics

  • fufuyouyu8

    Unknown message

  • web

    who cares?! I don’t! Why are so many common people concerned about a millionaire making $5million and moving on because he doesn’t want to be general manager forever? gee….good bye!

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  • s

    tsal, don’t you have some cookies to bake?

    I’m not going to take any my time to point out how far in ‘left field you are!

    This blog has a treasure trove of typical ‘Helicopter Parent’s’ hovering over their ‘special’ 16/18 year old ‘INFANTS’!…..

    How long will the ‘lil’darlings be on ‘Mothers Milk’?!!!


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