By Brian Mahoney, AP Basketball Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — NBA Commissioner David Stern has canceled the first two weeks of the season after owners and players were unable to reach a new labor deal and end the lockout.

Top negotiators for both sides met for more than seven hours Monday, returning to bargaining about 14 hours after ending talks Sunday night.

Stern says both sides are “very far apart on virtually all issues. … We just have a gulf that separates us.”

Stern, Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, owners Peter Holt of San Antonio, Glen Taylor of Minnesota and James Dolan of New York, and senior vice president and deputy general counsel Dan Rube met with union executive director Billy Hunter, president Derek Fisher of the Lakers and vice president Maurice Evans of the Wizards, and attorneys Jeffrey Kessler and Ron Klempner.

Owners locked out the players July 1 when they couldn’t reach a deal before the expiration of the old collective bargaining agreement. Opening night was scheduled for Nov. 1.

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Comments (3)
  1. Steve Marcus says:

    Wow. Can’t believe the 11 o’clock news spent the first ten minutes on basketball. What a poor choice. Keep the professional sports stories in the sports section.

  2. Mark Markunas says:

    I hope they cancel the entire season. Basketball is the worst. The players are the least talented of all the professional sports, by far. Can’t stand their entitled, pampered attitudes.

    Let the league fold. We’d be much better off without the NBA.

  3. Ed dracut says:

    2 Down and the rest of the season to go. Hurry up and cancel the rest of the year!

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