In an abbreviated version of the Felger & Massarotti show, Felger and Mazz kicked things off discussing the Patriots 30-21 win over the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium.

How has the Patriots running game come along? Was this BenJarvus Green-Ellis’ best game as a Patriots? Is Green-Ellis proof that you don’t need a Top 10 running back to be successful?

If this is going to be a championship caliber defense, where will the spark come from?

The guys took a moment away from the Pats talk to about Terry Francona’s performance on Fox’s coverage of the ALCS.

Getting back to the Pats, Felger and Mazz went on to talk about Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. When will these moves work out? What do other defensive lineman think of Haynesworth? Could the play of a player like Hayneworth bother a player like Vince Wilfork? Could Haynesworth be in worse shape than when he arrived to camp? Is Ochocinco his own worst enemy?


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