HANSON (CBS) – A driver was killed in a crash in Hanson early Monday morning.

Police say 59-year-old Alexander Afienko Jr. of Halifax, was going west on Route 27 just before 1 a.m. when his car slammed into a post and rail fence and a large tree.

He died at the scene.

It’s still not clear what caused the crash.

Police say the car left the pavement prior to the accident and there were no road marks, skids, or debris.

Investigators believe Afienko may have gradually drifted off the road before the collision.

Comments (5)
  1. al4624 says:

    i would say it was excessive speed and prob alcohol….or maybe texting but most likely alcohol at that time of night

    1. ronsie16 says:

      I would say….you don’t know anything. He was driving to the hospital!!!

  2. eamjmae says:

    Maybe we should wait for the actual report from those at scene and those with first hand knowledge of test results before starting rumors and tarnishing someones name….

  3. CAB Walpole says:

    All I know about him is, he was a very good karaoke host in Pembroke Ma. at a place called Hoseas!! At one time he was hosting there 6 nights a week!!

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