By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – Here are some of the stories circling around the NFL.

– President Barack Obama gave the ’85 Chicago Bears their time in the White House. On Friday the President, a huge Chicago sports fan, saluted his hometown team for winning the Super Bowl over a quarter a century ago.

“This team changed everything for every team that came on after, on and off the field,” Obama said. “They changed the laws of football. They were gritty. They were gutsy. They were hard-working. They were fun-loving. Sort of how Chicagoans like to think of themselves.”

Now for those who did not know, the Bears did not get their time at the White House after winning the Super Bowl in 1986. That’s because two days after they beat the Patriots in the big game, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred.

“On behalf of the 1985 Chicago Bears, we consider him one of us,” the team’s coach, Mike Ditka, said. “We’re very proud that you honored us by bringing us here. It’s only 26 years after the fact, and five administrations, but thank you.”

– The Dolphins are reaching out to quarterbacks and being told “thanks but no thanks.” Miami signal caller Chad Henne has played well this season but he suffered a shoulder injury and it will sideline him for the rest of the year. The team reached out to quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and David Garrard and they were told no by both.

“Garrard sure enough wasn’t all that enthusiastic about playing right now — but mostly because the team that came calling has such little chance of winning as the 0-4 Dolphins do,” Armand Salguero of the Miami Herald explains. “If, say, the 3-1 New England Patriots suddenly lost Tom Brady and needed a starting QB, he’d be on a plane in a heartbeat.” The team has settled on Sage Rosenfels.

– Barry Sanders will replace Hank Williams Jr. on Monday Night Football. The NFL hall of famer spilled the beans on twitter this week. ESPN fired Hank William Jr. on Thursday for comments he made earlier in the week. Now they were racking their brains trying to find acts that would sing the MNF theme song and the intro and then they decided to go in a different direction. Barry Sanders will narrate the intro this Monday night. This is fitting because the Detroit Lions are taking on the Chicago Bears.

– Soccer 6 chimes in this week and “LA Basketball Wives” apparently is the hot topic and I will try and get through this without getting sick. So 6 says former NBA player Doug Christie and his wife Jackie have been married for 16 years and she remarries Doug every year. Why you ask, she says “if you’re always planning a wedding, there’s no time for a divorce.” Please take a breath and wrap your head around that bowl of crazy. This could possibly be the dumbest thing I have ever heard and shame on Soccer for not changing the channel when this nonsense was taking place. But there’s more. 6 says they switch it up. One year Jackie plans the wedding and then Doug will plan the wedding the next. Here’s my question, are the guests still getting these people gifts? How many toasters and dinner settings and candle sticks do these people own. I hope at the next wedding when they ask “is there anyone in attendance who disagrees with this” the front row gets up and just protests.

Soccer 6 has more and this may be the only time I say this to 6 but this is a cool story. 6 says that Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng is featured in the Brixton Pound aka London’s money. That’s right people, his face is on cash. There is nothing cooler than that. He’s on the 5 pound note. Can you imagine going to get a cup of coffee and paying with, I don’t know, yourself. Do you think when people ask him for change he says ” I can’t help out. All I have is a bunch of ‘mes’ in my wallet.” 6 hit the jackpot with that story.

Finally, 6 says seeing Lebron James in a television commercial almost caused head trauma. Soccer says the “King” is in a Mcdonald’s commercial promoting their monopoly game and eating chicken McNuggets. Here’s the funny part, 6 says he’s dunking the McNuggets in sweet and sour sauce. How does Soccer know that. They have plenty of sauces to choose from there but on sight, Soccer can tell it’s sweet and sour. Oh by the way, 20 McNuggets cost 2 Luol Dengs in London.

Thank you everybody for reading and Thank you Soccer 6


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