BOSTON (CBS) – Each week 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Nick Cattles will bring you 10 things he noticed from the week in Fantasy Football, and how it will all help your team.

10) Ok, I guess Cam Newton Is That Good – I have to fess up…I thought Cam Newton’s first game was not indicative of what his first year was going to look like.  Well, it looks I was wrong.  This past week Newton showed that if he doesn’t kill you with his arm, he’ll kill you with his feet. Newton should be started every week, unless you have a top 3-5 quarterback (think Brady, Rodgers, Brees and Stafford).

9) What Happened to Mike Martz’ Explosive Offense? – The offensive genius that took things over in Chicago isn’t producing the high-powered aerial attack that he’s been known for and part of that is his problem.  Another part of the problem is Chicago’s personnel.  Is there anyone on this offense you trust other than Matt Forte?  Didn’t think so…Adjust your lineups accordingly.

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8) Speaking of Aerial Attacks – The “New NFL” is reportedly all about shootouts and great quarterback play.  Well, it certainly looks like Detroit is following that blueprint to a tee.  If you haven’t looked recently, Detroit is 29th in the NFL in rushing yards per game.  Yes, that’s 29th!  On the other side, Matthew Stafford and company is in the top 10 in passing. Detroit will have to run the ball to reach their ultimate goal and by the end of the year, Jahvid Best’s value will increase because of that.

7) This Isn’t Your Father’s or Older Brother’s Steelers Defense – People say they look old.  Others say that they look injured.  Others look at some of their tough matchups.  No matter what the reasoning is or the excuses that have been made, the Steelers defense has holes.  Those holes are significantly large against the run, where Ray Rice, Joseph Addai and Arian Foster have chewed up and spit this defensive line out.  Oh yeah, and now they lose James Harrison for multiple weeks.

6) Cincinnati’s Defense Might Actually Be Real! – I had my questions aboutCincinnati’s Defense when looking at their schedule through week four.  It seems those questions were, to a point, answered last week.  They faced a tough Buffalo Offense and slowed them enough to come out with a win.

5) Donovan McNabb Isn’t Good – That’s all…

4) Dwayne Bowe Ratchets It Up – You can shrug at their QB play.  You can dismiss the offense, without Jamaal Charles.  What you can’t do is take Dwayne Bowe for granted.  No matter how bad his team looks Bowe gives you value.  He might not be a #1 WR most of the time, but he should be in your lineup.

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3) The Mysterious Frank Gore – Just when you count him out.  Just when he’s not crushing it as your top running back.  Just when he’s not starting and seems to be dinged up….Just then, Frank Gore puts up over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown!  Ah, welcome to the world of being a Frank Gore owner.  For the most part, that’s what you get.  When healthy enough to play, you have to start him.  Just be ready for being disappointed at times throughout the year.

2) Wide Receivers are ALWAYS Listening – It never ceases to amaze me, whenever questions surface about a certain receiver, that receiver has a good game.  In week one, Vincent Jackson didn’t get many looks at all.  Phillip Rivers knew he had to keep his guy happy, so,Jackson posts HUGE numbers the next week.  There was discontent with Percy Harvin not being a big part of the Minnesota offense in week two (44% of the snaps) and what happens the next week?  Tah-dah, Harvin gets over 70% of the snaps.  Last week, we hear that teammates are questioning DeSean Jackson’s “toughness” due to the uncertainty of his contract.  And, bingo, here comes Jackson getting targeted nine times and finishing with six catches for 171 yards…

1) Don’t Hate, Appreciate – As much as this writer can’t stand listening to Eli Manning call himself an “elite” quarterback in the NFL, you’ve got to give the devil his due when it comes to fantasy.  This year Manning is a top 10 fantasy quarterback and continued the roll last week in Arizona.  If you’re scrambling for an answer, as much as it might turn your stomach, Peyton’s younger brother is worth a look. (I have to go get sick now!)

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