Let’s see now……..how ’bout Terry Francona.   No, not really.   Sure he got booted after his band of brats pulled one of the biggest chokes in the history of baseball and Tito couldn’t administer the proper antidote, but don’t feel sorry for Mr. Francona, he’s back in the market for a job……and yes he’ll have one in no time.    He picked up a few million bucks while managing in Boston, plus they’re giving him a little send off three-quarters of a million dollars just to cover his grocery bill for a few months.  I did say earlier I felt bad for Terry, but that’s what professional sports is all about…..they needed someone to take the hit and we all knew it wouldn’t be the wunderkind Theo.   I said to my Brother-in-Law that managers get too much credit when they win….and too much blame when they lose and he reminded me the late-great Casey Stengel……who won all sorts of Pennants and World Series with a team filled with future Hall of Famers.   When Casey went to manage the Mets, a team of unknowns, he lost a hundred-plus games a season.   So much for the manager matters.

     Let’s see now…….how ’bout feeling sorry for Eric Holder.   The incompetence (and unbelievability) of this country’s top law enforcement officer is out-done only by his boss……yes Mr. BHO himself.   Obama is going down in history as one of the worst Presidents ever and it’s people like Holder, and several others in the administration, who are helping BHO claim that dubious distinction.  And did you hear that mis-spoken, mis-guided Chicago community organizer actually scream at the Republican candidates the other day saying “if you want to be commander-in-chief, you better be ready to stand up for all men and women wearing the uniform of the United States Military.”    Have you given any thought to the incredible gall, the disingenuous chutzpah it took for that anti-military community organizer to make such a statement?   Now I feel sorry for all of us.

     I think before I find myself in the same muck as Hank Williams Jr. on Monday Night Football….I’ll stop now.    Oh, one more thing Hank…..ESPN was right in dumping your hillbilly butt.  In words once intended for Barbra Streisand….and rightly so….”JUST SHUT UP AND SING!”

  1. Bob says:

    Not much to disagree with in that commentary….everybody that you hit today had it coming particularly ref the Obama military comments…that weasel is a two faced lier who must think that nobody remembers what he said last week…

    Another homerun, Gary.

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