BOSTON (CBS) – Shouts of joy could be heard in living rooms and in bars throughout Boston and beyond as the Boston Bruins won Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

It was a 4-0 shutout against the Vancouver Canucks that brought the Stanley Cup back to Boston after 39-years of pent-up longing.

Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien says he won’t ever forget the Duck Boat Parade that followed.

“To know that you had over a million people show up, it was surreal,” said Julien. “When I was on the duck boat, all I could think of was what a great gift to give these people. You saw how happy they were. That makes me happy.”

Celebrating With Stanley Part 1:

His wife, Karen, remembers all the noise along the parade route.

“It was so loud. It was amazing. It was a really, really special memory for all of us,” she said.

It was a memorable summer for the home-town hockey team. The Stanley Cup was passed to every member of the Bruins family for a day.

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Mike Bolt is one of three Cup Keepers employed by the Hockey Hall of Fame. He has been traveling with Lord Stanley’s Cup for twelve years and is on the road 250 days a year.

Bolt says he has seen it all and characterizes the Cup’s ‘fall’ during Michael Ryder’s day with the Cup in Newfoundland as an unfortunate accident.

“Somebody doesn’t know how to lock a leg on a table,” said Bolt. “There was a bit of a dent in the bowl, but we were able to pop it out a little bit.”

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Bolt says a standout this summer was Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference’s North End parade.

“I think the parade was born a couple of days after the Stanley Cup win, probably over some cocktails with friends in the North End, to be honest,” laughed Ference.

98.5 The Sports Hub is the only place to hear every game of the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins 2011-12 NHL season with Dave Goucher and Bob Beers.


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