BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick is hitting the road again.

On Sunday, the Democratic governor heads to Washington to appear on “Meet the Press” with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to discuss President Obama’s job bill and the Republican presidential primary race.

Patrick returns to Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon, but then jets off to Charlotte, N.C., on Monday morning for a Democratic Governor’s Association policy conference.

Patrick is scheduled to stay overnight in Charlotte on Monday before heading back to Washington for a Tuesday night fundraiser for his political action committee.

Patrick formed the Together PAC earlier this year to help raise money to pay for his activities on behalf of the national Democratic Party and President Obama.

Patrick is planning to return to Boston on Tuesday night.

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Comments (11)
  1. gramps says:

    With NBC’s help, Deval is building his name recognition & PAC $$…”For his 2016 run for the ‘Oval Office’.

    He’s Obama’s buddie, he just doesn’t want to serve with him. (guilty by association)…He’s either ‘for’ or ‘against’ any law, program, idea or opinion that will enhance or can’t be used against him in his quest to be called ‘Mr. President’!

    By 2016 the country’s demographic pendulum will be swinging to his liking.

    The 2016 Presidential campaign has begun….


  2. blackbear1 says:

    Just keep on going…..

  3. Middleboro Remembers says:


    By that time, Governor “Slot Barn’s” legacy of Predatory

    Gambling will not yet be known with its degradation and
    associated costs and increased crime.

    Governor “Slot Barns” negotiated in secret after campaigning
    on a platform of transparency.

    Governor “Slot Barns” made promises to others to support

    Slot Barns elsewhere.

    Surrounding by indictments and scandals, Governor “Slot

    Barns” merely perpetuated the cynicism of voters.

    “Carpetbagger” comes to mind.

  4. taxedout says:

    Don’t come back!!!

  5. Dr says:

    Is it not wonderfull that he cares more about his political career and cronies than the people of the commonwealth that elected him to run the state have been cheated
    he has failed miserably and the only thing he has run is run this State into debt
    Great now its time for him to run the country into the ground further,, if that can be done Obama is doing pretty good at that

  6. A says:

    Great, the longer he is gone, the less he can mess up locally

  7. emom says:

    Hey maybe he can take a slow boat to the himeland,, No I mean it he is so hell bent on NOT deporting any illegals, not fixing this state and certainly not caring about the people that pays his salary,, so YEAH LEAVE GO AWAY FAR AWAY ,, GO EAST FOOL AND STAY OVER SEAS,,,SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE AN ILLEGAL IN ANOTHER COUNTRY ..

  8. laurier says:

    There are many legitimate things to criticize Patrick on, but he has not run the state into debt. By law, the budget has to be balanced, and both the legislature and the governor bear responsibility for that. I believe that tax revenues have come in higher than expected for many months over the past year. I don,t know if he travels more than previous governors. Mitt Romney sure checked out mentally after 2004 and has repeatedly made negative comments about the state he was elected to govern.v

  9. emom says:

    I am hearing a song that fits this jerk very well…………….. THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING,,,,,,, so governor slip on your hiking boots and do as the somg says,,,, make those boots walk… right on out of the domed castle you so love to hide in.. And dictacte from….

  10. Dave65 says:

    He has already said he won’t be seeking re-election so he feels free to slide through his term. It will be someone else’s problem come election time. Just do the basics and move on is his theory. Massachusetts is just a doomed state with political agendas.

  11. Middleboro Remembers says:

    Governor Slot Barns made a commitment to support
    Gambling, won re-election and developed amnesia as
    he negotiated this flawed legislation behind closed doors.

    He met with the Pokasset Tribe of Freetown and others,
    promised to support their Slot Barn in Freetown.

    Speculation is that he also promised Bob Kraft a Slot
    Barn in Foxborough which certainly explains his
    dedication to the pedestrian bridge.

    How many other back room deals before departing?

    This is the future legacy Governor Slot Barns leaves in
    his wake:
    from the PEW Center;
    -largest unemployment rate of all states-13.4%
    -Largest Projected FY 2012 budget deficit of all states at 45.2%
    New Jersey
    -2nd largest FY 2012 budget deficit at 37.4 (Ma. is 5.7%)
    -NJ unemployment rate at 9.4% compared to Ma at 7.4%
    Other Casino States in big trouble
    -California, 2012 Budget Deficit 29.3%, unemployment 12.1%
    -Michigan , Unemployment 11.2%
    -Florida-Budget Deficit 14.9%, unemployment 10.7%
    -Rhode Island Deficit 11.3%, unemployment 10.6%
    -Illinois-14.6 Deficit, 9.9% Unemployment
    -Connecticut 18.% deficit, 9% unemployment

    While we can complain about his predecessors absences
    and disinterest in the office, none has left a legacy of such

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