Felger & Massarotti continued the day discussing how the Red Sox could make some changes in the offseason.

Are the Red Sox handcuffed by their current contracts to make any kind of splash in the offseason? Are there any big contracts that the Sox would be able to move?

What needs to the Red Sox actually have? Is getting healthy their top priority in the offseason? What could the Sox get for John Lackey? What about Carl Crawford? How much money would the Sox have to eat if they tried to move some bigger contracts?

Has too much been invested in this team to shake things up?

  1. Ed Keenan says:

    Who said “THE STUPID BOSTON FANS ?” was right.This ownership is ALL business, They buy soccer clubs, race cat teams amd own the Sox to MAKE MONEY……….the stupid fans sell out the park , the most expensive ticket in baseball, while this ownweship puts poor product on the field. Theo is not a LEADER and cannot lead a LEADERLESS team, so he must go, and should quickly be followed by Theo who spent money on POOR players like a drunken sailor……John Henry should find a baseball leader and the stay home………This teams needs to be blown up……if it means 4th place so be it….or as Gonzo says, it’s God’s plan………..OMG

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