BOSTON (CBS) – Eleven children suffered smoke inhalation on a bus in Dorchester on Thursday.

Boston police said that a possible engine malfunction caused smoke to build inside the school bus, which was in the area of 874 Dorchester Avenue at the time.

All of the children were elementary school students.

All reported minor injuries. They were transported to local hospitals as a precaution.

  1. Joan Hogan says:

    Boston Public School Buses need to have more scrutiny by The DMV school bus safety Inspectors. Their are many buses that are not equipped with seatbelts for
    Disabled students, many buses lack a school safety monitor, which should be a requirement. I really would like to see the Whole Boston School Dept. be under Federal Receivership again. Their are too many unqualified People Making Important decisions, that are not thorough, and this puts the children @ risk.

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