Ashland Terror Suspect: Who Is Rezwan Ferdaus?

ASHLAND (CBS) – Rezwan Ferdaus had run into some minor trouble in the past, but neighbors in his quiet Ashland neighborhood are terrified to hear the disturbing accusations he’s currently facing.

The 26-year-old was arrested on Wednesday and charged with plotting to crash explosive-laden remote control planes into the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol.

According to neighbors, the home that federal agents raided belongs to Ferdaus’ parents. They moved in 14 years ago and Rezwan still lived with them.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

People living on affluent, leafy Coburn Drive, are finding it hard to believe one of their neighbors is now charged in a terror plot.

“I just can’t believe it, awful, it’s just beyond comprehension,” said one woman.

Another woman said, “One of most exciting things in Ashland is to see squirrels cross the street. This is quite different, this is quite different.”

According to law enforcement sources, while a student at Ashland High School, Rezwan was said to have routinely turned his back during pledge.

A man who went to high school with Ferdaus, and didn’t want to be identified said, “I was completely shocked, couldn’t believe it, he always seemed like a nice, quiet kid to me.

He was a very smart kid, very into music, very musically talented.”

In Ashland High’s class of ’03, Ferdaus was voted most musical, but described as shy, not especially popular.

Ferdaus is also the same person who, in 2003, police suspected of climbing to the roof of Ashland High School and burning the American flag, although he was never charged over that incident.

Interestingly, he signed his yearbook entry with a peace symbol, and quoting Ghandi, offering peace and friendship and desire to work together for unity and love.

Rezwan is a U.S. citizen and went to Northeastern University, graduating in 2008 with a degree in Physics.

It’s unclear whether he was employed.

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  • Salsa Georges

    This guy has been born in USA and raised as American. He is no wet back !

    You should better ask yourself why a welleducated Muslim wants to kill YOU just because you are AMERICAN !

    • Greg Mirsky

      Amount of educations, diplomas have no direct correlation with moral and ethics. You asked “why a welleducated Muslim wants to kill YOU” that I’ll re-phrased “why a person believes that he or she has right to kill another person”. Is that result of education or else?

      • sanman

        Uhh, Greg, I’m of East Asian descent myself, and I think it’s pretty obvious that he wanted to kill Americans because there is a huge undercurrent of rabidly anti-American politics running through the Muslim community.

        Are you going to fatuously assert to me that he would have been equally likely to plot mass-murder against Americans if he was a Buddhist from Japan? Give me a break.

  • Islamic Jihadist Charged With Plotting Pentagon, U.S. Capitol Jihad Attack Has History of Anti-American Behavior

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  • bill

    Terrified neighbors? LOL. Not one of the interviewees expressed terror. More lame stream media trying to scare us.

  • proud to be american

    You should ask yourself if you understand what is going on in the world. Based on your comments and use of the English language you are obviously NOT a well educated person.

  • Al in SoCal

    Story on Terrorism? Activate anti-immigrant trolls who neither read the story, nor care that this man was a born-in-the-US citizen.

    My question – where did he get the $$ to purchase all that weaponry?

  • JT

    Soon as one of you “educated” Muslims/Islams/Allah’s gets lucky enough to make the news in a big big big unfortunate way (god forbid) but the odds say so , your family, your friends, your future education seekers & all your innocent people for years to come will do it & reside outside of US boarders..

    drastic ,but the US will need to act.. dont forget what happened to the Japanese after pearl harbor.

    • Suburb Dweller

      “…the odds say so , your family, your friends, your future education seekers & all your innocent people for years to come will do it & reside outside of US boarders..”

      My future education seekers will do *what* for years outside of US “boarders” (sic)?

      Speaking of uneducated xenophobic morons. LOL!!!

    • Chris Gehrke

      yeah, Japanese AMERICANS were thrown into concentration camps and their property was “liberated” and sold to white folks. American born, yet still thrown into prison camps because we couldn’t “trust” ’em – is that what u really want? Who’s next, morons? Then u would have to leave the US via express, that’s for sure!!!

  • MC

    Oh give it a rest, you gaseous imbecile

  • jaygee

    “Who is he”? Very simple answer. This educated clown is just another pseudo-radical Muslim fanatic who truly believes in his warped mind that if he kills enough innocent people in the name of Allah, he will get to the Promised Land of Paradise. He’s going to find out very quickly that before he gets to Paradise, he’s going to be behind bars fro a very long time. He should have the Koran memorized by the time he enjoys a hookah again.

  • ben dover

    suburb,,,he is just another raghead

    • petem

      completely useless comment…

  • Nunya Bidness

    people are shocked about this?? REALLY??


    Thanks Rezwan Ferdaus, for people like you, ISLAM, MUSLIM and MUHAMMAD is being disrespected… I wish I could Fry you in my MICROWAVE.. Feel bad about the people who raised you.. MAY ALLAH GET YOU To the lowest level of HELL..


    • azaan


    • MEME


      • petem

        what kind of clown are you? did you read the comment from ‘A MUSLIM”? HE was condemning Rezwan Ferdaus.

  • liz48

    Thank God this guy is an American citizen…but you still want to speculate on fear mongering stirring imaginations on so called possible terrorists who have crossed the border illegally. The truth is that the terrorists have sufficient influence and wealth behind them to enter the US legally…This is why they haven’t found a single terrorist who crossed the border illegally….

    Imagine if he was illegal…the xenophobic tea party crowd would have gone nuts

  • chilitokid

    The main question is: where/how did this guy get 25 lbs of C-4?

  • The right Person

    Playing with remote control planes can’t be a crime. Anyone of us can have the same hobby. They don’t have any other evidence. Besides FBI know how to frame people with orchestrated evidence. It becomes easier when the guy is Muslim. Remember, elections are right on the corner and politicians want dirty votes by keeping US citizens on the knife’s edge.

    • petem

      Is this what you got out of this story? Perhaps a reading comprehension course is needed…

  • Dude in LA

    dude (Jose) I get your concern all be it a bit alarmist The yahoo is a citizen. So get your facts straight. By the way with a name like Jose are you a citizen ? Are you here legally? Just saying…

    Also quite the stretch you are trying to make connect Obama’s policies (and I am no fan of Obama) to this incident.

  • dancingrabbit

    A country cannot perpetuate itself unless its citizens are born from citizens

  • Dianne Foster

    This is misreported, if the Globe is to be believed. He was involved in a school prank where they poured concrete at the entrances. Then a flag was discovered flying upside down.

    Doesn’t sound like he climbed a flagpole and burned a flag.

    He is handsome enough – looks Iranian. Probably Iranians are being targeted by Cointelpro. Without the FBI paying for the expensive plane, and probably subsequent trips to Washington and New York for him, this would have remained at the level of fantasy. They probably targeted him because of the earlier prank and his name.

    Not socializing with the neighbors in Ashland (but he’s played in a couple of bands) — what 26 year old kid is hot and heavy with suburban neighbors? I have plenty of those “lone wolves” in my neighborhood. They’d be weird if they WERE neighborly.

    • Dianne Foster

      By the way, I understand he IS an American citizen, born here. He’s whatever other ethnicity the way I am “Irish” after six generations. Only I’m other things too. Maybe so is he. But what a handsome “devil”.

      • fred

        Where has it been reported that he was born here? I have only seen it said in the comments section. He does seem to fit the profile of other terrorist – well to do (or at least upper middle class) judging from his home. College educated. He would have fit in nicely with the 60’s radicals. Seems like he had a lot going for him – except for his hatred of all things that enabled him to live a comfortable life and have opportunities most people on this planet could never dream of. Just another ungrateful POS.

    • Cinque

      Excuse me, but those “pranks” were done when he was 16 or 17. He is now 26 and has become radicalized. He has now embraced the murderous ways of radical Islam and wants to kill people in the name of Allah. Every religion has strange effects in the heads of some of it’s true believers. Some think that praying 5 times every day and then going out and blowing yourself & others to pieces will get them into heaven. I’ve got news for them.

  • Boston: Muslim planned to blow up Pentagon, US Capitol with remote airplanes « Creeping Sharia

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  • overpopover

    Obviously this guy is a Mossad agent trying to make Muslims look bad. Who else but apartheid Zionist Jews benefit from his completely inept actions?

    • Meme


  • Piyalechi
  • Denise

    well he could have done us all a favor and tested his equipment on himself – since his goal was to kill Americans… being a US Citizen he is an American! I wonder how his family feels about all of this? Why did he bother futhering his education in the United States if he is so digusted w/ us? I guess I’m a bit ignorant why all these groups that hate us so much want so badly to be here! Is their hate so all consuming that it’s their lifes goal to be unhappy living amongst us? Go home… be happy!

  • Timeline Of Ashland Man’s Alleged Terror Plot « CBS Boston

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    […] citizen who was living in the basement of the home his family had moved into about 14 years ago, according to CBS Boston. There’s no word yet on where his family had lived before […]

  • Joan Hogan

    This Man Should be Incarcerated For life ! He Is Too Dangerous to Society !
    His thoughts and planned actions were definitely premeditated. His Family should
    have seen warning signs, and addressed it. America Would be a safer place If
    Criminals like this were locked up for life.

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