BOSTON (CBS) – A proposed bill on Beacon Hill takes on the problem of the state’s high school dropout rate.

About 8,000 kids in Massachusetts drop out of high school each year.

Many dropouts end up needing public assistance. Others run into trouble with the law. In fact, 70 percent of the prison population in Massachusetts is made up of high school dropouts.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports.

In Springfield, the dropout rate is 50 percent.

“This type of bill that asks something from everyone, that doesn’t blame anyone, but makes us all part of the village that is raising a child,” said Springfield City Councilor Ahmad Rivera.

Rivera said he’s an example of why staying in school is so important.

“As a young person that’s had the privelege to go on to get my Ph.D, but grew up in Springfield homeless, I know firsthand the bridge that this can make for many individuals,” said Rivera.

The bill is sponsored by State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz.

Comments (3)
  1. Phil says:

    A bill? Typical political answer.
    Until they let us have our schools back the Dept of education and the unions won’t allow it. Look what they did Michelle Rhee when she tried to fix the D.C. public schools. They fired her for it.
    Join this if you really care.

  2. Joan Hogan says:

    The Boston Public Schools ( Boston Ma ), are contributors to Students leaving School by either dropping out, or School Employees who get Argumentative with
    Parents seeking Services for their Child. Chapter 766 Is under utilized By The Boston School Department. When A Child Qualifies For Special Education Services
    A Battle always begins With School Administrators. If a child Is Disabled They are
    legallly able to attend School Until Age 22, Per Federal Law Chapter 504. Boston School Administrators Hope Parents do not know this. They tried this with me
    And I fought with the school Dept. Legally through The US Dept. Of Education.

  3. Denise says:

    the Big question is – Why should they stay in school? they can make more $$ stealing from all of us that work hard. either by being lazy SOBS and sitting on their Arse collecting welfare, food stamps and/or they wait til we go to work and break in our houses – then go and sell your jewelry to the “we buy gold” shops popping up every weekend! Pawn shops use to have a bad name – but now they’re a dime a dozen dealing primarily in jewelry now! The kids are just learning that there is no real punishment and they can get a free hand out… It’s a way of life these days – not a helping hand for someone trying to better themselves or in need of a stepping stone! Pop out the babies(again not a negative stigma in schools – hell they have daycares now!). Until the US Government starts living by the rules the “real people” have to live by – contributing to Soc Security, healthcare etc.. nothing will ever really get fixed!

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