By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

REVERE (CBS) – A Revere cop is off the street in the wake of an I-Team investigation which reveals that when the police officer was on the clock, he often wasn’t actually working.

In fact, our cameras caught him spending an awful lot of his work day not doing his job at all.

The I-Team documented officer Michael Mullen regularly spending a good part of his work day at home, while his fellow officers worked to keep the city safe.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

We were there on one July day, watching Mullen pull his police cruiser into his driveway and head into his house only about an hour after roll call. On this work day, he racked up 3 hours and 55 minutes at home.

The very next day, the I-Team found him slacking off again for 2 hours and 41 minutes. Our video shows him getting a coffee delivery in his driveway.

On August 10, he was at home again for 3 hours and 19 minutes. When Mullen finally left his house in his cruiser, we followed him and found him parked behind a church, not doing much at all.

On two other days we saw Mullen at home for 2 hours and 17 minutes and then again for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

On the second day, while he was at home, he received a call from the dispatcher to serve a summons. Mullen answered the radio call, but it was another 42 minutes before he headed out the door.

It was a pattern we saw over and over again, hour after hour, watching taxpayers’ dollars not at work.

We told Revere Police Chief Terrence Reardon what we’d seen his officer doing, on the clock, and asked him if it was acceptable.

“Totally unacceptable,” the chief said.

“We have a responsibility to the public. They pay his salary and secondly, it bothers me because it overshadows the work other officers do on a daily basis.”

We also talked to Tom Nolan, a former Boston Police lieutenant who now works for Homeland Security.

“This is clearly a management and supervisory breakdown,” Nolan said.

“You serve a very valuable function — or you’re paid to serve a very valuable function — in the community and that is to be out there, to be visible, to be available, to respond when people need you, when they call you, and not to be sitting at home watching television or sleeping or whatever is going on here.”

Our investigation comes at a time when manpower at the Revere Police Department is at a 26-year low.

The bare minimum staffing level is 100 officers and there are currently only 86 members of the department.

Because of that, Chief Reardon said, it’s even more crucial that everyone pulls their weight.

“We’re forcing officers to work overtime every shift,” Reardon said.

“So when I hear of issues like this, it hits me in the quick. It’s certainly not appropriate, no excuse for it.”

Officer Mullen had no excuses, or answers of any kind, when we tried to talk to him outside his house.

Instead, he hurried into his garage and quickly shut the door.

Said Nolan: “This is not a city that doesn’t have to have vigilance on the part of its police officers. This is a city that has a fairly significant level of violent crimes against persons. He’s certainly not helping to attack and address the issue by remaining in his house when he should be out patrolling the streets of Revere.”

In the wake of our investigation, Chief Reardon said he will be looking at the department’s policies and questioning officer Mullen and his supervisors.

Mullen could face suspension as a result.

The chief tells us Mullen should be responding to calls, following up open cases, reviewing the laws, and doing traffic enforcement.

Officer Mullen has been on the Revere Police Department for seven years and he was paid almost $80,000 last year.

The chief said Mullen has not had any disciplinary issues, but added that he is not a motivated officer.

Comments (43)
  1. emom says:

    OH WHAT A SURPRISE,,,,,, Good job flushing this Abuser out.. I would love to see them throw the book at him for abusing time and money. And what a shame this is the kind of abuse that places others on the defense since not all are such abusers of policies…. But more and more seem to follow the money road way… ..

  2. Tee Kay says:

    No doubt every department suffers with one lazy, unmotivated individual. But it’s not unique to the police. One doesn’t have to go home to be lazy and useless. And we criticize illegals for taking our jobs. Sometimes they put us to shame with their work ethic. Other times they make more work for the police. You just can’t win.

  3. Paul says:

    Why can’t they fire him and make him return at least part of his “unearned pay”?
    When in Court, the police are held to a higher standard. They are “believed” because officers, when they testify, are to always be believed. This is an officer who can no longer be held to that standard. Perhaps he can get a job as a security guard at a construction site….or perhaps he can now qualify as a $50/hr roadside flagman (although he won’t be able to hide inside his house as a flagman)

  4. Jim says:

    the Chief says that “the officer COULD face suspension” Under what conditions would you NOT suspend him?

    UPDATE: eight days after the Revere Police were made aware of this officer’s total disregard of his responsibilities….The officer was placed on PAID medical leave. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ? ! ? ! ? !!!!!

    1. Paul says:

      He probably dropped his coffee in his lap while hiding in back of the church, while “on duty”

      He is currently suing Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts and the City of Revere for injuries suffered in the line of duty. He will be looking for a pemanent disability claim for full pay while he pursues a career as a body builder with a certain firefighter from Boston.

    2. Bruce M Jaqua says:

      About the same consequences as the officer caught having sex in uniform, in public while on duty with some woman on the hood of her car. NOTHING>…. welcome to the public employee unions

      1. Checo says:

        That was in New Mexico. His name is Officer Bert Lopez. He was fired as he should be.

  5. eddwal50 says:

    so who’s he related to ? the eye team should look into it

    1. Paul says:

      He belongs to the Blue Brotherhood. You cannot tell me that other officers did not know about this. Let’s look at it from this point….do you think that they, the iTeam, picked this guy out of a lottery pick lineup? I would guess that an HONEST officer “dropped a dime” so as not to cross the “blue line” and the iTeam did a follow through….something that the Revere Police did NOT do. If you want the publice to respect the “men in blue” the the Police need to police the police….and FIRE THIS UNTRUSTWORTHY JERK. (that would be without pay, by the way) I think that the iTeam should look into who approved his “medical leave” with pay.

  6. foamy says:

    It’s amazing, but not at all shocking. This guy will get a hearing in front of the civil service board and NOTHING will happen to him because he’s a member of a public employee union. He’ll be reinstated and probably get a raise. As for who dimed him out – I doubt it was another officer. It was probably one of his neighbors that had a beef with him. As pointed out by Paul – if the city of Boston couldn’t successfully strip Alber Arroyo of his pension, there’s no way anything happens to this guy. But, THAT’S THE UNION WAY IN THIS STATE.

    1. foamy says:

      Of course, I meant Albert Arroyo and his disability payments, not pension. Then again, what’s the difference?????

  7. PJ says:

    I’m with “Paul” above! No doubt this officer had co-workers that were well aware of his habits but, because of social reasons, really couldn’t do anything, but quietly seethed wondering why the heck SOMEBODY who COULD and SHOULD do something about it (supervisors, etc.) was doing nothing at all. Not to mention, how these people who are in a position couldn’t even notice this was happening??? We all know somebody who is not on the up and up, but because of our social situations, whether where we’re living or where we’re working, are a bit powerless to do much about it and just hope to heaven that the person or people who CAN do something will finally notice and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Good job I-team for doing the work this officer’s supervisors and bosses should have seen a damned long time ago.

  8. taxedout says:

    Great job I-Team….Think if you did this type of thing on Your job you would get a Suspension????Fire this guy!!!

  9. kevin says:

    You should follow the cop that lives at the corner of rumney and graves rd. he is always home.

    1. Lori says:

      He won’t be anymore now that you mentioned the area he lives in. I would have annonymously report him to the I-Team.

  10. john doe says:

    I see the guy on rumney and graves rd all the time, bet you wont see him there anymore though

  11. decol says:

    I would think all Police cruisers would have GPS locators by now.Then the supervisors would know where the cruisers were at all times.

    1. Jim says:

      Wasn’t there a problem with the Unions in either Lawrence or Lowell regarding putting the GPS in the cruisers? The Union felt that Police officers should be “trusted” and the city wanted to know where the cruisers were as a safety measureink that the Union won that battle in the negotiations. This was 4-5 years ago, as I recall.

    2. Jim says:

      Here is an article on how the Unions are fighting the GPS installation in PUBLICALLY OWNED vehicles…..

      1. decol says:

        WOW! If they weren’t doing things they’re not supposed to be doing,they would be glad to have their location known at all times. UNIONS THINK THEY RULE THE WORLD—-

      2. Paul says:

        Here’s one for DEVAL…..issue an executive order for ALL State and City/Town vehicles to be equipped with GPS. AND keep their history for THREE years. The CITIZENS of Massachusetts OWN those vehicles. I want to know if they are being taken home, “resting” for hours at a time, or misused for personal reasons. We can also see if certain areas are NOT being serviced as reported.

  12. Joe says:

    This is wrong on so many different levels. But the biggest wrong done here is that nothing will ne done at all. In order to be permanently removed and fired from a public union you must either commit murder, rape, armed robery or be involved in an extortion or racketeering plot. Slacking off while on duty? Hahaha, your kidding right? Not a chance in Hell, even at this egregious level of disrespect and stupidity.

    Investigation? The union will have an investigation all right. They will investigate who dropped the dime on officer slacker. And god help that individual if their name is exposed.

    PS, I team, you might want to look at the internet bandwidth being used from his house while he was home. My guess is there may have been a tad bit of porn streaming on his computer! Just a thought…..

  13. Web says:

    Chief Reardon needs to explain who approved the ‘medical leave’. He condones this behavior and only is upset when its discovered. Supervisors are aware of where everyone is, many abused the system themselves so they look away and dismiss wrongdoing. They stick together. “forcing officers to work overtime”, well if they are forced to work at home, I don’t see much forcing being done. Shame on the Revere Police Department. Keep this in the news! Don’t drop the story!!

  14. timma says:

    The problem is not with him. The problem is w his commanding officers, sgt, lt, capt etc. Why they didn’t make sure he wasn’t sitting home when he should have been out wasting gasoline. Thats the way the I-Team can show you a slacker looks like……..but if the I-Team actually did some investigating, they would find a whole bunch of slackers. They would look at individual statistics. There are cops on the job, not just Revere, who haven’t made an arrest, wrote a citation, or parking ticket in years. They are those who would say that they are in an inside position. True, but you gotta leave the building sometime. You can forget about those with rank of doing any of that, thats what their subbordinates are for.
    This kid went home and sat on the couch. Did he avoid his calls, no. In the five days the I-Team watched him sit on his a$$, he got 1 call, to serve a summons, aka the joke of the judicial system. Instead, it sounds to me as the day shift is a little slow.
    Maybe the chief can dream up something for the day shift to do like target practice on the seagulls at Revere Beach. It would do a few things, the supervisiors would be directly able to supervise those under their control telling them which birds to shoot, thus increasing subordinates aiming skills and increased dicipline, and eventually scaring the gulls from the beach. Then the MDC would then get off their butts have to pick up the dead gulls. There problem solved, everybody has justified their exsistance.
    The entire chain of command should be written up, not just the officer.

  15. Jim says:

    I am sorry….but your first line is EXACTLY what is wrong with that officer. “the problem is not with him?” ARE YOU KIDDING? The citizens of Revere pay this officer’s salary to do the work that he was hired to do. That is the same rational that people use when they blame the Parents for what the children do. The teachers for what the students do. The supervisors and managers for what the union workers do. Where is THEIR responsibility. Stop blaming others. I agree that the Police force is responsible to an extent….but THEY did not drive his vehicle to his house…or fall asleep behind a church.

  16. Mark says:

    This guy should be made an example of, not only terminated but loss of pay and even pay back what he owes the tax payers. This sort of thing is rampant throughout the state at all levels. For every honest state employee there are probably 3 that take advantage. Break the unions and the “brotherhood” that protects these slugs.

  17. timma says:

    Jim your watching too much CSI. If it allowed to exist, its the departments fault. Police departments are a paramilitary origanization. Its a breakdown of the supervisiory chain of command. His patrol Sgt. should be written up for not doing his job of making sure his officer was not on patrol. The Sergeant’s Leiutenant, the platoon commander, should be written up because he failed to make sure his Sgt wasn’t supervising his patrol officers. The division commander, usually a captain, should be written up for not comming up with a make me look busy schedule for all his officers.
    This guy is a police supervisiors dream, he doesn’t do anything. Meaning he’s not going out there stepping on toes, pi$$ing off local politicians, making arrests, making supervisiors do what they are paid to do, supervise.
    Should he be held accountable, yes. But if the I-Team asked just one question,”where was his supervisor during these 5 days?” You can bet your a$$ it would never happen again and would go straight up the chain of command.
    In my department, I made more arrests than the entire command staff put together. Who do you think caught more flack from the superiors, me or the guy with the rusted solid cuffs who did nothing?

  18. Boston says:

    This is just like cops on detail. There supposed to be directing the traffic but half the time there looking down a hole being dug on the side of the road or texting or just talking to someone…..there’s people in the world that would take this job a lot more seriously and I don’t think cops these days do.

  19. Doris Czajkowski says:

    He shoud be let go and let others who are willing to work for a days pay take his place, maybe he would perfer to work at a donut shop.

  20. emom says:

    WAIT HE IS CLAIMING DISSABILITY NOW.. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING… WHAT A LOW LIFE… ITS A SCAMM, How many do this and get away with it… its high time to put an end to all this and fire them. He did not look dissabled to me ,, he was walking with a tray of coffees,, what dissability does he have.. DEPRESSION. fear of something.,, sure was not walking or lifting anything. he looked fit to me. he waled pretty fast to avoid the I TEAM and didnt they show him with a cell phone at one point.. I wonder how dissabled is he… stupid and greedy is more like it… every month we see yet another officer bucking the system and taking advantage of the public in way to many ways. And if the one in charge KNEW of this as well then FIRE HIM TOO. someone knew and is covering up for him and well as soon as the I TEAM finds them EXPOSE THEM GUYS AND GALS,,, LETS EXPOSE THE CORRUPT AFFAIRS IN THE POLICE STATIONS. THEY ARE THERE TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE COMMUNITY,, I BET THEY DONT FEEL TO PROTECTED AND SURE DID NOT GET SERVED WELL EITHER..

  21. Liz says:

    This has been going on for as long as I have known Revere cops…

    I sincerely hope no one is surprised by this guy….he’s only doing what his predecessors have done.

  22. EH says:

    If the “bare staffing minimum” of the police force is 100 officers and they have 86 with (at least) one not doing anything, maybe that staffing minimum should be adjusted to be more in line with the actual workload of the police department rather than the monetary desires of the police union.

  23. Mr. Peepers says:

    After you take care of the “Above the law Cops”. Follow the mailmen next. Boy, you would really be surprised!

  24. Revere resident says:

    There’s another one that lives on the lower end of Crescent Avenue. Corey McCormack.

  25. Former Res. says:

    Wow, you’ve got to be kidding me! In the news again Revere PD?! Thats the second time THIS WEEK! This has to be, hands down, the most disgraceful bunch of police officers in the entire state. If you google “Revere Police” under the news section, it’s all BAD about the officers! Within the past few months, the citys officers have been under investigation by the fbi, the state police and the i-team. And not for just “minor” subjects either, oh no! For rape allegations, for charges in relation with lying to FBI agents, bribery, among awful and major others. Unreal! This department needs a serious serious makeover. Otherwise it will most certainly just get worse.. and not in years, but months. They keep getting away with this stuff! It really makes the good guys look bad. That is, if there even are any more “good” guys left on Revere. What a shame.

  26. Wilmington_2_Spencer_transplant says:

    Former Res., You should have been in Spencer, MA back in 97. All officers (save ONE) was crooked. My BIL saw a state cop chasing after a town cop (both in cruisers). Spencer was run by the state police for over a year. That one good cop is still in town.

  27. paul cruz says:

    I have witnessed police cars being behind a church for more than two hours, usually between 6 PM and 11PM.
    I guess the police officers are more religious than people are aware of.

  28. charles renner says:

    I wan to commend Chief reardon for his ability to provide safety to the citizens of Revere with only 86 officers when it takes 100. He should consider using National Gaurdsman for the other 14 positions. And he will be provide the city with the utmost safety in an efficient and cost saving manor.

  29. tom says:

    Chief Reardon should be forced to resign! The I team should do an investigation on him (or a follow up toi the investigation that fox 25 undercover did). He ran an illegal gambling ring out of his drug den bar that was shut down by the feds for tax evasion and he still is the chief. Only in Revere!!!!!

  30. FedUp says:

    Typical hiring policies for the city of Revere. Look at the other cops that have been fired or resigned in the past few years.

  31. Seth says:

    You should all get a life. Most of you, are from this slummy city and not employed, wait around for your welfare checks, with tool much time on your hands. This city does not pay cops salary, you all collect welfare and disability. Most of you are the ones who call the cops, needing their help with your spouses, or your ten year old kids, won,t go to school. A city full of unemployed, loser cry babies. Cops work 80 hours a week, risk their lives for lousy salary, dealing with the pathetic losers in revere, probably all the ones above, complaining about the cops. You should all get a real job and stop calling the cops for ridiculous things or better yet move out of the city and take all your kids, food stamps, welfare checks.

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