AYER (CBS) – A man who is not even supposed to be in the United States was arraigned on his sixth drunk driving charge Monday.

48-year-old Eduardo Torres of Marlboro was arrested late Saturday night in Boxboro.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

A patrolman pulled him over for an expired inspection sticker, but soon found the vehicle’s registration was suspended.

Watch video:

The officer also said he smelled alcohol and noticed there was an open bottle of beer on the passenger seat.

Torres also allegedly gave the officer a fake name. He then failed a field sobriety test and was arrested.

He was taken to a police station and failed a breathalyzer test.

After police took Torres’s fingerprints, they found he was a previously deported fugitive who was wanted by the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It was also determined that Torres had three prior convictions for driving drunk in California and two prior convictions in Massachusetts.

He’s charged with operating under the influence of liquor, sixth offense; operating with a suspended registration; operating an unregistered vehicle; possessing an open container of liquor in a vehicle; operating with a suspended driver’s license; giving a false name to a police officer and operating without an inspection sticker.

Torres pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Monday in Ayer District Court.

He was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing next week.

Comments (36)
  1. web says:

    all this time and money spent on illegals..this is where a large chunk of our taxes go…

  2. Yikes says:

    An illegal in Mass…. no, really? Wow, such a shocker! I just cannot believe it! Oh my, who would have thought?

    1. Thomas Hood says:

      Yeah. Of the 231 arrests made last weekend for drunk driving, 1 was an illegal. He’s the problem. Sure.

      1. Enough says:

        Illegals in this state ARE a huge problem….. Deval’s sanctuary state for future voters…… So if we already have a problem with people drinking and driving, why have MORE people (i.e. illegals) here doing it to? Over and over? After being deported and coming back? Boot them out and punish our own who commit crimes. Prisons are paid for with our tax dollars, why fill them with illegals? Deport and close the borders

  3. chilitokid says:

    C’mon will one of these drunk illegals smash into a politician or a member of their family!!! Some people just don’t get the message until it happens to them first hand!!

    1. YaKnow says:

      Absolutley right……Then they will cover themselves with sack cloth and ashes, and the Pity Party will begin….

    2. Thomas Hood says:

      Really? You’re hoping for that? How un-Christian of you. You should really re-think your life.

    3. JohnC says:

      I don’t claim to be a Christian, and I am not a fan of our governor, but I cannot wish harm to his family. If devalsucks really feels as he says, I fear him more then I do illegals..

    4. Illegalshurtpeople says:

      An illegal alien crashed into my mother, paralizyed her from neck down, totaled her 30k car. Insurance wont cover medical expenses.. The illegal was arrested released and then he fled the country never to face trial. DEATH TO ALL ILLEGALS! they ruined my family

      1. cc says:

        because millions of american citizens haven’t done the same???

        This country is scary. Look at you all, looking for a scapegoat to blame the countries problems on. So reminiscent of germany in wwii..:)

      2. Yikes says:

        You don’t think that we have enough of our own criminals and wastes-of-space getting handouts, that we need even more of them flooding in from other countries?

  4. Mark says:

    He’s illegal? Why dear Martha says it’s not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.I would like to know where she was when Constitutional Law was being taught at her law school! She also has the gall to not certify requiring ID’s for voters in a south shore town (Cohasset I think?). She should be fired for incompetency. Time to vote these bums out who don’t protect the public from the illegals.And the Justice Dept.says Massachusetts doesn’t do enough to teach English to non-english speaking students? Tell me,where in the Constitution does it say WE have to bend over backwards for all these immigrants? Enough is enough!!

    1. YaKnow says:

      They want to be here, BUT DO NOT WANT TO LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE….AMAZING ISN’T IT? But they sure as hell can speak to clean the taxpayers clock for the benies…….Politicians SHOULD BE IMPEACHED…. What is more funny is that they cannot understand why WE THE VOTERS are angry…..

  5. sullyinma says:

    He’ll probably get the same royal treatment the Obamas uncle got for DWI recently.

  6. letterer says:

    Mark, you hit the nail on the head!

  7. fred says:

    According to Deval Patrick we have laws against drunk driving. We also have laws about entering this country illegally but this state doesn’t think it is in the citizens best interest and public safety interests in general to enforce them. This guy should be held with out bail until he is deported. If he is somehow let out on bail we will not see him again until he commits his next crime – maybe it will be vehicular homicide or some other violet act. Our governor seems to respresent the interest of illegals more than the citizens of Massachusetts.

  8. Mark says:

    If he is illegal than no one knows he is here. Just dig a hole and drop him in it and all the other illegals. Problem solved no tax payer expense involved.

  9. emom says:

    OMG AGAIN,, ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING…….. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE POWERS TO BE,,,,,,, THE ONE THAT SHALL BE NAMELESS, SHOULD RESIGN NOW…. HE IS A LACKY , DOE SNOT AND NEVER WILL CARE FOR THE HONEST LEGAL CITIZENS OF THIS STATE,, ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS TO TRY AND CHANGE US, TAKE THINGS AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN , TAX THE HELL OUT OF US, MAKE US PAY FOR HIS WHIMS, LOOK AT US AND PUT ON THAT DAM SMILE OF HIS………Him and his buddy are so out of touch and clueless that I cant wait for either to leave office…… At this point we that are legal citizens, are the true illegal… we dont belong because we can not get simple assistance, we need to fight to get anything and preserve what we have,, Apply for assistance and well you are looked at as if you need it for what,,, you dont look like the type that needs assistance…. we all know this .. Yeah if we are not from outside of the USA here illegally, getting some sort of perks then we are not in need of anything…. Mess up just once and its OFF TO THE BIG HOUSE…. yeah the ONE THAT SHALL BE NAMELESS,,,, HIS NAME SICKENS ME,, THE THOUGHT OF HIM TURNS MY STOMACH, THE LOOK OF THAT STUPID SMILE HAS SHATTERED ANY HOPE OF REDEMPTION. AND MAKES ME ANGRY….. ME ANGRY WHAT EVER GAVE YOU THAT IDEA… HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA … PASS THE WINE PLEASE I NEED A DRINK….

  10. hammerhead says:

    put them all on chain gangs! there’s plenty of farmers that could use their unskilled low cost labor to pick crops! maybe a few years out in the fields chained together would deter them from violating our borders?

    1. YaKnow says:

      OMG YOU CAN’T DO THAT !!! Then you will get the ACLU involved saying that we are violating their constitutional rights !!!!!! Bottom line, they have more f’ing rights they WE THE CITIZENS DO….

  11. emom says:

    OH NO please we dont need them in the fields, look at whats going on across the country with our crops,, salminella , listeria, and thats just a few of the diseases found on our crops, they already dont protect us from that. Who do you think is working them fields… its not legal citizens…. the workers have work visas,,, ahhh thats folks from outside of this country,,send them all home to their country,,, stop them from taking jobs that many americans can take…. we need to correct this countries problems not create more of the SAME.

  12. web says:

    He was deported once, he’ll be back. Welcome back Eduardo..here is your license, your free welfare card, your free food assistance, your free/low income housing allowance, your free medical card, your free unemployment or disability benefit, oh, and your kids can get that in-state tuition, and don’t forget your free legal assistance to help you or anyone in your family next time you are arrested…and here is a list of all the available services and groups in the area to help you, written in spanish, for your convenience.

  13. Mink says:

    I guess we should keep an eye on hhis guy now, so why not make him Deval’s driver? He likes illegalls so why not let them hang out together?

  14. A says:

    The Declaration of Independence :

    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”


    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  15. CaptAmerica says:

    He’s got one of those faces you just want to punch repeatedly.

  16. Judy Introini O says:

    If you are illegal, get legal. If you don’t get out! This man should be made to where a kind of alarm that will hurt him if comes back over the border after deportation and after paying for his crimes……loser

    1. silvia says:

      its not easy to get legal! there is no law to do so, It took me 16 years to get my green card, I worked hard, paid my taxes, never applied for food stamp or anything for free! the Country is in recession, why not legalize over the 3.000.000 illegals in the Country, It cost me and my husband over 12.000 dollars to become legally. Do you imagine how much money the Country will make in $$ and taxes? im not saying that is right to live here illegally, is just no other away to do it. God Bless!

  17. HP says:

    Doing the jobs Americans wont.

  18. Mark says:

    To HP, Doing the jobs Americans won’t? There are plenty of Americans that would LOVE to have a job.There are also plenty of illegals who LOVE to sit around and collect welfare from hard-working Americans. There should be the following procedures for people entering this country: (1)Speak English. (2) Have a sponsor before entering (like our ancestors had to). (3) Have a job lined up or family to house you until you do get a job.(4) If you fail to meet any of these criteria you will be deported.PERIOD! If this sounds too harsh,guesss what? DILLIGAF!If you are an illegal and commit a felony you get deported AFTER serving your sentence.If you are in this country after being deported and commit a felony you will be shot,hung,or electrocuted.Your choice…after all freedom means having a choice!! God Bless America. Oh,and if anyone wants to throw out the “We’re all immigrants” line of horse-hockey my answer is: I’m Irish,French,Scottish,English and Native American (MIc Mac).

    1. HP says:

      I was being sarcastic.

      1. Mark says:

        Sorry HP, I’m so P O’d about the current state of affairs here and around the country that I totally missed the sarcasm; good one!! I think most Americans are fed up with our elected officials ignoring us. I would like to compliment ‘A’ for the Constitutional reference.Well said! I wonder why Warren Buffet and Bill Gates don’t spend some of their billions on new housing construction which will get carpenters,plumbers,electricians,et al. back to work and give people a place to live. Hey Warren or Bill: Give me a billion dollar loan and I will create long-lasting jobs and get the economy rolling.All it takes is a start and for one of these billionaires to step up and put their money where their mouth is.Working people buy goods,pay taxes,and support the economy.Non-working people are eager to get back to work.Stop the beauracratic BS in Washington and let business do their business.

  19. Navillus says:

    Bottom line……it’s all about the almighty dollar. The Country is falling apart, but many if not most of our leaders could care less….unless of course there’s something monitarily in it for them. Sad state of affairs. Vote them out, every corrupt one of them. Bravo, Mark.

  20. aunt sam says:

    well, let’s just change the poem on the statue of liberty. 6 oui’s, disgraceful. deported & back, disgraceful. habitual offenders don’t warrant us dropping our dimes. i hear the dessert southwest is beautiful this time of year. 300 miles from nowhere with no compass, no nothing. we owe you nothing. there’s no road, no stores, no cars. no chance of a 7th out (or anything else really). just you, the rattlesnakes, scorpions, tumbleweed. adios!

  21. Dave_D says:

    The real problem is that you get rich people like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush who are willing to hire illegals to do jobs “around the home” ((they are cheaper and they will take jobs that “real Americans” won’t). Get real! Understand the hypocrisy!

  22. emom says:

    Allowing illegals in this country goes back to the bush years,, allowing them to come into this country to start a new life, giving them everything and more. And also blame them for allowing companies to send your jobs over seas.. OUTSOURCING, a good bulk of jobs have gone over seas for cheap labor. where they didnt have to pay for any benifits and could hite help for a mere 45 cents an hour or by the piece.. Causing this country to loose precious jobs and start us in a recession spiral that has lasted since the 1990’s 2 decades later it has only gotten worse , Not better. we are in yet again another recession, wall street has plummeted, cost has risen sharply and help to those in need , those that have lost their jobs, homes dignity still recieve nothing,,, CHildren going to bed hungry, families with out health insurance , and the worst part , winter is on the way and now the government says there may not be enough money in the budget for fuel assistance. REALLY NOW I say enough , It time we stopthe bleeding of funds, stop the feeding those that are not here legally , You are to come into this country with a visa, obtain permission to come here, work here pay taxes like the rest,, We should not be handing over houses , food stamps, healthcare, education, public assistance, JOBS, anything BEFORE AMERICANS THAT HAVE BEEN IN THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY ,,, What rights do the illegals have that legal americans do not. Something seems a bit wrong with that equation.. And now I hear the governemnt is thinking of cutting funding to disater funds.. AHHH WHAT REALLY,,, AND WHERE IN THE HELL WILL THAT MONEY COME FROM ,, BETTER YET WHY AND WHO ARE THEY PLANNING TO GIVE THOSE FUNDS TO …. Just wait some politician will get the bright idea of helping some poor family out that is here illlegally.. VOTE THESE JOKERS OUT OF OFFICE,,, But dont be swayed by the sweet talking ones either,,,, we need to start holding politicians accountable for what they say and do ,, JUST LIKE AN EMPLOYER.. you dont do your job ,,, you get fired.

  23. taxedout says:

    I hope this wasn’t done on Don’t bring your Car Day, the Gov will be mad!!!!6 time drunk sounds like a typical in this state, but to find out he’s Illegal that’s a Shocker!!!Valid license I assume???Anybody know Who’s job it is to see the person deported Actualy Leave??? Who missed Obam’s uncle, and don’t tell me it was TimCahill!!!!

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