HAMPTON FALLS, N.H. (CBS) – Police in New Hampshire said there were six people injured following an accident at an apple orchard on Sunday.

Police said two hayrides were taking place at Applecrest Farm when one of the wagons became loose and spooked the horses. The horses then frantically took off, violently pulling the wagon full of people.

Four people were taken to Exeter Hospital with minor injuries and two others were seriously hurt.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

The owner of one of the horses was med-flighted to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Police said she stepped in front of it to calm it down and to make sure the horse didnt injure any other people. In the process, she got badly hurt.

The police chief said apple picking and hay rides are a huge tradition at the farm, and that what happened Sunday was an “unfortunate accident.”

The hayrides were shut down for the rest of day. State police are investigating.

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  1. JP Faiella says:

    I was at the scene today and went to assist. The owner of the horse did not look good. Please keep this post updated with new information as it becomes available.

  2. royp says:

    Great, now the Lefties will want to regulate the haywagons. Seatbelts, licensing for drivers (with requisite fees of course)… I hope everyone is OK.

  3. JP Faiella says:

    Really? Really? Were you there?! I was…and people were hurt…one person seriously. Not to mention the tons of children scared and crying. Keep your political chatter to yourself. Now is not the time.

  4. A Jewell says:

    I was on this hayride with my dad, brother, his gf, and my three month old nephew. Absolutely terrifying. Really puts how fragile your life is into perspective. The driver of our ride was pinned under the carriage and being dragged by these horses, thankfully he was okay, with far less injuries then we expected. I hope he & the owner of the horses, as well as all others injured will be alright. Last thing you expect to happen when you go to pick some apples!

  5. Family Member says:

    Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. She needs a really big prayer chain going right now to pull though this. This is a very hard time in my family and she is still in very critical condition. Thanks everyone!

    1. Joe says:

      I just said a prayer for her and will continue to do so. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God please have mercy on this woman!

  6. Tsal says:

    I have said a prayer for all concerned. I don’t go on rides with horses. This can happen too easily no matter what temperament the horses have. Horses are flight animals It’s tragic. I pray all involved will fully recover

    1. hal says:

      we live in ohio joan and loyd are good freinds, we know joan nwont give up cause she has to look after loyd. well be in nh when u can have vistors.

  7. Equine Abby says:

    Hopefully, the seriously injured owner will pull through.

  8. Rasaz says:

    Posted on Now to bgiirnng up the trade again. How could DA ever know, or anyone including the doctors, that Shaqs injury wasnt healing until realizing so by him coming back, playing and faltering? You berate DA like hes supposed to be some sort of seer and can see into the future. He makes decisions based on what he sees and is told. The assumption was that Shaq would come back and based on that, and his level of superior play with the team when he started, DA made a move that he had to because once again (your almighty God-like, do no wrong, Ubuntu loving center Perk the magnificent refused an offer and we needed bench help after MD was significantly injured and never was able to return all season, so we had no back up to PP. Question did Perk ever dominate Shaq? I think not. Will you please get over the trade and stop talking about it in every post you write? Your one track mind is seriously obscuring some quality posts (like your 2nd post respecting Shaq this season) you make but then you step in it again, and again, and again. Maybe you can get some post-trade counseling or go to hoops rehab and get weaned off of all the trade comments? The trade was in February and I believe well be hearing about it until next February, and beyond. So in the meantime, how about you get us some stats and facts to back up your claims instead of just opinions, which we are all certainly entitled to. Go Cs.the end.

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