BOSTON (CBS) – The grills are sizzling; the fryolators are bubbling and the food trucks are rolling; all to get ready for the phantom gourmet food festival on Saturday.

Two streets surrounding Fenway Park will turn into one of the biggest food celebrations in the nation.

“There’s dozens of food vendors, ten thousand people, all hungry and all happy.”

Watch The Phantom Gourmet

This is your chance to take bite after bite, after bite of one hundred of the Phantom Gourmet’s favorite foods.

Savor the flavor of Flatbread Company pizza, Cabby Shack clam chowder, Carl’s steak subs, Harrows chicken pies, and Finale desserts.

The festival will also feature samples of the following: Sweet potato fries… Grilled clams… Frozen custard… Chicken wings… Gourmet popcorn… Cotton candy… Bacon-infused chocolate… And more!

This is a party packed with indoor and outdoor bars, special events throughout Lansdowne Street’s many restaurants and a sea of purple-wearing, food-loving Phantom fans.

Plus, there’s music, dancing, eating contests and half a million pieces of food to satisfy any kind of craving.

The Phantom Gourmet food festival is Saturday afternoon from 12-4 next to Fenway Park.


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