LOWELL (AP) – A 19-year-old Billerica man has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly using birdseed to lure a flock of pigeons to a shopping center parking lot where he plowed through them with his car, killing six.

Christopher Berry was released on personal recognizance after pleading not guilty Wednesday in Lowell District Court.

Police say a Billerica town employee working during Tropical Storm Irene on Aug. 28 called police after witnessing the incident and jotting down the plate number.

The Sun reports that the responding officer found dead birds, feathers, blood and seed all over the ground. When tracked down at home, Berry’s car allegedly had feathers in the grill.

Berry had no comment. According to the police report, he said he was feeding the birds when other cars drove over them.

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Comments (7)
  1. z2 says:

    Serial killer in the making

  2. Paige says:

    This screams serial killer and he as released what this is not going to be taken seriously until he hurts or kills a human ?

  3. Boston_Jarred06 says:

    Torturing or killing animals at a young age is one of the most classic signs shared amongst serial killers.
    Maybe the kid is just a cruel A–hole, but he should be psychologically checked out for sure.

  4. Reg Dunlop says:

    Young men on drugs with no jobs and nothing to do…tisk tisk

  5. Lori says:

    Boston_Jared, this is a legal adult NOT someone of a young age or kid. He is 19 years old; a man in the eyes of the law.

    1. Boston_Jarred06 says:

      Lori, I understand what you’re saying.
      But that’s really beside the point.
      What he did was very sadistic and cruel.
      It’s not normal behavior for anyone of any age.
      I’m just saying the guy needs a mental check-up before they allow him to go back into society again.
      I didn’t bring up animal cruelty charges because they are still a joke to most people.
      Not to me..but still to other people.

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