By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – A surprise delivery on board a plane bound for Logan Airport.

Aida Alamillo and her newborn son Kevin are resting comfortably in a California hospital, after a surprise delivery over the Pacific Ocean. Alamillo was flying from the Philippine’s to move to Beverly with relatives, when she went into labor.

She says the flight crew moved her to a private area of the plane, and tried to help her relax. Alamillo says they told her, “If you can do it, don’t have a baby here because we won’t land for an hour or two.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

But baby Kevin didn’t want to wait. The flight departed Manila at 10:24PM, Kevin was born at 3:25 pm, and arrived San Francisco at 7:27PM

Alamillo’s sister, Leoni Bauermeister says, “I cannot believe it really happened… We were praying she was not going to have the baby on the plane, but I guess the baby was ready to come out.”

Family in Beverly can’t wait to meet baby Kevin. Bauermeister says, “Everybody is so excited. We are not able to sleep well because we are all excited.”

Kevin’s middle name is Francis. Why? His mom says, “San Francisco, USA.”

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  1. scowman says:

    Thank you!! She admitted on channel 56, she was trying to have the baby born in USA. Now 1000 miles out, HE IS NOT!!!!! Now after visit they will have to go home!

    1. taxed says:

      Another anchor baby for the taxpayers to pay for. Isn’t that just sweet.

      1. justme says:

        You are so right. And it is reportesd as this heart warming story.
        another burden on the taxpayers.

      2. Daisy says:

        The sad thing is that you won’t see the media reporting what this really means to us. Since her plans to stay are now out in the open, it would be nice if ICE caught up with her and made her and her kids leave, but that won’t happen.

      3. Chris says:

        The baby is hardly an “Anchor Baby” since the mother is here legally!

        The mother, was petitioned by her parent and petitioned was approved so she is entering the US for the first time as a new immigrant, on an approved green card status. After 5 years, she can apply for citizenship/naturalization.

    2. Daisy says:

      Watch….somehow, that baby will be given U.S. citizenship….

  2. PBKingman says:

    Do we have to pay this illegal alien’s hospital bills? Get out of my country.

    1. Daisy says:

      The State of CA will most likely foot the bill. That is why living in CA is so expensive and the state is always broke. Anyway, the hospital bill won’t nearly add up to as much as it will cost us to provide her and her children with housing, welfare, and medical care.

    2. Tim says:

      YOUR country? Since when you do speak for everyone? Get over yourself.

  3. Subieb says:

    Why was she allowed to fly??

  4. Daisy says:

    In another article it said, “She had a visa to travel to the U.S., and was bringing her three children to live in the country. It was her hope that the fourth would be born stateside so it would automatically have U.S. citizenship.” Question….did she have a visa allowing her to stay or was she planning to do what all the others do….just stay? Also, if her husband stayed back home, would she be eligible for Welfare or Aid For Dependent Children? Of course. She’d probably get subsidized housing just like Obama’s illegal aunt did in Boston. This has got to stop, people! American taxpayers can’t take care of the whole world. We need to vote against every politician in office now and start fresh. Maybe in a few years we will have some that actually care about this country.

  5. Yikes says:

    Gee, what a coincidence she was heading to Mass, a sanctuary state for Illegals. Surprise surprise. She and her kids are now Mass Democratic voters.

  6. emom says:

    talk about a giant melting pot ,, this state has become a huge foriegn country ,,, Pretty soon we will be our own nation… We need to stop allowing illegals form coming here and staying .. To many come stay and never leave but never get citizenship,,,not far to those that work, loose their jobs and liveyhood all for someone that has come her to take what we earn..

    1. Champers says:

      Ah I came here legally, pay lots of taxes, won’t become a citizen but who cares. Oh and me taking away a job from someone born here? Give me a break, there’s a reason I can work – nobody to fill the position you small minded ingrate

      1. dms says:

        You must have such extraordinary skills that no US citizen can fill your position.

      2. Champers says:

        Well DMS you probably couldn’t fill them

  7. Sam says:

    You people are disgusting. You know nothing about her status, whether she’s “illegal” or not, or what her plans were. Quit jumping to conclusions and assuming she’s an illegal alien who was planning on not getting citizenship, since there is NO WAY you could possibly know. Get a freaking life.

  8. emom says:

    seems some already did jump to conclusions here,, Besides,,, time will tell other news networks have said the same thing,, why did she want to have this child on us soil… In the boarder states so many did just that and now look decades later those that came here may get deported.. Oh and before anyone says it my dad was a forienger came here with all papers and became a citizen and became legal,,,, so I know alot about coming here legally… Its called the process.. something many try very hard to avoid. And I speak of jobs given to those from another country with work visa’s, here only to gain employemnt,,, then when they feel they no longer need to be here because they have enough mnoney to do better back home they leave I seen it alot, and companies are willing to hire them pay for their visa’s just to stay here in this country and work, while we have umeployment so high why hire out side of the country ,,, look around you woulod be surprised at those willing to do most of these jobs. Its like sending jobs over seas, OUTSOURCING but in reverse… But seems to many have not seen it,, just believe they are all here legally,, Yeah with a work visa, not citizenship….

  9. FedUp says:

    Oh joy! More of my hard and legally earned social security benefits depleted for illegal breeders like this one. Thank you, democrats!

  10. August says:

    The airplane was at mid-flight when the baby was born. The plane was neither on Philippine territory nor US territory, and therefore, the baby is NOT a US citizen.

    If the child is not a US citizen, the Philippine law on citizenship rules, which is “jus sanguinis” or nationality of the parent. Since the child is born of a Filipino mother, the child is still a Filipino citizen. BUT, if it happened that when the baby was born, the airplane was above the 12- nautical miles from the US coastline, then the child is a US citizen.

    Since this is Aida’s initial entry to the United States having just received her green card status, and the child is considered being born abroad, the baby may enter the US without a visa.

    This rule applies provided a parent, who is initially entering the US within two years of the child’s birth, accompanies the child. A registration of the child with the US citizenship and Immigration Services is all that is needed.

    Besides, the mother is legally immigrating to the US and she was given an Immigrant Visa and a Green Card. So, the baby is hardly an “Anchor Baby” since she is here legally!

  11. pinay says:

    they are not illegal aliens! they were petitioned by their relatives to come to the US and live with them. it took them 11 years to get their visa. as soon as they settle here, they will become tax payers too!

    1. Daisy says:

      Please explain this….a woman with a newborn, three other children, and a husband that didn’t come. How is she going to become a taxpayer? Okay, let’s say she gets a job (let’s put aside the fact that there are many Americans unemployed), is she going to have medical benefits for her and her children or will she be dependent on Aid For Dependent Children, Medicaid, food stamps, and provided low income state subsidized housing?

    2. Yikes says:

      In the meantime, who’s paying her hospital bill??

  12. Chris says:

    People who are assuming this Filipina woman is an illegal alien are stupid and ignorant. FYI, flying from the Philippines you can’t board an international flight without a passport an a valid visa.

    The mother, Aida was petitioned by her parent and petitioned was approved so she is entering the US for the first time as a new immigrant, on an approved green card status. After 5 years, she can apply for citizenship/naturalization.

    1. Daisy says:

      Is her parent in a position to totally provide for her and her children, including medical care?

    2. dms says:

      I would love to know what the justification was when the petition was approved. Certainly seems far fetched to me that a mother of 4, including a newborn, can be a productive member of society. Even if she will get a job at some point, who’s covering the bills for her until then? I think people like you that are not stupid and ignorant, should send her a check every week.

      1. Daisy says:

        dms, those same people that are defending her are probably the ones that already know the ropes and suggested she come here. This country is in such a mess….

  13. emom says:

    Time once again will tell… How many come here with the same paper work, But let it lapse and never obtain permanate status,,, There is a process.. But as we have seen over the years why is ther so many here and say they thought it dint matter, or they forgot,, how do you foget to file for legal status, after 30 years,,, Why do you think Arizona has cracked down on them .. Its a huge issue. yet we allow them to come here But we never make sure they follow thre WHY because they dont have the man power and so many know this so they mannage to stay here illegally or not… If it takes 5 years to obtain legal citzenship, this should be watched carefully,,, If they dont file the appropriate papers by then they should not be allowed to stay.Why are some here for years after 5 years on work visa, WHY,, and why is it allowed…The are never checked after 5 years,, and they thats a huge issue ,,,,,

  14. SoCal surfer says:

    While reading a few articles about this particular incident a few things came to mind.Ms. Alamillo was petitioned by her mom, who was probably petitioned by her daughter Leonee A.Bauermeister, who probably married an American man named Bauermeister. This is all legal as far as the immigration process is concerned.In fact, for better or worse,this is exactly how most immigrant Filipinos landed here in California,by using the family based based petition. One thing that I find curious is why Ms.Alamillo still uses her maiden name if in fact she is married ? Could this be the reason why her “husband” was not on board that flight ? Or, maybe he is staying behind with the other 2 kids for other reasons.I can’t say for sure.
    One thing I will guarantee is that Ms.Alamillo will eventually tap into the system. Filipinos(and other immigrants to be sure) have made “gaming the system” an art form here in California. Even if she does eventually get a job,she’ll be sending a good chunk of that income back to her family in The Philippines. Her mom will be the babysitter/caregiver and probably receives federal SS/disability,and aid from the State of Massachusetts.

    I don’t have a problem with immigration. However, I believe the family based petition should be phased out.Do we really need anymore 70 year old babysitters ? What do they bring to the table ? Instead, a merit based immigration reform should be enacted. For example, those with advanced degrees in hard sciences and engineering would be encouraged to immigrate. While those that have limited skills and education would be denied.There would no longer be any need for all these govt/state/county/city programs that are ripe for abuse .

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