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     If this was the Fox News Network that headline above would read: “News Alert” or “breaking News”…..followed by some articulate anchor chick saying…“it started before most of us were born…and today it’s 90-years old…..Radio.”   OMG!!

     Sorry, don’t need to be snide about the whole subject by pointing out one of the bad things that has happened since electronic journalism took a voice.  In my near half century immersed in electronic journalism (radio & TV) it has really been a kick in the past few days listening to some of the old tapes from the last 90-years, broadcast by WBZ Radio.   It was the first commercially licensed broadcast radio station in the country and to this day, it is the 900 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to a discussion of broadcasting integrity.  For better or for worse, WBZ created the image of what was to become newsman Gary LaPierre. It has been a part of my life since I was 18-years old and today, 50-years later, I’m as proud and humbled as I was on day one….of what this station represents to American history.  Listening to tapes from more than 50-years back, as well as from today, we occasionally heard the words..“here is a special bulletin from WBZ”…or “We have a news alert from WBZ”…or “we have this breaking news from WBZ” and in every single case, the story to follow was huge…and justified the alert…i.e. man stepping on the moon, the Berlin wall falling, the President has been assassinated, the space shuttle explodes, Iraq is being invaded…whatever……pick one…all worthy of an alert!

     But today?   Heard and seen recently………”We have a Fox News Alert…the producers of Dancing With The Stars have just announced Chas Bono will be one of the contestants this season.”    Pass me the ipecac and praise the longevity and integrity of WBZ Newsradio in Boston.   Happy Birthday ya’ll!!!

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  1. roudydowdy says:

    Happy birthday WBZ! In the 1960s I couldn’t miss the Bruce Bradley top ten show. Speaking of Chas Bono Gary, thank you for helping me remember Cher’s last name.

  2. JohnC says:

    Gary, I had been listening to 1030 before you were here. I can remember Carl DeSuze and Marjorie Mills and the “March around the breakfast table.” Keep your sunny side up…” I remember Carl always greeting Dave Maynard with “Dear boy.” I remember Weatherbee the ‘BZ weatherman. I remember the TV tower falling on the building in 1954 as Carl DeSuze predicted. I remember the station breaks that said: “WBZ, WBZA Springfield.” It’s been as much of a fun ride for me as for you. I feel that I have been a part of the ‘BZ family for about 60 years. I hope that I will be listening when WBZ turns 100. I hope that you will be a part of it too. Thanks for the memories.

    1. garywbz says:

      Thank you so much…..JohnC….and Roudydowdy. We’ll talk again at the 100th?
      Hope so…..if not before.

      Gary L.

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