Jon Heyman, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s MLB Insider, joined Gresh, Zo and Sean McAdam to discuss the Red Sox and the upcoming MLB Playoffs.

The Red Sox are in a middle of an epic collapse, who does Heyman lay the blame on? What does he think about Carl Crawford asking out of Monday’s crucial doubleheader with a stiff neck?

I have no problem with his professionalism. I’m not going to question his injury,” said Heyman. “I’m just going to accept that he was hurt. Guys get hurt, that happens a lot; as you guys know in Boston.”

Speaking of Crawford, what should we all make of his recent apology on a local website? Should he be apologizing for his disappointing first-season with the Red Sox?

“I think he probably has room to apologize; he’s had a terrible season,” said Heyman. “He’s been a below average player making $20 million a season. That’s not a good combination.”

Also, does David Ortiz have a point in starting Alfredo Aceves?

“Francona loves Ortiz, he’ll smooth it over,” he said. “I am actually with Ortiz on this one. I’ve been a big proponent of Aceves.”

“It was a great signing by Theo and the Red Sox… He wanted to be part of thea ction in the AL East,” said Heyman. “I give him credit; he’s been highly successful.”

“I understand they don’t want to change rolls… They’ve got guys right now that are starting and not doing the job. When you’re starting, you’re throwing more innings and having more of an effect on the team,” Heyman said of Aceves.  ‘I’m with Ortiz on this one”

That and much much more with our two top baseball insiders!


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