By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – He’s a repeat drunk driver who’s allowed to get behind the wheel as long as he passes this test.

Geoff Draper has to blow into an interlock device which checks for alcohol every time he turns the key.

But the I-Team followed Draper for months and discovered him breaking the law again and again.

Yarmouth Deputy Police Chief Steve Xiarhos said, “The problem is we’re trusting someone who’s broken the law many, many times to follow the law.”

The interlock device is only registered to Draper’s work truck.

That means that’s the only car he’s supposed to be driving and it will only start if he blows into the interlock and he’s alcohol-free.

From what the I-Team witnessed it appears the interlock device was removed or tampered with.

Our cameras caught this convicted drunk driver starting the truck without blowing into any device.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

Draper also hopped into a Chevy Tahoe that the Registry of Motor Vehicles doesn’t even know about because it’s registered in his parents’ name. When he’s in this car there’s no way to check if he’s been drinking.

Registrar Rachel Kaprielian said Draper is in clear violation.

“This is not supposed to happen when you have an interlock device. It’s disheartening because the idea of the program is to have people complete it successfully so they can be good and safe drivers. If that’s not he case there are consequences,” she told WBZ-TV.

The I-Team caught up to Draper.

“We just want to ask you some questions.  Why are you driving a car registered to your mother? You have a 31-page driving record, several OUI’s, why aren’t you using the interlock? Don’t you think it would be safer for you and everyone else?

No response.

Xiarhos calls Draper a very big threat on the road.

He points to his 31-page driving record which includes multiple suspensions, revocations and OUI’s.

He says police received a complaint similar to what the I-Team found in our investigation.

According to Xiarhos, the allegation is that in the past he’s used alcohol and driven and misused the device, altered it and he would drive a different vehicle, so the system isn’t fool-proof.

Hingham police say Daniel Brunke also got around the system but was eventually caught.

He’s charged with his 5th OUI and dismantling his interlock device.

According to court records, Geoff Draper was issued an interlock device when he was arrested for being drunk behind the wheel for a 4th time in 2007 after a terrible crash.

The I-Team poured through Draper’s records and found alcohol was detected several times, even early in the morning.

We also discovered Draper hadn’t brought his interlock in to be checked for violations for eight months straight, even though it’s required every 30 days.

The Registry didn’t even know it. Kaprielian says the vendor, SmartStart, dropped the ball and didn’t comply with reporting requirements.

Because of what the I-Team discovered, SmartStart now generates a monthly report flagging these types of violations that will be sent to the Registry.

The Registry recently suspended Draper’s license indefinitely pending a hearing on the interlock violation.

Tampering with an interlock carries a 6-month to 5-year sentence.

The Registrar told us, overall, 98-percent of the people in the interlock program have been successful.

Mr. Draper was eligible to have his interlock removed in December of 2010 if he had no violations, but he failed to have it checked for the last 5 months of his sentence.

Comments (35)
  1. jaygee says:

    Anyone with 31 pages of driving infractions including 5 DUI’s should not have a license in the first place. His actions and the actions of other repeat drunk drivers make it abundantly clear that the state and the RMV is simply too lax when it comes to doling out serious punishment to repeat offenders.

    1. KF4766 says:

      Even is he didn’t have a license, I think it is clear that he would still drive- it’s obvious he doesn’t care if he breaks the law

  2. Ed dracut says:

    The only way to stop people like this is jail time.

  3. says:

    It shows you that you can get away with anything, as long as you are connected.

  4. justsayin' says:

    Gee ya think that if he didn’t get the interlock checked for 5 months that he might be doing something else illegal? Oh there I go again expecting the registry to look into such things. Silly me. Shame on the authorities. How come the I-team hasn’t investigated SmartStart for their lack of reporting back to the registry? How come the registry is not being investigated for not chasing these reports down every month? And yes the driver should be punished. 31 pages of violations this guy should be in jail. but to play devil’s advocate he was just taking advantage of a broken system……food for thought……

  5. mikey says:

    Impound any vehicle he’s caught in. Once, well, that could be an innocent mistake. But once the person who owns the vehicle gets multiple impound fees, they should take the hint.

    And we need a new law… Something that assigns liability and forfeiture after impound of vehicles once a person has been caught in the SAME vehicle multiple times.

  6. Alli says:


  7. mew says:

    I”d say this “makes me laugh”, but it’s not at all funny. Years ago a drunk driver killed my girlfriend. The driver was fined $20 and lost her driver’s license for ONE YEAR. By comparison, in 1991 I left my marriage and ended up in a complicated divorce. I was ordered by the court to pick up my children each afternoon and for every weekend, but I was left without a home or an income or the time to be able to find work. The car’s inspection sticker ran out, and I couldn’t get the money (or the representation) to be able to keep it inspected (and a cracked, but working, tail light stopped me from getting a sticker). Long story short: I couldn’t renew my license in 1993 and have not been able to get it back since then. So, I’ve been without a license now for close to 20 years. At one hearing I did manage to get I asked about “The Cinderella License” and was told this is apparently set up for drunk drivers who need to get to work, and that there “is nothing in place” for someone in my situation. The Registry (and Registrars) have been completely unresponsive to any written communication I’ve tried. An ombudsman told me there’s nothing he could do.

    Gee – I could have killed someone in Massachusetts and only lost my license for a year. As it turns out, in Massachusetts a person can lose a license for 20 years for a cracked tail light and for believing that not complying with a court order isn’t an option.

  8. chilitokid says:

    If a hunter violates the law he is fined, loses his privilege to hunt, forfeits his weapon(s), and forfeits anything else (like his vehicle) which aided him in the event.
    In this story the parents knowingly allow this convicted drunk to drive their vehicle….it should be forfeited! When people start to lose money and possessions they finally wake up to the seriousness of the situation.

  9. mikey says:

    Hmm, I just looked at the photo again…

    Is he trying to drive with a SANDWICH in his hand???

  10. Mark says:

    lock this guy up before he kills somebody (the maximum)

  11. Tee Kay says:

    The RMV is in dreamland. No such thing as a drunk driver ever becoming a good, safe driver. Let me add that you will never see really tough drunk driving laws in this state because the lawmakers would only be signing their own jail sentences.

  12. WOW says:

    “who” gave Draper Associates, a commercial company the right to have an Interlock device in the first place? Hats off to Kathy Curran for bringing this to the public, now lets see when this guy is behind bars, and potentially save some innocent lives. Nothing career criminal as far as i can see. DONT HIRE DRAPER ASSOCIATES!!! IF U CANT PUT HIM IN JAIL PUT HIM OUT OF BUSINESS!!

  13. mtcboston says:

    So, is Mz Curran going to do a FOLLOW UP report on what happens to these guys in COURT?

    I think it’s in order, no?

    Don’t stop with the usual “tattletale cut and paste to make it look good” “reporting” – follow it through – SHOW the people what a JOKE the courts are!

  14. mikey says:

    You know, I never heard of ‘SmartStart’ before this article. Do they need to be audited? And what’s the penalty for failing an audit?

    What about other companies, like Intoxalock? How do they look like they would do in an audit?

    Another question… Who gets to choose the vendor for an ignition interface device? The drunk? Has anyone searched the web for info on how to beat the devices? Be interesting to find out if a person could search the web, and THEN tell the court which device he’s willing to have installed…

  15. Beanwi says:

    This is an interesting case. I’m curious, was Mr. Draper operating the vehicle that’s registered to his parents and doesn’t have an interlock device with any passangers? For example, minor children? Is anyone watching him now? I’d be willing to bet that he’s still driving. Does his work truck require a CDL? What’s going to happen regarding the SmartStart records showing that he operated that truck with alcohol in his system? Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle with ANY amount of alcohol in your system is a serious offense that calls for MANDATORY suspension of the CDL. The alcohol limits regarding commercial vehicles are much lower than normal OUI limits. Is anyone doing anything about this? That’s an awefully heavy truck, when loaded, to be running around with an intoxicated driver behind the wheel. It’s too bad there isn’t a bigger DOT presence on the Cape, or he’d have had his license pulled long ago.

  16. From the cape says:

    Draper Associates Tree service is a disgrace, to all the hard working tree guys out there, IF Draper is not charge crimially there is something most crooked with the system. not to mention this drunK guy was given a 4th chance to be a GOOD DRIVER, who is he lawyer he must be as slimey as Geoffrey Draper himself!!

  17. Suzy says:

    I’m from the Cape and I’ve seen that drunken fool out on the water driving his boat. The authorities should be thorough and not let him drive ANYTHING! And what the heck is he doing using a chainsaw, they need to put an Interlock on that too.

  18. cape guy says:

    I see this guy driving all over the cape looking for tree work! What a looser! Put the bum in jail! P.S nice boat Geoff, is it for sale?

  19. The girl who knows says:

    I know this guy insde and out YUKKY! TO all girls out here, DONT GO THERE!! To all guys out there dont let him on your property! HE WILL cut the wrong tree down..


    i hired this guy to clean up my tress in my yard, HE MUST HAVE BEEN drinking because he cut down all the wrong trees!! Now this all makes sense because a week later i see him on the news about being a repeat offender. HES A DRUNK DONT HIRE HIMM!!!!!

  21. smart chick says:

    Ummmm…..duh!!!! Sounds to me like your alchohol problem has finally caught up with you. Your lucky that you haven’t hurt anyone!!!! You pathetic loser! Bring some oil to the slammer..the boys are going to love your ass!!

  22. Beanwi says:

    And why didn’t this guy get into any trouble at all!!???!!!???

  23. hott stuff says:

    Draper IS a Drunk and a scam . He goes door to door preying any one who will beleive his lies. Draper is a rip off. and will take your money. Then run. hope he never getts his Licence back. So becarefull to all if he comes knocking on your door. this is how he operates, under the radar, so he gets away without paying his taxes.. I know first hand. I WAS A VICTIM!!!!!! BUYERS BEWARE OF DRAPER ASSOCIATES!!!!! THE DRUNK TREE GUY!!!!!! And Yeah, why is he not in trouble???

  24. cheata says:

    does this dirt bag think he can continue to hide from the truth. since he has been all over the news who would be dumb enough to hire a drunk, crimial ,to chop down trees, using sharp tools. one or two things will happen. Draper will robb you blind or drunkenly chop the wrong tree down. wake up America this man is a no good for nothing piece of sh-t.

  25. Joan says:

    LOL! I know this guy I saw him at RED FACE JACKS IN YARMOUTH!!! He is no taller than my ten year old kid ha,ha,! Drapers face was all red too. My face would be red tooif I were splashed all over the news saying what a lying, stealing, drunken ass. Mybe he should move so no one will know the real him, Wht is it they say… YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM THE TRUTH>>>>>> LOL! YOU ASS!!!

  26. MARTHA says:

    OMG.. this guy is a con artist… I MET HIM OUT ONCE HE WAS SO DRUNK HE COULDNT EVEN WALK… LOSER…. dont matter how much you drink you’ll never be cute…JAIL JAIL JAIL

  27. Izzy says:

    Funny stuff. But, not funny if he gets away with this stuff!!!! what happened to him??? sounds like a nasty man with no morrals… GO TO CHURCH AND PRAY FOR FORGIVNESS…… cuz GOD is the only only who would forgive a theif and a lier as your are MR.Draper..

  28. marie santos says:

    Does he have kids??? If Draper has kids, call D.S.S. A person like him will teach our childern of tommorrow to diregard all rules of the law…. This man is bad for the envirement. Call 911 if he goes to your home for tree service, He is a BUM, Do not use his services he will come back and rob you went your not home…..

  29. jayjay says:

    I heard Draper stole some poor woman’s life savings and bought a yatch. Is that the boat we saw on the news clip? I hope this drunk tree guy goes to jail….. and I hope this poor woman get her day in court. And is the one who puts the nail Drapers evil scams.

  30. jj. says:

    yes it is true, Draper did try to con thousands of dollars from my friend! But she did not take it lying down. She is taking him to court in Barnstable. Hope she exposes Draper for what he is. A their!,,,,, Kathy Curran, you did a great job telling the world about Geoffrey Draper. l will keep all posted on the court. Case,Draper the their will have to face a Judge very soon… ha,ha,

  31. jack/hack says:

    looks like Draper Assoicates has abig problem.. For one short Dude…

  32. lin,lin says:

    Draper does look short in the news clip. How does he reach the gas and brake. LOL. poor little drunk tree guy…

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