BOSTON (CBS) – EMS responded to Park Street Station Saturday night after a man fell onto the tracks on the southbound side of the Red Line.

One witness tells us that a Red Line train came to a screeching halt right before the station.

According to MBTA spokesperson Lydia Rivera, service was stopped for a short time so EMS crews could remove that person from the pit.

There was no immediate word on that person’s condition.

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  1. ed says:

    Maybe it’s better to drink at home.

    1. dbus85 says:

      regardless, this place..the center platform is so narrow at the end of the staircase..with plywood and boarded up construction …… you have to walk on the yellow “stand behind” line just to get past the usual people who feel they have to stand right there and block the staircase. Stoned, sober or what have you..this is and was an accident waiting to happen.

  2. Joan Hogan says:

    The Incident that Happened tonight @ Park street station was terrifying. Their was
    a huge crowd of people @ the Station and on the Platform , their was no visible signs of MBTA Personnel In the vicinity. Many People were loud and Rowdy after
    leaving the Hemp Rally on The Boston Common , This was totally unfair to regular passengers to have to deal with. , And yes ofcourse many rally protesters were
    definitely under the Influence of Drugs. I was very aggravated by this whole ordeal, and I do hope the person who fell into the train track, survives, however
    this event only leads to pandemonium. I feel sad for the other people who had to see thiis especially the children Including my son.

    1. Matt says:

      Get over yourself.

    2. Alisha says:

      I was there and watched the whole thing, it was quite terrifying to think that this man was almost about to die right in front of my eyes. However it has nothing to do with it being unfair to regular passengers to have a rally take place. We have the right to do so.

  3. WT says:

    I was not at the hemp rally and have not partaken since I was in college, but anyone who thinks that the only time anyone’s ever fallen onto T tracks has been around hemp rallies should do a quick Google check. People have fallen during rush hour, and people fave foolishly walked on tracks. As for it being “totally unfair” to others to have to deal with, well, I don’t always enjoy sharing a packed trolley car with sports fans, but that’s life and is part of taking public transportation in any US city. Would you rather the hemp rally people be driving behind the wheel of a car?

  4. Italo says:

    I hope the individual who fell is OK. Apart from that, City of Boston Events + Any Form of To/From Commuting = Trainwreck (pardon unintended, yet true, pun). :-o

  5. God Bless says:

    I think that it is WAY to easy to fall onto the T Tracks whether you are under the influence or completly clean and sober. I think, they should invest in Hand rails along the tracks and only have openings where the doors usually open on the platform, will take some time to calculate this, aka where to put the openings, but at the end of the day it WILL save lives. I hope the person that fell is going to be ok.

  6. Joan Hogan says:

    The person who fell on the tracks may have not been under the influence , although their were plenty of people @ park street station that were ,the MBTA officials could have done a better job with making sure patrons of the MBTA were safe. So Therefore MATT , You Get Over Yourself ! !

    1. Just Legalize It says:

      Joan, I was there about 10 feet from where it happened and everything was normal for a packed subway station. The kid passed out and fell down into the tracks. If that didn’t happen than it wouldn’t have been a clusterf@#k.

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