By Paul Burton

NEWTON (CBS) – A pickup basketball game ended with a man on the ground, suffering a heart attack. Thanks to his teammates, he’s alive to tell his story.

Chuck Conley says his friends didn’t hesitate and knew exactly what to do to save him.

Every Wednesday Conley plays in an adult basketball league at the Hyde Community Center in Newton. Last week he’d just finished a game when his life nearly came to end.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Chuck suffered a cardiac arrest. That’s when his teammate’s Seung Hahm and Bryan Doo sprung into action. As Bryan did mouth to mouth, Seung began chest compressions.

Bryan Doo is the head strength and conditioning coach for Boston Celtics and has been trained in both CPR and the AED device.

Doo tells WBZ it was the first time he had to use the device.

Chuck says he’s very fortunate to be alive today and his heart couldn’t have stopped at a better time or location. He was sitting down right by the AED machine when he collapsed.

Chuck says everyone should take a course in CPR. The other 12 guys who were at the court that day now know how to used the AED machine because Doo reviewed the steps after Chuck was saved.


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