By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – One Boston bicyclist’s brush with an angry driver has Boston Police trying to track the car down. Eoin O’Carroll has a tiny camera mounted on his bike helmet, and uses it to record his commute every day.

O’Carroll was biking to work on Massachusetts Avenue at Boylston Street, when he says a driver behind him honked. When O’Carroll didn’t move out of his lane, he says the car then brushed past him dangerously close.

“He comes within six inches from my left handlebar…It’s absolutely terrifying. I thought of my ten-month-old daughter and my wife.” The video from his helmet camera shows the driver stopping his car, getting out, and telling O’Carroll he shouldn’t have been in the street. He even challenges O’Carroll to get off his bike and “handle this”.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

The head of Mass Bike Coalition, David Watson, says O’Carroll did everything a cyclist is supposed to do. He says bikes have the right to use the same travel lanes as cars, and are subject to the same rules of the road. “If the bicyclist had moved over…He would have been moving too close to the parked cars, putting himself in danger of being doored.”

Watson says he’s had his own similar brushes with drivers. He’s concerned about what appears to be a pattern of hostility, at a time when the number of cyclists on Boston roads has quadrupled in three years.

As for O’Carroll’s case, he says Boston Police dismissed his complaint when he first approached them. But after his video of the confrontation made rounds on YouTube, police contacted him. A spokesperson tells us police are investigating and, “actively pursuing the driver.”

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  1. emom says:

    I have a problem with this, First let me say ,, I don’t disbelieve this cyclist, BUT, Rather have a different view of what was seen. Ok first I like his approach that is having a camera mounted to see what the see’s , I believe this method can work to help with drivers of cars, for the purpose of WHO actually is at fault with accidents of any kind,,. Now for the bad, as much as we see what the other driver had done, Do we actually know what he cyclist was doing at the time. Was there some error in how he rode his bike, I mean many of us drivers see how people even kids ride on the roads, and well for those behind the wheel of a big vehicle, and having some cyclist dart out into your path can leave nerves frayed, it’s a learning curve and well a great tool to use to IMPROVE both sides in what to do & not do while on the road… I just wish there was a more different perspective of what actually happened during his bike ride, it’s a bit one sided , Could the cyclist have created his own danger, was there some element that he could have helped prevent the close call, I rather look at this as a huge learning tool to make all aware of how we all ride & drive on the road, If so then we would have far less conflict with the other drivers/riders on the road…

    1. Chris Elsbree says:

      Really? You can clearly see he’s staying in his own lane… if he’d gotten right to the curb he would’ve been in the door zone and that really would be danger… how exactly is it 1 sided? The driver merely had to wait a few seconds to be around the truck then he could have legally and safely passed.

    2. Digital Cowboy says:

      Really, you think that the victim is to blame? I’m guessing that you somehow missed the cars parked to the cyclists right? Or that big old truck that he would have run into the back end of if he’d moved over to the right?

      Do you ride a bike? Do you know what can happen to a cyclist who rides in the door zone?

      1. emom says:

        NO i am not blaming the cyclist, te car wa to close, But the biker was to far over to the left, he had plenty of room to the right he was pretty far away. And yes I have rode a bike plenty of times, But I unlike so many follow the rules of the road, and I do not speed on the bike I again Know that to be unsafe… I merely stated that we need a clearer view to see just what happened since this is a helmet mounted camera and gives no clear veiw of where he was, from what I have seen it looks as if he was to far left, making it difficult for a car to pass , was the car in the wrong again , I cant see behind him so its difficult to say who was RIGHT., the camera does not show that much.

      2. Digital Cowboy says:

        Uh, yes you are. You are going out of your way as to why the driver wasn’t at fault and the cyclist was. If you ride as you say then you should know that riding with a 1.5′ of parked cars is NOT a safe to be. Did you not see in the video where the cycling advocate said that Eoin did the right thing?

        If as you say you also ride why are you spending so much time defending the driver? And condemning the actions of the cyclist? He didn’t do anything wrong, and the driver is the one who is/was wrong.

      3. Digital Cowboy says:

        Here’s a link to the video on YouTube:

      4. billdsd says:

        @emom: Contrary to your opinion, there was not plenty of room for him to move to the right. He would have been putting himself in great danger by riding as you suggest.

        The bicyclist was clearly riding in the center of his lane in a straight line. He was doing EXACTLY the right thing.

        The driver broke multiple laws on the video. He honked to harass the bicyclist. He passed dangerously close. He stopped in the middle of a traffic lane. He threatened the bicyclist. I’d bet good money that he was probably tailgating before the close pass too. He’s a violent bully thug throwing a hissyfit because he can’t handle a trivial inconvenience.

    3. Adam says:

      Police can just ask the driver why he buzzed him or what the cyclist was doing before the incident. If the driver’s lies don’t match up with the video… then I guess we know who’s telling the truth.

  2. emom says:

    I have a problem with this, First let me say ,, I don’t disbelieve this cyclist, BUT, Rather have a different view of what was seen. Ok first I like his approach that is having a camera mounted to see what the see’s , I believe this method can work to help with drivers of cars, for the purpose of WHO actually is at fault with accidents of any kind,,. Now for the bad, as much as we see what the other driver had done, Do we actually know what he cyclist was doing at the time. Was there some error in how he rode his bike, I mean many of us drivers see how people even kids ride on the roads, and well for those behind the wheel of a big vehicle, and having some cyclist dart out into your path can leave nerves frayed, it’s a learning curve and well a great tool to use to IMPROVE both sides in what to do & not do while on the road… I just wish there was a more different perspective of what actually happened during his bike ride, it’s a bit one sided , Could the cyclist have created his own danger, was there some element that he could have helped prevent the close call, I rather look at this as a huge learning tool to make all aware of how we all ride & drive on the road, If so then we would have far less conflict with the other drivers/riders on the road…

  3. emom says:

    Sorry folks this got posted twice, NOW that hasnt happened if a very long time… OOOPS,, stupid computer. It just drove it self. LOL

  4. cr says:

    what it clearly sounds and looks like is he was using the full lane, and the driver wanted him to move out of his way and attempted to go around him, almost hitting him in the process. This is an uncommon sight.

  5. Barb cooney says:

    Last year a cyclist kicked my car and dented it. It cost me $400 to have the dent removed.
    I was coming off storrow drive (west) into the Charles st area and he was riding between cars. The cars were stopped but he went through and I cut him off. I didn’t see him.
    After he kicked my car he went over the bridge into Cambridge There was nothing I could do to try to get info.
    I think they should have some type of plate. That way I could have got it and maybe (not likely) get reimbursed

    1. justsayin' says:

      I am with you.

    2. Italo says:

      I’ve seen this angry cyclist response before, too. If they have the right to share the roads with non-bike vehicles and are bound to the same road rules — then, why do they and also motorcycle riders drive in between lanes of traveling vehicles or whizz by us in the right lane, when the rest of us have to stay in queue and wait for the lights to change? I’m sorry, but my experience is that most bikers want to do their own thing and then whine or run to the law when it’s a situation that opportunely suits them. Otherwise, they ride like they own the road — which none of owns, and on which we are all supposed to observe the same “driving” rules.

      Ever be doing the speed limit, and you are slowing down with your right blinker on in advance of trying to leave the road into a building or home property, and you have an 18-wheeler barreling down on you, and there is a bike rider not in the lane in front of you but coming up on your right on the highway, and you (rightly so!) need to slow down so you don’t time your right-exit so that you have not waited until the necessarily slower-pedaling bike rider has safely passed the Enter location you need to turn into from off the road? Try telling that to the giant devil truck behind you! :-o

      1. billdsd says:

        What does any of that have to do with this bicyclist who was doing everything exactly right and in full accordance with the law?

    3. Doug says:

      If you had a camera on your head you’d have a picture of him that you could give to the police. With video of the vandalism they probably could have done something about it if they could identify the guy.

    4. Chris516 says:

      Just you complain about a cyclist causing a $400 dent in your car, unless it happened while you were stopped at a traffic light/stop sign, you have no room to gripe. Because the fact that you were that close to the cyclist for that to even happen(again if you were not stopped at a traffic light/stop sign, means that you were passing way too close.

    5. Digital Cowboy says:

      Hmm, let me see if I have the facts right:

      YOU didn’t see the cyclist.
      YOU cut him off.
      YOU were obviously too close to the cyclist.
      YOU by YOUR actions endangered his safety and his life.

      Sounds like you should be glad that all that happened is that your car got a dent in it. How would you feel if you had hit him and killed him?

  6. Frank Davis says:

    I’m a professional driver and spend anywhere from eight to twelve hours behind the wheel of a car. They expect us to be courteous to them when we can’t be courteous to another vehicle on the road.
    I see cyclist out here in Fitchburg just weave in & out of cars, ride on the wrong side of the street and ride so far out that you have to go into the other lane to avoid hitting them. But other drivers are just as bad because they’re on their cellphone talking, yelling at the kids or worst. I was almost hit when I was coming to the end of a street here by a kid in another car who cut the corner coming onto the street I was on tight enough to be in my lane and he was speeding AND talking on the cellphone. I hit my horn then he jumps out of the car wanting to get in a fight because I yelled at him to pay attention.
    It isn’t driving defensive it has become driving like you own the road now. Share the road with others no matter what they’re driving. Courtesy is a new concept in Massachusetts.

    1. GeneC says:

      Try discussing this situation, and not some other incident.

    2. Chris516 says:

      You as a professional driver, should know the traffic code most of all.

      While I as cyclist totally and unequivocally agree with you when it comes to cyclists’ that are ‘wrong-way ninjas’. The fact that you have to go into the passing lane, to pass a cyclist, is perfectly legal.

      The kid you mentioned, is just like the driver in the video. He was ‘spoilin for a fight.

      Also, The ‘Share The Road’ concept, does not mean a cyclist has to allow a motorized vehicle next to them in the same lane. It means that motorists are to be aware of cyclists’ being on the road AND, that they have a legal right to be on the road AND, they have a legal right to ‘take the lane’, if they feel they need to..

  7. no sympathy for bicycles says:

    I personally think that cyclists need to get a clue. I would like to have a video camera on my car to show people what the idiots do every day. (but a video camera on a car is illegal!). I see cyclists riding down the middle of a 45mph road forcing cars around them. I had a cyclist go from a right lane to take a left at next to me. I almost hit him and he was yelling at me. I see cyclists running red lights and signs and getting in the way every day!!! I don’t care what any cyclist says they can not go as fast as a car. They don’t belong on some roads and if they are there they better follow the laws I have to follow or get ticketed.

    1. Doug says:

      > but a video camera on a car is illegal

      No it isn’t. Massachusetts has had some issues with people recording police stops and being arrested for that, but as far as I know every case has been finally dismissed. And if that is your fear, all you have to do is cut the microphone on your camera and then you’re not recording conversations at all.

      The world needs more citizens with cameras on their persons and vehicles, both for interactions with police and with other citizens.

    2. Chris516 says:

      If state law allows a cyclist on a 45mph road, they have a right to be there AND, if they feel the need to ‘take the lane’, they are legally allowed to do so.

      While a cyclist cannot go as fast as a car, apart from riding as close to the right hand side of the road, a cyclist still has to maintain the minimum speed limit while not exceeding the maximum speed limit.

      As for cyclists that go through red lights, that is just plain stupid on the part of the cyclist. But you know what, motorists do it too.

    3. Digital Cowboy says:

      Motorists need to “get a clue.” You motorists do NOT “own” the road. The roads are for EVERYONE to use. And if it is unsafe for you to pass a cyclist then just as with a car, you are suppose to wait until it is SAFE to pass.

      Cyclists have as much right to the road as anyone else.

      It is perfectly legal and safe for a cyclist to make a left hand turn from the left side of the lane.

    4. billdsd says:

      You need to get a clue. Bicyclists have a right to use the roads to travel. It’s not their fault that you don’t know the rules of the road or how to drive properly.

      Sometimes, you’ll have to move over to pass a bicyclist safely. Is that really so hard? I’ve done it many times in the 32 years that I’ve been driving. It’s trivially easy. Even when I was young and kind of an aggressive driver I didn’t have a problem with going around bicyclists. I think that’s because I paid attention in driver’s education class and knew that bicyclists had a right to be in the road.

      You need to get over your delusions of entitlement. You do not own the road.

      I also see far more violations by motorists than bicyclists every single time that I’m out on the roads.

  8. mikey says:

    So, I take it the Boston police won’t prosecute the guy for violating the recording laws in Mass?

    If he had recorded a Worcester LEO doing something outside the bounds of by the book behavior I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be a warrant issued and all his computer and video gear confiscated, as well as charges filed.

    I fully support the cyclist, but people, be aware that recording EXACTLY as this guy did can get you in a WORLD of trouble in some jurisdictions…

    1. Chris516 says:

      It depends on how a recording is done(videotap/audiotape) and how it is used. Since the incident in the article/story was on a public thoroughfare, the cyclist had every right to record the incident.

    2. billdsd says:

      All of those cases against cyclists for recording have been brought when they recorded police and have been dropped by the D.A. before going to trial or dismissed by the judges. No D.A. with a brain wants to test the pathetic interpretation of the law that makes it illegal to record a traffic stop. It won’t pass constitutional muster in the end and they know it. It’s a harassment tactic by the police.

  9. erik says:

    Exactly. There are selfish, ignorant, and even outright hostile road uses of every type: pedestrian, cyclists, autos, trucks, buses. Every driver has seen a cyclist run a red, and every cyclist has seen a driver do the same. We see daredevil maneuvers every day, by class of user. This attitude of “if he’s not going to behave, I don’t have to either” needs to stop. Set an example. Sacrifice a couple minutes during your commute so you don’t have to get stressed out over missing a light. But most of all, remember that every pedestrian/cyclist/driver is a PERSON. All people deserve respect. Also, all people make mistakes–don’t let it get to you.

    1. erik says:

      Ugh–this was meant as a reply to Frank Davis.

  10. emom says:

    Wait can someone explain to me about this law that prohibits you from VIDEO taping someone,, REALLY,, I find that really interesting,, does that include someone taking a video of you with a cell phone with out your permission,,, HHHMMM,,,I find this info very intriguing

    1. erik says:

      You can’t record a conversation without the consent of BOTH parties under MA law. This is why the person recording informs the driver that he’s taping the conversation.

      More here:

    2. Chris516 says:

      Massachusetts is a ‘two-party consent’ state that says:

      A federal appeals court overturned the ban on recording police in the in the performance of their duty:

    3. billdsd says:

      It’s a deliberate misuse of the wire tapping law. That law requires a reasonable expectation of privacy and that one of the parties not consent. Not being aware is equivalent to not consenting.

      The charge has been brought against bicyclists for recording traffic stops. It gets dropped by the D.A. or thrown out by the judges. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy during a traffic stop on a public road.

      Cops and D.A.’s who bring this charge for traffic stops should be fired. It’s deeply anti-american to require that defendants cannot gather evidence in their own defense.

  11. for what its worth says:

    As a cyclist, I have a few comments on the video and the messages here. First of all — while what the driver did by getting out of the car should be unacceptable no matter what the other person was driving/ riding we do not see more context of the video – in fact, the bit shown is so quick it is hard to make a balanced judgement call. Second – I have to agree with nsfb – a little – on the point regarding the video recorder. I feel as if it is somewhat of an invasion of privacy.
    That said – as a cyclist – I can see the benefit of having such evidence of incidents and altercations. In my many miles of riding, I have run across the ones that don’t like cyclist being on the road, no matter how well you are obeying the laws of the road.

    I think this is based on several reasons, the main ones being that some drivers feel a sense of entitlement of the road. To my knowledge, there is no deduction on my city and state taxes for me owning and riding a bike. So therefore the taxes I pay also fund the construction of these public roads. If Boston wants to require “plates” on bikes as suggested above, then the bikes will likely be taxed as well – which sure as hel better mean improved roads. Second, there is an increasingly negative rhetoric coming out and not just from the message boards — over on bostondotcom a negative editorial was written by a staff writer recently whose name escapes me — and I have seen several others on the web in papers across the US. This does nothing for the safety of the cyclist and only adds fuel to the road rage fire. The flip side is that there are those clueless riders out there who don’t wear helmets, obey the rules of the road, ride down inappropriate roads (i.e Memorial Drive when there is a bike path 6ft over to the right), damage cars (above), etc that add to this.

    Finally a suggestion of sorts — just like there are many drivers out there that obey the road rules and don’t speed or run red lights, cut people off while texting etc. there are those cyclist out there who do just the same. Personally – I try to minimize my impact to the flow of traffic by staying safely to the right, riding at a reasonable speed (fast or slow depending on the size of the hill), stop at red lights and use hand signals. (If you think this is me being a softy cyclist – just come join this 10 hour Ironman finisher to see how soft I ride.) There are also those bad drivers out there that drive aggressively, talk on the phone, text while driving, run red lights, speed, etc. and those equally bad cyclist out there as mentioned in stories above. How about next time you pull up at a red light with a cyclist stopped as well — throw a little compliment out, we might be taken aback at first since those are never heard. And cyclist/ pedestrians – when you ride up along side of someone on a bike that did something stupid that doesn’t help our image – point it out and tell them they are making it worse for all cyclists (throw in dumba$$, at the appropriate point too). Just remember giving a cyclist some “chin music” for a few seconds of inconvenience and inadvertently clipping them can lead to serious personal injuries of the rider (or in rare cases, death) – its just not worth it in the grand scheme of life.

    1. DakarRdr49 says:

      FWIW — how is a camera pointed at you IN PUBLIC ‘an invasion of privacy’?

    2. Digital Cowboy says:

      If you’re on a public street there is no, zero expectation of privacy, therefore it is NOT an “invasion of privacy” for someone to photograph, film, or video tape you in public. How do you think the poparazzi are able to ply their “trade?” If someone comes into your home and attempts to photograph or video/film you, YES that is an “invasion of privacy.” It is also my understanding that even if one is in their own yard but can be plainly seen from any public space that again no expectation of privacy exists and you can be photographed or videotaped/filmed.

  12. mikey says:

    Check out

    As quoted from the above…

    “Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland are among the 12 states in which all parties must consent for a recording to be legal unless, as with TV news crews, it is obvious to all that recording is underway. ”

    Or do a google search on “mass public video recoding”

    1. GeneC says:

      So I wonder, if the cyclist wore a shirt that said “recording in progress” would that suffice?

      1. Doug says:

        Telling people that you’re recording them isn’t quite the same as getting their consent to record them.

        But in any event, as far as I know, the cases in Massachusetts where people were arrested for recording their interactions with the police in public have all been dismissed by the courts. I’m not sure that there’s any binding precedents that prevent prosecution yet — but it seems pretty likely that nobody is going to be convicted for this.

    2. emom says:

      Mikey thank you for shareing this,,,, It is also the same for audio conversations as well, but I had no idea about the video permission,,, thats a great think to know… However I do like his apporach as I have wanted to install a camera for this same reason.. To show the world that most BIKE riders are not adhearing to the rules of the road , that behicle drivers struggle with bikes on the roads that feel they belong there and have far more rights than a 2 ton peice of steal, can weave in & out of cars parked or not, can just appear out of nowwhere and not give space to get around them with oncoming traffic, tying up those behind them and creating an unsafe issue with horns .firing off. I am not saying that ALL bikers are bad , But please lets be reasonable, they are to few that are reasonable. far to many have no intention to be kind to cars & trucks, heck remember the one that got hit by a bus.,,,,, really now. I drive the suburbs, country roads, with little or no space at the right side and no lights. I see far to many adult & kids riding bikes NO HELEMTS I might add, and ride their bikes SIDE BY SIDE, some as many 4 together. where in the rules states that is legal or even safe.. Never do I see a biker use hand signals, there are never any mirrors, or even lights on the bikes, Lets put it this way ,, do you want to live, see them at night and be safe at all times, They why not read up on the rules of the road, I think you might be surprised, Kids have even less Knowledge of the road rules, since mom & dad are not telling them what to do… HOW ABOUT PARENTS. Get with it and inform your kids, I beleive you might realize they havent a clue and far to many of them DO NOT WEAR a helmet. Oh and the Biker in this article, it does seem he is to far to the LEFT of the lane, there is plenty of room on the right for him and looks like he is more than 1 1/2 feet away from the parked cars.. JUST SAYING. More video is needed and a wider angle of what was going on would be a far better perspective to see just where both parties where,, till then Its still one sided to me..

      1. Digital Cowboy says:


        You do know that there is (to the best of my knowledge) no law requiring adults to wear helmets, right? Also if motorists drove at a reasonable speed, and didn’t cut off cyclists that we wouldn’t need to wear helmets. Bicycling isn’t dangerous, it’s the distracted, and aggressive drivers that make the roads dangerous. Not cycling.

      2. billdsd says:

        You might be surprised if you bothered to read the laws yourself.

        General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Chapter 85, Section 11B

        11B(1): Bicyclists can ride no more than 2 abreast. That means that they can ride 2 abreast.
        11B(2)(iii): Helmets are only required for aged 16 and under.

        You NEVER see bicyclists use hand signals?! That’s a lie.
        You NEVER see bicyclists use mirrors?! That’s a lie.
        You NEVER see bicyclists use lights?! That’s a lie.

        Do you really think that a little piece of styrofoam has magic super powers to stop a car? They aren’t as effective as you seem to think.

        Riding two or more abreast is actually pretty safe.

        Riding to the far right is a lane that doesn’t have room for safe passing is a good way to get side swiped. If there are parked cars on the right, it’s also a good way to end up dead from an opened door. Most safety experts are recommending that bicyclists maintain AT LEAST FIVE FEET from parallel parked cars. 1.5 feet is well within the space to collide with an opened door.

        The cyclist in the video was riding in exactly the right spot for safety.

        You might want to take a bicycle safety class from one of the local League of American Bicyclists course providers. You could also read books like Bicycling Street Smarts (free online), Effective Cycling or Cyclecraft. Until you do, you shouldn’t try to pontificate about bicycle safety.

  13. Peter B. Kingman says:

    The driver should have kicked biker baby’s butt for chasing him.

    1. Chris516 says:

      How about your’s for being so ignorant.

    2. Digital Cowboy says:

      That’s funny, as I didn’t see the cyclist chasing the driver. What I saw was the driver being a road ragging aggressive driver, who thinks that they “own” the road.

      Hopefully when the police finally ID’s the driver he’ll get a nice long stay in jail. And have a nice relationship with “Bubba.”

    3. billdsd says:

      The driver threw a hissyfit because he couldn’t handle being delayed by a couple of seconds by a bicyclist. It’s hard to imagine someone throwing a fit over something more trivial or being a bigger crybaby. You anti-bike people suffer from severe delusions of entitlement.

      Bicyclists have a right to use the road. It’s time to grow up and get over it. It’s a trivial inconvenience at worse princess.

  14. pocky says:

    Peter B. Kingman, shame on you. The cyclist did nothing wrong — he was riding correctly and safely, and the driver cut the cyclist off — a DANGEROUS thing to do that could seriously injure or KILL a cyclist — and then the driver got out of his car and threatened the cyclist.

    emom, the grass is always greener, isn’t it? It is a shame that you would take this opportunity to berate cyclists. Of course there are people who behave dangerously on cars as well as on bikes as well as on foot, and I dare say that there are more people who behave SAFELY on each of these forms of transportation than those who behave dangerously — you are only noticing the dangerous ones!

    But that’s beside the point. The point here is that the cyclist was doing everything right, and the DRIVER pulled a dangerous move that endangered the cyclist, and THEN threatened him!

    Also emom, you are incorrect in thinking that it is safest to ride to the right of the lane at all times. The safest place for a cyclist to ride is IN the lane, and what’s more, IT IS OUR RIGHT to do so! Please inform yourself of the laws and the safest options for you when you ride, by visiting

    1. pocky says:

      Also, it is absolutely LEGAL to use a non-concealed camera to record anything happening in a public place. The cyclist’s helmet cam recording goings-on in a public street is 100% legal.

      1. emom says:

        Pocky,, really ,, I didn’t say he was wrong, only that there seemed to be far more space on the right of him and that he seemed too far to the left,, Also since the video is showing only forward nothing to either side of it is visible, it’s extremely difficult to judge just were either driver was. Also , YES I will agree the driver of the car was out of line, But put yourself in the opposite scenario,, and then try and justify the rational of a cyclist doing things they are not suppose to do.. I don’t live in the city THANKFULLY. But live on the south shore, where there are no areas for bikers to really ride, where we are mostly high speed roads with little space at the right side of the road, Now image driving down a country narrow road, I MEAN NARROW back roads, you come around a corner , when out of the blue there are 4 kids on bikes, riding side by side, this is going on all the time, and then the kids feel like doing tricks in the road, there are cars all over the place, this is not the place to be using your bike as a trick cycle, and then out of the blue when you believe they will stay to the side so YOU CAN PASS SAFELY, they then dart in front of oncoming cars and then verbally berate you , flip you off and continue down the street and do more of this. EXPLAIN THIS WHO’S RIGHT HERE …. I am on a narrow road and with that there are cars backing up beeping and yelling out the windows at you and you have stupid kids being like that on that show,,, JACK @SS… tell me that they are in the right,, HELL NO THEY ARE NOT.. Much as I have seen many adults doing some of the same. Would it kill them to attach a mirror on their bikes, I DID when I was riding, that way you can see what’s coming up in front of you instead of just crossing the road ,, OH with OUT LOOKING TO SEE IF IT IS SAFE,,, what are we MIND READERS,, can you anticipate when they PLAN on crossing the road , no turn signal , no letting you know, JUST drive out in front, of you , YEAH I am so glad cyclist have more rights on the road than a 2 ton vehicle does, we have blinkers , lights, horns, and powerful brakes,,,, sure other cars drivers are wrong, never said they weren’t we are currently discussion CYCYLISTS are we not… at least that’s what I thought this was all about.. So excuse me if I berate cyclist, since I see far to many NEVER GIVING A DAMN about the safety of themselves nor that of the vehicles on the road.. At least that is what I have seen more and more,, its like someone out there tells a cyclist that all cars MUST yield to you the cyclist and that you can do anything you please while on the road and that you do not have to OBEY the road rules, and you can be stupid at the same time.. I am so very glad we cleared that up now since its all about being foolish instead of being safe while being on the road, Yeah , tell that to my kid that got upset when 4 kids the other day were riding their BMX bikes down a very busy road, crisscrossing into on coming traffic, and if you beeped to get them to move over so traffic can move which was in the legal right to be on the road,, they just laughed , mocked us and continued to do what ever they wanted. we were not weaving they were,, yeah so called the cops, so glad it’s the rights of one instead of the laws, sorry the jury is out on a lot of how both sides act,

      2. Digital Cowboy says:

        This is addressed to “emom.”

        For someone who claims to be a cyclist you sure are spending a lot of time defending the motorist and blaming, YES, blaming the cyclist. Have you watched the YouTube Video that I linked to? If you did you would have seen that in reality there wasn’t enough room to the cyclists right.

        Uh, you do know that there are a lot of cyclists out there who are not afraid of high speed roads.

        Again, you know that IF you have to “slam on your brakes” that you are going too fast, or following too close, or both. You should be able to stop your car safely, if you see something unexpected in the road in front you.

        Too many times (not every time I ride) I have motorist pull out in front of me at intersections. I had that happen twice the other day. And yes, I did flip off the first one who cut me off.

        Saturday night on my way home from my favorite pizza joint I had a motorist who was in front of me tell me to get on the sidewalk. In his opinion he feels that it is “safer” for a cyclist to be on the sidewalk vs. in the road. Statistics tell another story. I am capable of traveling at 15+MPH on my bicycle. At that speed I am a danger to anyone who is walking on the sidewalk. Drivers of cars are not looking for traffic traveling at those speeds on the sidewalk.

        I see as many IF not more motorists who are guilty of speeding, failing to stop/yield, who do not signal turns, or lane changes. I also see too many motorists who yell at cyclists who ARE riding legally and safely to get on the “effen sidewalk,” or come up behind them and lay on their horns, or pass too close, or come up behind cyclists and rev their engines.

        Sit and watch any given street/intersection and I am sure that you will see far more motorists behaving in an illegal manner then you will cyclists.

        Also typically speaking, when cyclists do the same things that motorists are doing, they’re only endangering their own lives, granted NOT every time, but typically. Whereas when motorists do the same they’re a danger to EVERYONE on the road.

        And while we’re at it, what about all of the pedestrians who jaywalk? Or who do not carry a flashlight when they’re walking at night? Or who are not wearing anything reflective?

        Also again, riding 1 1/2′ from a parked car IS suicide. As if someone opens a car door that cyclist is either hitting it. Or swerving to avoid it. If they hit it, they are likely to get flipped out into traffic and hit and killed. If they swerve to avoid it, again they’re likely to end up “unexpectedly” out in traffic where they can end up getting hit.

        The best course of action for a cyclist in dealing with on street parking is to take the lane of the lane that is right next to the on street parking. Even if there happens to be pockets where there aren’t any parked cars. It is safer because the cars behind them can see them and know what they’re going to do.

        If you see cyclists acting in an illegal manner, then pull over and pull out your cell phone and report them to the cops.

  15. s.p. says:

    i want to hear from the driver

    1. Chris516 says:

      Once he is located, you will probably have to visit him in jail.

  16. Nosgood4me says:

    Too bad he didn’t get a on the spot colonoscopy with his own camera..

    1. Digital Cowboy says:

      Why? The cyclist didn’t do anything wrong, the driver is the one who did wrong.

  17. Jimbo99 says:

    Pretty dumb motorist ? I mean really, the problem with most motorists are they don’t read the road ahead and see the cyclists. I usually see traffic, whether it’s a pedestrian,r cyclist or car well ahead and move over to the other lane and go around them well in advance of it being even an issue. The cyclist took the lane, perfectly legal and anyone wanting to argue needs to read the state statutes. If someone is going slower and you don’t want to be inconvenienced, drive around them. But to stop and get out of the car doesn’t that defeat the purpose of complaining about being inconvenienced by the cyclist in the 1st place. This is road rage and bullying at the adult level.

  18. emom says:

    If all cyclist are such GREAT drivers, then why is it I happen to see so many that never do the following,,,,, SIGNAL TO TURN, STOP AT STOP LIGHTS AND SIGNS, GO WITH THE FLOW OF VEHICLES IN THE SAME DIRECTION. USE SOME FORM OF LIGHTS ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS GETTING DARK, HAS SOME FORM OF REFLECTIVE ITEM, Instead I see so many dart between cars, cross the road during active vehicle movement, blow thru red lights and stop signs, and ride when its getting dark and on back roads with no street lights coming around a corner , seriously , that’s so dangerous, OH and that’s adults for you … Like I said glad I don’t live any where near the city because I would get so angry if I saw this happening daily as I am sure others would,, It’s bad enough KIDS have no respect for vehicles on the road , But it worse when its an adult, I further don’t care at this point on who was in the wrong, Yes I did say the driver was wrong for his actions, But All I said it appears there was more room on the right and it also APPEARED he was further over to the left, that’s what it appears,, take it as you like, I truly don’t care, MY POINT is the lack of responsibility of cyclist and their lack of using the road rules as they should,, we speak of vehicles not using theirs why are cyclists exempt from it, FRANKLY THEY MUST FOLLOW THE SAME RULES OF THE ROAD AS ANY STREET LEGAL VEHICLE. Why is that a tough concept,, Everyone screams about how cars and stuff make it so difficult for a cyclist to navigate the roads, however, so many cyclist make it difficult to go around them or we have to slam on our breaks to avoid a collision,, I am just saying it would be nice if they all get with the program… But more important parents get the message about KIDS learning these same rules, I FEEL THAT IS VERY IM PORTANT. If there are good cyclist out there how about this, Visit the schools and be an advocate to road safety for all ages, especially school age kids, maybe there would be far less problems on the road. NOW WOULDN’T THAT BE GRAND.

    1. Digital Cowboy says:

      Oh, and if you as a motorist “need” to “slam on” your brakes to avoid hitting a cyclist or anyone else in the road, then guess what YOU are driving too fast and/or too close. If you’re driving at a safe and reasonable speed then you should be able to bring your car to a stop without “slamming on your brakes.”

  19. Digital Cowboy says:

    Why is it that when I’m out riding my bike I see so many motorists who do not signal turns or lane changes? Why do I see so many motorists who are speeding? Why do I see so many motorists who do not stop before making a right on red? Why do I see so many motorists who continue to drive at 40+MPH when it is raining out? Why do I see so many motorists who buzz i.e. pass way too close to cyclists?

    Are there bad cyclists in the world? Yes there are, just like there are bad motorists in the world. Sadly, allot of the cyclists who ride this way justify/rationalize their behavior by pointing to the illegal behavior of motorists.

    And for the record, when I am riding at night I wear a big ole orange safety vest, I have a total of FOUR taillights on my bike & helmet. Three of them are on the bike and the fourth is on my helmet. They’re all set to blink. I also have three headlights. Two on my handlebars and one on my helmet. The two that are on my handlebars are set to blink and the third one on my helmet is set to steady.

    There is a cyclist that I am in a discussion with who sees nothing wrong with “rolling” (his word) a stop sign at 7MPH, and thinks that if a cop stops him and writes him a ticket that said cop would be “wasting everyone’s time.” He doesn’t get that what he’s really doing is reinforcing the negative image that some people have of cyclists.

  20. emom says:

    lets aggree to disagree, YES on both accounts that there are both good & bad drivers on both sides. THATS a given… My point is and always has been the facts of the those that have little or no respect for each other,, another agreeable point. At this point maybe there should be some education on both sides, I mean I have been driving for over 30 years and maintain a clean record, YES it is possible to have one of those. And as I stated before I have to slam on brakes because of the lack of common sense on the part of the cyclist, especially when I rgo around a corner. I mean we are talking about roads that are narrow, and well traveled , dark at night and little or no room to manuver. I am sorry you disagree on this point, But as I tried to say. in the country rural areas, its not like that of the city. Far to many kids have no respect for a vehicle on the road I did tell you what happened . this is an ongoing problem on the south shore. If parents would be vigilant an teach their kids about the rules of the road , then maybe we as adults would have far less issues. as for driving in the city, there are plenty of inherite dangers, I did for 16 years live in the city, and well aware of all the dangers faced by BOTH drivers. Like I said I too had road bikes, But I learned the rules of the road, and followed them to the letter,,, How many out there truly KNOW these rules. something I have to wonder . Kids have no clue what they are , If they did I am sure they would not endanger their lives nor cause accidents or near misses. If a kid on their BMX bike all of a sudden crosses in front of me when they were at the right hand of the road same side I was on, How pray tell can anyone predict their next move. especially when you never see a hand signal.. All I ask is a education on behalf of both sides. I plan on going to my kids school to do that have someone educate them on the rules of the roads, seems mom & dad dont give a damn.. how sad as for adults , OH trust me there is plenty that do much of the same. seems there is a different kind of cyclist here on the south shore. EDUCATION OF THE RULES OF THE ROAD is inorder , maybe then we would have less friction between both parties. What would it hurt, I have a tween so with all we see I have been tell my kid the do’s & dont’s of the road, So when my kid does go for a license , there is a sense of respect for those on the road, and how to avoid as much hassle oas possible, But by seeing the problems we as vehicle drivers have it also shows, them the dangers we face daily. I am sure that is what most forget. And yes vehicle drivers are just as bad, once again we are talking about cyclist, . One thing I can say is I do like the approach this cyclist had with the camera, I want to do that with my vehicle, giving a perspective of what we see driving around town. then with that we can see just how much problems there are on BOTH sides, cyclist, vehicles oh and pedestrians.. Dont even get me started on them. to many out there feel they have more rights, But if they took into acccount the dangers they can cause I am sure they would see it in a much differnt way… Today is a far different world than I remember growing up in the 60″s,70″s & 80″s as a kid.

    1. pocky says:

      Emom, I love how you have decided to take this unfortunate incident as an opportunity to take this entire conversation off-topic into your own topic about the biker kids who annoy you when you’re driving in your car.

      Of course everyone should behave safely on the road, and I assure you there are more safe bicyclists than unsafe ones, and I dare say there are also more safe drivers than unsafe ones and more safe pedestrians than unsafe ones. You’ve just gotten complacent about noticing the unsafe drivers and unsafe pedestrians, and now that there are more cyclists around, you’re not attuned yet to them, so they stick out in your mind.

      Agreed 100% with Digital Cowboy — if you need to slam on your brakes to avoid a bunch of cycling kids in the road before seeing them, you’re going too fast. Are you sure you aren’t one of the unsafe drivers?

  21. emon says:

    The diffrence is , Ihave to slam on brakes when there is a reason.. And for you information, I have a clean record and Obeehy the rules of the road including speed, So forgive me since I have issues with those that feel they have a need to protect me and my family ,, I am vigilant when it comes to driving, I would not have a clear and clean record, I dont speed, thats not me. But I get what you say. But you couldnt be further from the truth. I agree with the helmet cam concept since I also what to use it to prove the point of a vehicle’ws point of view. I think its far important to prove to everyone that there are plenty of problems with all that are on the road, Like I said once again, I liveon the south shore where unfortunatly there is a problem. But I guess that doesnt matter,, try going around a corner on narrow road and yes the speed limit and needing to stop suddenely because a cyclist is IN the road instead of at the side this is why I said SALMMING ON THE BRAKES, but I guess that does not matter, OH WELL , what do I expect from city slickers. good luck in the city … Oh I guess since you beleive I am an unsafe driver, beleive what you want ,, while I stay as a step 9 on my record for 30 years. But why convince you.. Oh well care on with your asumptions then ,,, thats all you have,

    1. Digital Cowboy says:

      Again, though part of the problem is that you as the operator of a motor vehicle are suppose to expect the unexpected. There is a doctrine that covers this. Its called “The Doctrine of Last Clear Chance.”

      In a nutshell what that means is that even if the other party is doing something that is otherwise illegal, if YOU have the last clear chance to avoid colliding with them YOU will be charged in any resulting crash. And before you ask, yes, it applies to cyclists as well as to cars.

      And again you as the operator of a motor vehicle are suppose to expect the unexpected. If a deer “unexpectedly” popped up in front of you and you hit it, would you blame the deer?

  22. emom says:

    Yeah and unfortunatly no cyclist would ever be at fault would they then for causing and accident, espceially when you would never expect them to just cross right in front of you ,since its clear theytoo are to obey the rules of the road, BUt do not,, if a car did the same then who would be at fault, the one the crossed your path with no warning even though you took precautions or the one that tryed to avoid them at that split second lets hope as a driver of a 2 ton vehilce you never have to see a child do just that, cross your path and it causes you to break suddenly adn fear that someone could get hurt,, especially whenthe road is extremely busy with other vehicles, then whos fault would it be,,all the cars and not cyclist, thats ridiculuos , and we both know it. But once again a city person may not see what the country folks see winding roads dark roads, and out of no where there they are,, we are not mind readers, we do what we have to do to be carefull as I said to many times I have a clean record for 30 years that must account for something ,,, or are you once again assuming I dont watch out for the foolish fools that purposly cause problems with oncoming traffic… Yeah do us all a favor and enlight the kids of the rules of the road , wear their helmets and tell them single file on the right side of the road, and By all means no trick riding on a road were there are numerous amounts of cars,, I do no think anyone wants to see a car come across the road at them because they had to avoid a cyclist not obeying the rules.. But you seem to think they dont have to yet state they need to follow them ,, which is it ,, they need to obey or can do as they please and thus put vehilces at risk.. doesnt seem very fair now does it.. again., assume as you mustr you have no clue and sinc eyou seem to be a city person may never know have a great life mm and no I plan on the same it simple to me to avoid problems by doping what I had been taught its a shame so many dont follow the same DOCTIRNE as you put it.. wating my breathe since it falls on deaf ears ,,,,

    1. Digital Cowboy says:


      For your information, I grew up in the country. I know all too well what “dark, winding roads look like. And when I am out riding I am always aware of my surroundings.

      The doctrine of last clear chance applies equally to cyclists as to motorists.

      Maybe you’ll understand it better this way.

      You’re driving down your “dark and winding country road.” Bubba is driving in the opposite direction on the same road in his tricked out pickup truck. You see that he is driving in your lane. You also see that the lane that he should be in is empty. You refuse to move over into that lane, and hit Bubba head on. Guess what, because you had the last clear chance to avoid the crash you’re at fault.

      I don’t drive a car and I know that. Just as I know that YOU as the operator of a car are suppose to expect the unexpected.

      And I love how you’ve taken a thread/conversation about the road raging antics of an aggressive driver and made them about you and the angst you feel about cyclists doing “tricks on their BMX bikes on YOUR road.”

      I wouldn’t be too surprised if you’re one of those motorists who think that cyclists should always ride hugging the curb or in the gutter pan. Or that cyclists should be riding on the sidewalk.

      Last night on my way home (as I think I might have mentioned, if not here in another forum) I had a motorist in front of me at a stop light tell me that it was “safer” for me to ride on the sidewalk then the road.

      I’m one of those cyclists who can maintain a speed in the high teens low 20s without much exertion. I’m too fast of a rider to be on the sidewalk for the safety of others using the sidewalk. I would also traveling on the sidewalk at a speed that motorists are not expecting. For not only myself but others who are able to ride as I do the safest spot for us to be is on the road.

      Also just today I encountered another motorist who thought that she “knew best.” And told me that I “had” to ride in the bike lane. Even though there were several cars parked in the on street parking, and if I rode in the bike lane I would be placing myself in harms way as there is the risk of any of those car doors opening without notice. As I treat all parked cars the same way that I treat guns. As if they’re loaded and reading to go off at anytime.

      And the doctrine of last clear chance only (if I am not mistaken) applies when the other person has a way to avoid the crash. I am pretty sure if say you are on a one-way road and a cyclist “zooms” into your path and there is nowhere to go then yes, the cyclist will be the one who is at fault. But if there is anyway that you can avoid the crash then fair or not you’re at fault.

      1. emom says:

        really so matter how much I try to avoid someone that clearly puts others in danger it will always be the vehilces fault,, HHMM seems a bit one sided if you ask me,, Both parties should be aware of dangers and both parties there fore should try and avoid such dangers, But from how you tell it is appears the vehicle will be at fault,, That is why I wish cars could be outfitted with cameras.. And there are winding roads that its impossible to anticipate anything, But you procede with cautuion and still you get paniced because someone is there ,, There are those that do it on purpose, for what reason who knows, ANd I only bring up the kids on their bmx bikes since they learn from others with bad road skills and or their parents adn want some to learn the correct road rules,,, But I quess thats just asking to much. But what do I excecpt from someone that does not drive a car or van or truck and are faced with surprises and dangers at the hands of those not following the ules I guess its always the vehicles fault for their stupidity.. HHMMM one sided once again and a no win for the drivers that try and do the right thing in staying safe.. good luck.. I guess I need 10 foot mirrors and a crystal ball to be able to read the minds of the foolish fools that beleive being only 10 feet or less in front of a moving car on a busy road gives you the right to cross right in front of them after all I hear it to often from passing strangers,, ALL CAR MUST STOP FOR YOU SINCE YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY, even if its unafe and not in a cross walk or at a light… thus causing vehilces to slam on their brakes all the time. tell that to a train conductor that can not stop and has the right of way.. how many challege them.. JUST SAYING.,. if this rule aplies to all why not them.

      2. brad says:

        Digital Cowboy,

        About 45 years ago my drivers education instructor (Mr Jackson)impressed upon me that no matter how good a driver you think you “are”.( Even if you’ve driven 500,000 miles without incident). If the last car ride you take ends in the taking of either yours or another persons life, what the heck does it matter that you were a a good driver most of the time?

        I’ve been impressed by your knowledge and patience in explaining your understanding of bicycling responsibly and the doctrine of last clear chance.

        There was a death of a young cyclist in Warner NH who darted out of her driveway in April of this year and …”The Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition will be tracking and reporting information about people who have been killed or seriously injured by vehicles while riding a bicycle in New Hampshire. This information is gathered to create awareness and craft safety education programs. The tracking of this information was inspired by the tragic death of Rosa Valpey, an eight year old girl who was killed while riding her bicycle in Warner, New Hampshire. ”

        I hope local massachusetts organizations follow lead of the below organization
        in reporting boston/ southshore/… cycling tragedies.

        Also listed within the above url are the names and pictures of two adult male cyclists who I’m fairly certain were driving their bikes legally and responsibly.
        One died and the other was critically injured on June 10th of this year. The above tragedy which occurred to the above two men is still being investigated. Because the surviving cyclist is a judge I am hoping that one day he could be an important ally in getting more accurate reporting of car/bike accidents by the police.

  23. emom says:

    By the way spell check didnt work,,

  24. mikey says:

    To Chris..

    The way I read this:

    it did NOT overturn the ban on recrding police in the performance of their duty. That was already done in the way the judge dismissed the case against Glik. This affirmed Gliks right to procede with litigation for his rights being viloated.

    In dismissing the original arrest, the judge ruled “officers were unhappy they
    were being recorded during an arrest . . . does not make a lawful
    exercise of a First Amendment right a crime.”, which now, and I’m not a lawyer, sounds to me to be grounds for the law to be found invalid.

    The ruling above mainly was a ruling on the officers trying to claim immunity, which was thrown out.

    There was a judge in Philly who years ago said something to the effect that we cannot afford to live in a state were the populace does not have the right to know what the police were doing in response to Philly going after people with scanners. (To the point that Radio Shack would not sell scanners in the city limits)

  25. S Lee says:

    To me the video seems like the car is very close to the bicycle when passing it, but to be honest I can’t really be sure how close it was based on this video, or how exactly the bicyclist is positioned on his bicycle relative to the car. A video from the side of the two parties interacting would be the only way to definitively tell what occurred at that exact moment. But to add a comment to this clearly volatile subject, Boston is the worst place to drive, bicycle, or even walk. What I find annoying is the lack of people following simple travel rules, and when I say people I mean all {drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians}. In other cities I have been in, for the most part, pedestrians cross at crosswalks and wait until it indicates walk. And in those same cities, bicyclists often have it easier because not only are their clear bike lanes, but the roads and sidewalks are bigger so the risk of cars entering their lanes or the need for a bicyclist to swerve into a car lane because the bike lane has been blocked by some double parked car or hoard of pedestrians is minimized, which of course is not the case in Boston. And in those same cities drivers seem to be less angry. There is something about the culture in Boston that does not make for a nice experience in terms of traveling. I’m not sure, and maybe others can share their thoughts and experiences, but I think things would slowly begin to improve if police enforced the law against all parties accountable – meaning pedestrians who just walk in front of an oncoming car or bike when they aren’t in the crosswalk or don’t have a walk signal would get ticketed. Bicyclists who don’t obey traffic laws would be ticketed. And drivers that drive reckless would be held accountable and ticketed, although this seems to occur the most out of the three I just mentioned.

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