Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joined Felger and Massarotti to talk about his impressions of the first week of NFL action and offered a sneak peek into NFL’s Network’s special “Bill Belichick: A Football Life”.

Perillo opened up with his take on Chad Ochocinco’s performance on Monday night, what role he expects the WR to play going forward, and why he is surprised Ochocinco has struggled to learn the Patriots’ system.

The guys go on to discuss whether the Pats have the running game and physical toughness to balance the offense or if they are turning into the Colts.

On the other side of the ball, should the Pats worry about having given up more than 400 yards to Chad Henne? Or, with 14 QBs throwing for 300+ yards in Week 1, do we need to re-evaluate expectations for all NFL defenses?

Mazz and Perillo wrap up by sharing their thoughts about the Sox…find out who they think is the key concern in the bullpen.


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