The NFL regular season finishes off week one with tonight’s Patriots/Dolphins game in Miami.

Andy Hart from Patriots Football Weekly talked with Toucher & Rich about tonight’s Monday Night matchup, Sebastian Vollmer sitting out and the new Gronkowski.

What new acquisition is Hart most excited to see in real action tonight?

“I think Hanyesworth would be the guy. He’s going against a pretty poor Miami offensive line with Pouncey starting in the middle. And, I think for a rookie center and an offensive line that’s struggled to come together to have to go up against Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth in the middle of the defense and a scheme that they’re not prepared for that they haven’t seen from the Patriots before, I think Chad Henne could really get beat up and pushed around a bit,” were Hart’s thoughts.

On the other side of the football the Patriots are only dressing 6 offensive linemen with Sebastian Vollmer out tonight. If someone gets hurt who do they have to put in?

“If someone gets hurt Connolly has to go in because he’s the only guy who’s going to be suited up as a backup. And my guess would be if one of the tackles get hurt Mankins slides out to one of the tackle spots and you kind of just make due with what you have there,” Hart said.

They also went on to discuss Dan Gronkowski. How long will we have to wait to see him in a game?

They also discussed Hart’s prediction for tonight’s game, will the Patriots come out on top? This and so much more with Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly.


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