By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I want to know when big business and the news media will stop raping the memory of 9/11.  If i’d lost someone on 9/11 i’d want to remember them quietly with family members my horrible loss. I would not want all these people making money off of it every year.It is no longer a rememberance of loss, but a money making opportunity for large and small businesses alike. Our great loss should be allowed to “rest in peace”  – David, Holden

I’m not sure who David thinks made money off 9/11 commemoration coverage, but I’m wondering what you all thought of it.  This year being the 10th anniversary, it took on a greater importance than in the past several years, and there was certainly a lot of attention paid on the anniversary date as well as during the week leading up to it.

Did you watch?  Was the coverage respectful?  Too much?  Not enough? Just right?  Did you see business making money off the commemoration?  What’s your opinion?

  1. Arthur R. Taylor says:

    I agree with David to a certain extent. I don’t think, and I hope not, that anyone was capitalizing on tis event. It definitely is a commemorative event and deserves immense respect but, I think what Dave was driving at was the continuous repetition of the services involved. I say, show the various services and show them again on the news. Donot keep repeating everything all day long. The media tends to beat a dead horse. I may not have xpressed it properly, but I do mean well. I am a Korean vet, I have a son who is a Desert Storm vet, we do not need to witness everything again and again and again.


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