Attendant Sprays Gas Hose At Would-Be Robber In Lowell

LOWELL (CBS) – A man who tried to rob a Lowell gas station over the weekend wound up getting hosed.

Police say Saturday afternoon, a man believed to be holding a knife, attempted to rob a gas attendant at the BP Station at the corner of Andover and High Streets.

Surveillance video captured the suspect walking up to the pump and then taking off running.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

What it doesn’t show is the attendant, who was working at the pump, grabbed the nozzle, aimed it toward the suspect, and fired.

“He tried to spray him with the gas,” station owner Raj Patel told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz.

The attendant and another customer tried to run after the suspect, who may have jumped into a burgundy minivan with yellow license plates.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned Hispanic man in his mid twenties, between 5’10” and 5’11” in height and was last seen wearing a black and white Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap, a black and red t-shirt and black shorts.

If you know anyone who matches this description, you are asked to call police.

Watch the surveillance tape

  • Wild Bill

    And he smells like gas!

    • abva

      attended should have lit a match

      • Bill

        That’s his only error!

      • RobertG

        You are a bad person–burning a poor little misunderstood creep ;-)

      • Ranger01

        Common Babe light my fire!

      • Michael Smith

        Thats why you should carry a zippo you can throw it and it will stay lit.

  • StanM

    I’ve always wondered how far one of those gas pump nozzles would squirt…

    • TI

      The gas literally comes flying right out under a lot of pressure. I basically did the same thing about a decade ago. I was at an overpass gas station in Illinois, and three to four guys from nowhere near me came over to where I was and turned to me and were laughing. I quit pumping gas in my vehicle, to see what they wanted, and continued to hold the nozzle down inside the vehicle as if I was still pumping gas. One of the guys started to walk toward me and I asked him what they wanted and he said that they wanted to talk to me…so I pulled the nozzle out of the car and sprayed the gas pumping system…the tower where the nozzle gets hung up on. The guy immediately turned around, grabbed his buddies and walked away. They changed their mind of robbing me.

      • Tim

        rat fu.cker

  • Satchmo

    OH for the WANT of a SPARK!!!!!


  • James Woods

    The description could mean it was a Pittsburgh Pirate.

    • whodat1

      I see people wearing the black pirates cap with the gold P here and Houston and elsewhere in the south too. I think this cap is just real popular.

    • Clark Nova

      Or about half the male population of Lowell.

      • Joseph A. Banks

        Don’t females wear Pirates hats?

  • Spanky

    Barry will have the EPA go after the attendant for discharging petrochemicals into the atmosphere!

    • Hoot4RE

      Not mention the Robber later sueing the attendant and WINNING an injury lawsuit…,

  • tymwltl

    Coming to a gas station near you. Who can be the first to burn a burgler? Good thinking on the attendents part. Too bad it happened in a state that makes self defense a crime.

    • kenneth

      No females wear Red Sux hats cuz the Sux are a bunch of p**sies

      • BOB IN MASS

        YankMee M@ggot response. Manny should be slappin’ u and not his Beatch!

  • Dr. Kranky

    Orange Mocha Frappucino!

    • BStiller

      Who would have guessed that he would be stopped by a freak gasoline fight accident…?

  • Spanky

    Jumping Jack Flash is a gas gas gas.

    • dl64


  • Lou Ann Watson

    hey, need a light?

  • BDDD

    Obama’s illegal alien uncle?

    • BOB USMC

      Smart enough to use a designated drive this time.

      iIlegal loop hole jumping, drunk will get in and live for free just like O’s uneducated, entitled to everything you work for, auntie whatever she calls her illegal self. He’s probably has a whole slew of illegal “family” we haven’t learn about yet.

    • BOB USMC

      And his designated driver.

  • oldgeez

    Seriously??? A 5’10” or 5’11” Hispanic??? Yeah, I think there is a mistake there.

    • Natassia

      lol…second generation that took advantage of better nutrition in America…

  • ZZ

    Should have lit him up. Suspect is reported as being hispanic, 5’11”, smelling like gasoline with an extra crispy finish.

  • Joe

    Funny thing is it probably cost the store more with the wasted gas than it would have for the attendant to hand over the cash in his pocket!!

    • 51 Phantom

      The station are allowed some ‘spillage’.

    • Bill Ross

      Worth every penny!

  • Robert

    Next time, aim for the eyes.

  • Katz

    When gasoline is outlawed, only outlaws will have gasoline!

    • BOB USMC

      Best comment yet

  • Robert

    Sounds like a incident at a gas station 10 – 15 years ago in Petaluma, CA
    The attendant just filled up a customers car when a robber pulled a gun on him to rob his cash drawer on the gas island
    He squeezed the gas nozzle trigger and doused the would be robber with the face.
    Then pulled out his cigarette lighter and told him to drop the gun because the lighter or muzzle blast would burn him to death!

    • BOOYAH

      Would’ve blew them both up. Gas fumes is what would blow.

  • jose

    probably just another one of the 30 million nice illegal aliens or the anchor baby of an illegal alien that just came here to work and make a better life for the family…oh and steal a job from an american and make americans pay for the medical care for their whole families and pay for food stamps and welfare and section 8 housing and free schooling oh and rape murder rob and slaughter us whole drunk on the highways

    • bobknob

      Jose, Post your birth cert please!

    • RA0725

      Oh yeah, that guy. I’ve seen him before.

  • Buck Nasty

    Well I am sure that the ACLU will sponsor a lawsuit against the gas station for “unauthorized use of gasoline.” Look it up, it is a Federal crime to use gasoline in such a manner.

  • Dave-o

    Doing a job Americans won’t do.

    • BOOYAH

      Americans will do it. We’re just not at that desperate point yet. soon.

  • Jerry Frey
  • Gas Station Attendant Fends Off Robber By Hosing Him With Gasoline... | Breaking News

    […] (First column, 11th story, link) […]

  • The Cryptojournalist

    Sounds like the attendant was watching Zoolander the night before…

  • SailorV

    That’s a gas.

  • doc

    MMMMMM…. a gas covered liberal Obama voting LOSER fails again.

    Go figure.

  • JBC

    Are you a relative of Jeffery Dahmer?

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