High pressure parked over Maine this morning providing clear and calm conditions to the region. Patchy morning fog is already beginning to lift. Light onshore winds from the SE will keep it cooler at the coast today in the 60’s while most inland spots will climb to 70-75 degrees this afternoon…warmer in the west.  

After a sunny morning, the remnants of a weakening low pressure system stalled SW of New England will spread a some cloudiness into southern new england this afternoon with skies becoming partly sunny. Thicker clouds and instability with stalled front will remain south of the region where scattered showers/storms may try to refire this afternoon.

Stalled front off the coast begins to lift north as a warm front tonight. overrunning clouds with winds shifting to the south will allow clouds to thicken overnight. Lows hold in the 50’s and lower 60’s. Winds will continue to veer to the SW Monday which will allow temps to warm into the upper 70’s to near 80. With a trough still in place…morning clouds will erode for partial sunshine, with a slight risk of a shower or T’storm this afternoon inland.

The dry and warming weather will continue with weak high pressure Tuesday with increasing sunshine and highs in the lwr 80’s away from the coast…one of the last gasps of warmth in this summer season.

A cold front will be pushing into New England Wednesday..after some morning sun, clouds will increase. SW winds still in place will help keep temps near 80 with a more humid feel to the air. The front will trigger scattered showers and storms by mid-late afternoon. The question is how quickly this front pushes off the coast. With Maria strengthening and making her away up and off the coast…this could slow down the eastward progression of the front with showers possibly lingering into Thursday.

Once the front does push off the coast, monster high pressure from Canada will push in from Canada and will provide dry unseasonal chilly air with breezy NW winds come Friday and Saturday with highs ranging from 60-65 degrees. A beautiful fall like air airmass….just coming a bit too early for my liking. Lows will range from 40-45 degrees with the clear dry air. Crisp!

The tropics are starting to settle down. Maria will become a Cat 1 Hurricane but remain off the east coast. This will bring more good surf to New England by the end of the week.  After that…I just do not see anything. Great news for coastal residents of the US. The quiet trend should last right through the month of September…not only in the tropic, but also right here in New England as well.



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  1. David White says:

    Thanks Joe. Sounds good, perhaps a bit cool by the end of the week, but sunny. And when we get to October, the tropics tend to be quieter than in August and September. At least in terms of hitting our area. Exceptions were Hurricane Hazel in 1954, Katie in 1955, and the tropical systems in 1962, and 1996, which played havoc with the entrance to the D line subway at Fenway Park. I have probably missed some. I hope the CPC does not use any of those four years as analogs in making their October forecast, due out this Thursday.

  2. Italo says:

    This day reminds me, ironically, almost of 9-11 ten years ago…it was one of those surreal fine late-summer weather days where I believe there was not a single speck of cloud visible anywhere in all and any direction when you looked up at the sky that morning a decade ago today–I believe that they say it was the same deal in New York City that morning. Looking back, it almost was, I don’t know–kind of apocryphal, reflecting in hindsight on what ended up occurring that day. And that’s the point for all of us to remember–the sun and blue sky came back, as did we and New York–because nobody or nothing could take that freedom and beauty away from us Americans and our lives, in that all-important big picture, ever.

    1. coach23 says:

      It was far warmer that day than today, but other than that today reminded me of that horrible day as well.

  3. Matt Souza says:

    it was a sad day 9/11 and its 10 years later alot of americans , no all americans changed on that day.. our way of life our security and our feelings towards the middleeast became more hostile . we can say after 10 years the leader of the attack is dead but that does not change the fact that he cause alot more death and familes apart. 9/11 had the deaths that accured then but also it lead to war which killed many more I was not really effected but some of my friends were and it was sad. I was in 3 grade i was at break. We were whistled in, not knowing why we only had a 10 minute break. and then i heard that a plane crashed into a tower not knowing it was in nyc i said my dad he works at mass general was that targeted is he next. i was scared. and then the school was released early i got home and saw that it was in nyc. at the time i was little i did not know what was really going on but i knew my dad was safe. and i had mix emotions at the time.

  4. nike ctr360 maestri says:

    I love this blog! I tried this recipe today. I think I didn’t use enough honey, because mine didn’t stick together very well, but they were yummy even crumbled!

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