Former House Speaker DiMasi Makes Emotional Plea For Leniency

BOSTON (CBS) – Former House Speaker Sal DiMasi was once one of the most powerful men in the state. Now, he’s about to learn how long he’ll be in prison after his conviction on racketeering.

Speaker Sal DiMasi walked into court with his family for the first day of his sentencing, saying nothing, unlike the day he was convicted.

A judge played a copy of DiMasi’s statements in court, which prosecutors argue illustrates that DiMasi is in denial, and not remorseful for his crimes.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

But today DiMasi stood before the Judge to argue he’s a changed man. He told Judge Wolf, “I appear before you today a broken man.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports

DiMasi’s voice cracked as he told the judge he had lost everything he worked his entire life for. His law practice, his health benefits, as his wife is battling breast cancer.

He said: “I have brought dishonor to the office I held.”

Prosecutors are asking for at least a 12 year sentence, the most in state history for a public corruption crime, pointing out that DiMasi is the third House Speaker to bring shame to the office, and light sentences haven’t been a deterrent yet.

DiMasi told the judge he knows he will be going to prison, but asked to be allowed to remain free with his family, pending his appeal.

  • chilitokid

    But Judge Wolf I’m a broken man. I don’t have any money or a job. I truly regret my actions. Hey Sal its too bad you didn’t take any of this into account when you took the bribe? No go to jail and be a nice little convict!! I’ll make sure I send you a box of tissues every week so you have something to wipe your tears away YOU PATHETIC CROOK!!!

    • YaKnow

      Exactly……no money, no job, no insurance…….really Sal? Really….you want to play Sal, now you pay…..

  • DStein

    Sal was so smug until the reality of his conviction started sinking in. Now he’s crying like a baby. It’s time to pay for the crime. 12 years sounds fair to me! I hope the judge feels the same way.

  • payday loans

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  • thor7

    Sal D. is a worthless piece of dung….hope he is given the maximum sentence. Only now he decides to admit guilt and beg for a light sentence. No Way! And I hope Sal can experience justice the hard way, know what I’m sayin’?
    What a jerk, rot in jail!

  • gigi

    Is Mr. DiMasi asking that his punishment be living the life of a ‘commoner’ now? That is supposed to be punishment enough for his crimes? How many people live their life day-in-and-out without a pension to rely on, without financial support, little or no health benefits?? What a kick in the pants that he thinks living life as a commoner is a punishment, what a joke.

  • DiMasi Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison « CBS Boston

    […] DiMasi delivered an emotional speech in court Thursday, calling himself a broken man and asking Wolf to show mercy. […]

  • jaygee

    I think that Sal is in for a big surprise and it’s not going to be one he will enjoy. Now and then an innocent man is sent to the Legislature but not often since it is quite impossible to be a politician and remain honest. They have such a high opinion of themselves until the hammer falls and people like Finneran, Flaherty & Wilkerson get what’s due. Funny how they never testify in their own defense, isn’t it?

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